10 WWE Wrestlers That Were Alleged Sex Addicts

Sex, drugs and alcohol played a big role in professional wrestling during the early to mid 90s. In fact, it was apparently much like a rock concert atmosphere backstage. This led many former pro wrestling stars down a dark road filled with drugs and alcohol. Some were able to get help, while other weren’t able to be saved. One thing the WWE has improved on dramatically is aiding former and current stars with addiction. They have done this by setting up numerous programs to help those in need.

Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol weren't the only types of addiction amongst former wrestlers. Sex addiction was also diagnosed amongst many superstars. Thankfully, most of the superstars on this list got cleaned up before their situations spiraled even more out of control. Let us now begin with Batista, and 9 other former wrestlers that used to be alleged sex addicts. Enjoy!


10 Batista: Battled Sex Addiction

During an interview with The Herald in Australia, Batista discussed his previous sex addiction. After divorcing from his wife (with whom he had two daughters with), the former World Heavyweight Champion hit a huge rough patch. Batista had women throwing themselves at him because of his status in the entertainment world. Dave took advantage of the situations, and it wasn’t till the late Chris Benoit that Batista finally realized this wasn’t the right way to go. Batista also did recognize that drugs and alcohol weren’t helping the situation during that point of his career. Dave eventually gave up his past reckless lifestyle for his children. Batista deeply regrets this chapter in his life because it affected those around him.

9 Buff Bagwell: Gigolo

So I’m pretty sure Buff Bagwell enjoys having sexual escapades based on his newest venture, working as a gigolo. Though it should be noted that Bagwell’s services aren’t cheap. The former WCW star charges from $800 for 2 hours. His rates go all the way up to $25,000 for an entire week. Bagwell’s stock soared after he made an appearance on the Showtime reality series, Gigolos. As you can imagine, Bagwell is the most requested gigolo in his company. Remember ladies, “he’s Buff the stuff and the girls can’t get enough”. Actually at a rate of $800 for 2 hours, I’m sure they can...

8 X-Pac: Drugs and Sex Binge

Waltman went through some difficult times following his stint with the WWE. Waltman was in a deep battle with drug addiction, which eventually led to a sex addiction. Waltman’s situation got so out of hand that he began to take drugs before his matches, something he admitted to during the Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast Show. It was known that Waltman was in deep trouble after he co-starred with ex-girlfriend Chyna, in the adult film 1 Night in China. Following the couple's break up, X-Pac spiraled even more. He was later arrested multiple times for possession. Thankfully, the WWE intervened and helped the former European Champion get cleaned up and back on track. He is currently under contract with the WWE under a Legends program.

7 Sunny: Backstage Queen

Sunny will go down in history as being one of the first ever Diva-type characters in WWE. With this, came a lot of attention by her peers. Picture a company full of wrestlers jacked up on testosterone surrounded by one girl; recipe for disaster. According to countless stories (despite her relationship with Chris Candido at the time), Sunny was linked with the likes of Sabu, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and many others. Following her release from the WWE, Sunny began giving out private adult Skype Sessions. Today, the former Diva is working on a 6 figure deal with Vivid Entertainment. Looks like there will more “Sunny” days to come.

6 Gangrel: Adult Film Director

Much like Buff Bagwell and Sunny, Gangrel’s career took a weird, left turn. In 2007, the former leader of “The Brood” signed a deal to direct 12 adult films for the adult entertainment company, “New P*rn Order”. His debut film is entitled Miami Rump Shakerz 2, and it’s to be released soon (just in case you were wondering). Gangrel is currently married to his new wife Kiara Dillon, after separating from WWE employee Luna Vachon.

5 Chyna: Adult Film Star

Following her release with the WWE, Chyna hit a devastating rough patch. She went from one of the most respected women in pro wrestling history, to a drug abuser that seemingly hit rock bottom in a matter of months. Chyna’s drug addiction ultimately led her into the adult entertainment industry. Chyna would go on to work 6 films between 2004, to just recently in 2013. Believe it or not, it was actually Howard Stern (out of all people) who told Chyna that she desperately needed to get some help before it was too late following an interview on his radio show. Surprisingly, Chyna seems to be doing much better today, getting cleaned up for her addictions. She is currently working on making a comeback with the WWE. Man would that be something.

4 Ric Flair: Stylin and Profilin....In Real Life

What made Ric Flair’s gimmick so intriguing was the fact that he was playing a role that he actually also played in real life. He truly was a “limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun”. This way of life is a huge reason for Flair’s four previous failed marriages. His failed marriages weren't the only times his kiss-stealing, wheelin n’ dealin ways got him in trouble, though. In 2002, during the infamous “Plane Ride from Hell”, two Sportjet Flight attendants would file a lawsuit against Flair for being partially nude on the flight. X-Pac recalls a heavily intoxicated Flair going up and down the aisles with a bathrobe and nothing else under. Flair would give people a big "WOOOO", and proceed to show them what was underneath the robe. According to the flight attendants, Flair sexually assaulted them. According to one attendant, Flair flashed his nakedness to them and placed their hands on his private area. You can’t make this stuff up. At the age of 69, it finally looks like Flair is settling down.


3 Shawn Michaels: The Real Life Heartbreak Kid

One of the many reasons Shawn Michaels was so difficult to deal with in the 90s was due to the fact that he actually thought he was,"The Heart Break Kid" in real life, according to many former pro wrestlers. Michaels rubbed many wrestlers the wrong way with his larger-than-life persona and ego. Michaels’ ego mixed with heavy drug abuse ultimately led him to believe that he was unstoppable in and out of the ring. His new found lifestyle caused a divorce with ex wife Theresa Lynn Wood, in 1994. Later on, Michaels would meet his future wife, Rebecca Curci. The two would go on to get married in 1999, putting a stop to Michaels' reckless behavior outside of the ring. Michaels would later get cleaned and become a Born Again Christian. He would later return to the WWE in 2002, after a 6 year in-ring hiatus. Crazy turn of events for one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

2 Hulk Hogan: Divorce, Depression and Sex

Hulk Hogan hit a pretty big rough patch following his divorce with wife of 14 years, Linda Claridge. Hulk was in a bad place, turning to sex and drugs in order to fill the void. Things ultimately got worse for Hulk when a sex tape of his was leaked. A sex tape between Hogan and Heather Clem, the estranged wife of radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge went public. The situation ultimately seemed like a setup, in which after the video, Clem tells her estranged husband Bubba, “if we ever need to retire, here is our ticket” (referring to the sex tape). After the video was leaked, Hogan sued the couple for multiple counts including invasion of privacy. Many adult websites are offering Hulk huge sums of money for the clip. With Hulk’s current standing with the WWE, it doesn’t look like that tape will be shown any time soon.

1 Vince McMahon: Admits To Cheating

Oddly enough during an interview with Howard Stern, McMahon admitted to cheating on Linda McMahon several times. McMahon was quite open when discussing his past with other women. Vince admitted to sleeping with a countless amount of women in and out of the wrestling business while he was married to Linda. McMahon discussed that there is a fine line between the love he as for Linda and the sex he’s had with other women. When asked about how Linda found out, McMahon simply said, she asked me and I told her the truth; that simple. Despite his honesty (as you can imagine) Linda was extremely displeased. McMahon admitted that despite all his affairs, he loves his wife very much and was just looking for what he already had out of other women. McMahon concluded the interview stating that he hasn’t cheated on his wife in years and is over that part of his life. You can listen to McMahon himself recall these situations with Howard Stern. Check it out, it’s quite entertaining.



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