10 Wrestlers That Hate The WWE

Call it bitterness or call it honesty, many former WWE wrestlers simply do not like the WWE for a variety of reasons. Most former wrestlers simply don’t like today’s product. Some go as far as to say that the WWE killed the world of pro wrestling. Comments from former wrestlers range from all over the place. Some say the product is simply outdated, while others claim that the product is flawed and only those who have a connection to someone in the hierarchy of the WWE make it. Some very influential former WWE stars even claim that the PG rating killed the product, causing many fans and tremendous talents to leave the business altogether. Those are undoubtedly pretty deep claims.

Ultimately, these 10 wrestlers were quite blunt in discussing how they truly feel about the WWE. Here are 10 wrestlers that hate the WWE, enjoy!


10 Josh Mathews: The Product Is Outdated

After his release from the WWE, Josh Mathews decided to vent some of his frustrations on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. Josh discussed his strong dislike for the current product. Mathews claimed McMahon just simply doesn’t understand the business anymore, and the former WWE commentator even went as far as to say that McMahon didn’t even know his own product. Josh claims McMahon lives in his world, hence the term “WWE Universe”, describing it as being its own lost world. Mathews went on to claim that many other wrestlers believe this as well, including CM Punk. In addition, Mathews voiced his displeasure claiming it is lame to call wrestlers “superstars”, and they should be referred to as “athletes". Mathews is currently under contract with TNA wrestling as a co-announcer for Impact Wrestling.

9 New Jack: The WWE Killed Wrestling

Those of you that are familiar with New Jack know that he never shies away from his opinion. When asked about the WWE, New Jack was quite blunt in saying that the WWE killed wrestling. New Jack went on to discuss that WWE is the reason why he is leaving the wrestling business and that he will only be using wrestling as something extra on his resume. The former ECW wrestler claims that the WWE is so bad that it will be off TV in a year. He went on to say that wrestling should take a year break and come back fresh. New Jack claims WWE’s lack of competition is the reason why it is so unwatchable today.

8 Rene Dupree: Backstage Politics and Concussions

Making his RAW debut at the age of 19, it was all so surreal for the former “La Resistance” member. At such a young age, Dupree was already maineventing episodes of RAW and was one of the most disliked heels in the company at the time. Unfortunately for Dupree, after sustaining an injury his experience with the WWE plummeted. Dupree went from the highest high, to the lowest low. He eventually began to resent the business and eventually asked for his release. Many factors ultimately attributed to his decision. For starters, during his time with the WWE, Dupree says he suffered over 25 different concussions. To make matters worse, not once was he treated by the WWE for any of these severe brain traumas. In addition to this, Dupree claims the WWE is all about backstage politics. It’s all about who you know, not how good you are. Rene claims the politics backstage kill the WWE’s product. It came to the point that Dupree resented the company and asked for his release. Despite his bitterness though, Dupree is happy to see that the WWE is much more active with concussion protocols today.

7 Raven: The WWE Ruins Tremendous Talent

The former leader of “Raven’s Flock” claims the WWE are the kings of hiring tremendous talents, to only eventually bury them. Raven claims the WWE loves to hire great wrestlers and absolutely destroy them with terrible gimmicks. Raven used the 90s as a prime example of this. Raven got to witness it first hand when he worked as a producer during this time. The former WCW wrestler recalls countless wrestlers being destroyed by terrible writing. One of these wrestlers was Bill Irwin who had great appeal prior to signing with the WWE. Irwin was eventually used by the WWE as a “hockey goon”. As you might imagine, his run with the company was short lived. Raven believes that many young and talented wrestlers should be careful before signing on with the WWE, because according to the former WWE producer it can possibly ruin their careers.

6 Jim Cornette: Sports and Entertainment Killed Wrestling

Jim Cornette was quite blunt when discussing the state of wrestling today during a shoot interview, claiming wrestling is dead and it was killed by the WWE. Cornette discussed how we are living in the era of sports and entertainment which caters to about a third or a fourth of the amount people that pro wrestling used to appeal to. Jim claims most of the hardcore fans stopped watching wrestling because the WWE simply destroyed it. Cornette went on to say that the state of wrestling today is at the lowest of lows. Cornette ended the shoot by saying that there are more former fans that dislike today’s product than actually fans of the WWE.

5 Bruno Sammartino: Terrible Direction and Too Much Emphasis on Physiques


Bruno’s dislike for the product lead to a falling out with Vince McMahon, but thankfully years later they are finally on good terms. Sammartino had a lot of problems with the WWE. For starters he hated the direction it was moving towards, as Sammartino was all about family friendly wrestling, something the WWE was not into in the 90s. Bruno eventually agreed to get inducted because he felt like the product was finally changing and becoming more family friendly. Sammartino also had a problem with wrestler physiques; the WWE Hall of Famer blames McMahon for the heavy drug abuse that lead to the fall of many pro wrestlers from the past.

4 Scott Steiner: All About Politics

Scott Steiner blames his failed stint with the WWE on backstage politics. Scott blames Triple H and claims that Hunter is the “Kevin Federline” of pro wrestling. Steiner discusses that since marrying into the family, the only superstars that make it and get a push are those that Triple H has a relationship with. Steiner blames the state of the WWE today on backstage politics and the fact that true talent doesn’t make it, ultimately it all depends on who you know.


3 Jeff Jarrett: Lack of Competition Worsened The Product, and Buying WCW

Jeff Jarrett and Vince McMahon hold a very bumpy history, dating back to the mid 90s. A big mistake by WWE management caused Jarrett’s contract to expire while he was still the Intercontinental Champion. Realizing this, the WWE asked Jarrett to sign a one day deal and drop the title to Chyna. Knowing how big of a deal this one day contract was, Jarrett decided to blackmail McMahon and the WWE, asking for $300,000 for the one performance. Had the WWE not taken the deal, Jarrett would have brought the title to WCW, something the WWE did not want to see again. Ultimately, Jarrett’s ridiculous claim was granted. As you might imagine, after the WWE purchased WCW, Jarrett was not offered a role in the invasion angle. He instead tried to create an alternative to the WWE. Today, Jarrett is still on the hunt to create a rival for the WWE, with his newest acquisition being “Global Force Wrestling”. Jarrett blames wrestling’s state today on the WWE due to its lack of competition. Jeff will try to change this once and for all with his new wrestling promotion.

2 CM Punk: Outdated Product

CM Punk broke the internet during his shoot interview with long time friend, Colt Cabana. Punk discussed the state of the WWE and its numerous problems. Like Josh Matthews, Punk claimed the product was simply out of touch and outdated. Punk claimed the WWE has no idea what the people want and is in desperate need of a revolution. Punk also went on to discuss the horrible travel schedule laid upon the WWE superstars and how injuries were not treated by the medical staff. Punk concluded the interview by saying his experience was so bad that he may never wrestle again. He also claims he simply lost the will and drive to be a pro wrestler.

1 Batista: PG Rating Killed The WWE

As a kid, Batista was a huge wrestling fan. When he commented on the state of wrestling today he took the approach of a mega fan, as opposed to a former employee. Batista was quite blunt when assessing today’s situation, with the former WWE Champion claiming that John Cena killed wrestling. Batista discussed how the days of edgy, in-your-face wrestling are done, and the days of John Cena and PG rated programming destroyed what made wrestling so great. Batista went on to discuss how it’s great that children love the product and John, but the true diehard wrestling fans like himself are suffering and leaving the business altogether, slowly but surely. Batista also claims that he left the business for this very reason; the PG direction was just not appealing to him. Got love him for being honest.



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