10 Wrestlers No One Ever Talks Badly Behind Their Backs

Pro wrestling isn’t usually the ideal place for good people. It’s dominated by jealousy and politics, and large egos. In simpler terms, it’s a very cutthroat industry. Because of that, you’re far more likely to hear wrestlers talk ‘dirt’ about their co-workers than you are to hear good things.

It’s not hard to see why; wrestling ‘dirtsheets’ have existed for decades and have become a staple of the die-hard pro wrestling fan. Many people enjoy hearing about how one supposedly-great wrestler is actually a jerk in real life, or how two great teammates actually hated working with one another. It’s this negative aspect of the pro wrestling business that fuels speculation and curiosity, which in turn helps the business survive. It also distorts the reality of pro wrestling, bringing the image of ego-maniacal pre-madonnas to the forefront of wrestling fandom.

Then there are the exceptions.

Hidden among the countless big egos and backstage politicians are the genuinely nice people that everyone says nice things about. These are the wrestlers that are incredibly well-liked by their peers and their fans, to the point where any criticism or complaint against them is swiftly denounced by those same fans and wrestlers.

These are ten wrestlers about whom you never hear anyone say anything bad about. Not even the most bitter, angry or venomous shoot interview contains anything negative about these wrestlers, which speaks volumes of the kinds of persons they really are.

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10 'Diamond' Dallas Page

Via www.huffingtonpost.com

DDP’s whole ‘motivational speaker’ gimmick was so convincing because it’s how the real Dallas Page behaves in real life. He is, by nature, a highly positive person, and that translates into how he interacts with his fellow wrestlers and fans. Many of his colleagues have spoken of his tremendous skill and positive demeanor in spite of his age, and his commitment to the well-being of others.

Seriously, what other wrestler could debut at such an old age and still achieve such success? Moreover, who else could stay so positive through so many difficult experiences, and turn a passion for yoga into a means to save his colleagues? That’s what makes DDP’s ‘Diamond’ nickname so appropriate; he’s one of the few people in the wrestling business who managed to stay positive and give back to the fans that made him famous.

9 Rey Mysterio

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Easily one of the greatest wrestlers of the modern era, Mysterio truly is one person whom one never hears bad things about. Not only is he an excellent wrestler that can perform maneuvers that few others, if any, can replicate, but he’s also deeply respected by his larger peers. Rey is dedicated to his craft and possesses considerable experience in the wrestling business. He’s also very smart regarding his image, and has gone to great lengths to appeal to as many demographics as possible, especially children.

Indeed, Rey is one of the few wrestlers on this planet that can appease anyone and everyone with his wrestling style which, coupled with his genuinely positive demeanor and all-around likability, makes him one of the best people in wrestling. Even if he never wrestles in a WWE ring ever again, he has definitely earned himself a Hall of Fame spot for his commitment to WWE and its fans.

8 Owen Hart

Via thesportster.com

In stark contrast to the story of interpersonal bitterness that seems to permeate the Hart Family, Owen Hart was probably the only one out of all of them who didn’t have any problems with anyone. Maybe it was his uplifting cheerfulness, or maybe it was his amazing wrestling abilities, or maybe it was his penchant for pulling off some of the most infamous practical jokes in WWE history. Whatever the reason, everyone loved being around Owen Hart.

He was one of those rare people who could get along with pretty much everybody, and could put a smile on the face of even the most disheartened of person. It’s for these reasons that his unfortunate and premature death created such a huge void in the WWE locker room; out of all the people in WWE, the kind-hearted family man that was Owen Hart deserved it the least.

7 Mick Foley

image via: insudepulse.com

If there’s one person that no fan ever talks badly of, it’s the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley. Far more approachable and gracious than many wrestlers, Foley is always nice, polite, and genuine to his fans. There are many stories out there of Foley going the extra mile to make fans happy. From having conversations with shy childhood fans to having a burned child sit on his lap to monthly visits at military hospitals, Foley is truly one of the nicest guys in pro wrestling.

This is also echoed by his peers in the wrestling business, who have testified to Foley’s genuine kindness and professionalism in the ring. Foley has never turned down a job, nor has he let ego cloud his vision. In fact, the only real thing anyone can hold against Foley was that he was sometimes cheap, but the same could be said of many wrestlers who didn’t want to live the party-goer lifestyle of a wrestler.

6 Jushin Liger

Via youtube.com

Jushin Liger has made a name for himself around the world as one of the most revolutionary wrestlers of all time. He was an instrumental force in making cruiserweight wrestling popular on a global level, and countless wrestlers have since paid tribute to him in one way or another. But more than that, Liger was and still is deeply respected by wrestlers and fans everywhere. From his early days training in Stampede Wrestling to his later years traveling around the world, no one has ever said a bad thing about Liger.

He has always been polite, respectful, friendly, and grateful to fans everywhere. He has even demonstrated great booking skills, as seen with the 1994 Super J Cup tournament and other creative projects during the 1990s. Liger selflessly worked to make other wrestlers look good, and managed to make others into stars by having just one match with them. There are a few wrestlers who can say that they possess that kind of prestige.

5 Daniel Bryan

Via youtube.com

By all accounts, Daniel Bryan is a very likable person. Sure, he may have a few interesting quirks about him and might not be as comfortable in media appearances as, say, John Cena, but he’s still respected for being an incredibly hard-working and down-to-earth guy. Bryan has always put hard work and determination at the forefront of his personal mantra, and that mentality was the centerpiece of the outstanding storyline that was his main event ascent in 2013 and 2014.

Even when his star power grew, Bryan stayed the same in that he never forgot the fans who helped him reach the top. His videos with Konnor ‘the Crusher’ Michalek were among the most heart-warming moments ever recorded, and most of those were genuine happiness and gratitude on Bryan’s part for his fans. Simply put, Bryan is admired both for his outstanding ring work and his rather ‘normal’ personality that makes him far more relateable than most larger-than-life superstars.

4 Eddie Guerrero

Via wwe.com

There may not have been anyone in WWE’s locker room during the 2000's with more respect from his peers and admiration than Eddie Guerrero. His background and experiences in the wrestling industry were prime examples of his determination and work ethic, which garnered him considerable respect from his peers. Even when he was struggling with his demons, he was still someone you couldn’t help but support in his fight to regain control over his life.

This positive aspect of his personality extends to his interactions with the fans as well. In one famous situation, a young fan had wanted to meet Eddie during a SmackDown taping but couldn’t, and referee Jimmy Korderas went to find Eddie in the locker room. As soon as Korderas explained the situation to him, Eddie went to the kid right away and did whatever he could to make him happy. Eddie didn’t have to do that, but he did it anyway because he has tremendous appreciation for the fans that paid to see him.

3 The Rock

Via shutterstock.com

Despite having a reputation for insulting every single person he’s ever been in the ring with, Dwayne Johnson is, for all intents and purposes, a very nice person. Maybe it stems from his negative experiences with the Kliq during his rookie years, but the Rock has managed to avoid the egomania that tends to come with the territory in pro wrestling. He’s known for being very humble and respectful towards other wrestlers and to fans in general, and has a deep respect for the wrestling business in general.

He has never refused to do a job for anyone, and has demonstrated his humility on many occasions. Two notable examples were during his WrestleMania matches with Cena (second time) and Hulk Hogan. On both occasions, Rock bowed his head in humility, which is a strong reflection of the man’s respect for what he and his fellow wrestlers do. Just another reason why the Rock is so awesome.

2 Kane

Via Youtube.com

Despite portraying a monster character for almost two decades, Kane is considered both by his co-workers and fans as one of the nicest people in the entire industry. He’s a reputable company man who does whatever WWE wants him to do and does his job without complaints. He prefers to avoid the main spotlight in order to let younger stars shine. He’s also a very nice person at autograph signings who always appears gracious to the fans.

When you combine these traits, you end up with a highly-respected wrestler that’s loved equally by his fans and his company. Why else would Kane still have work on the main roster almost two decades after debuting? He does his job so well and he’s so well-liked backstage that it would be almost criminal not to include him in some kind of story-line.

1 The Undertaker

Via wwe.com

To this day, there hasn’t been anyone who has said anything remotely negative of the Undertaker. His professionalism, commitment to his character and undying loyalty have all become as much part of the Undertaker mythos as the gimmick itself. No one ever says anything bad about him even as the ‘locker room leader.' He treated everyone with respect and was respected in return. Other wrestlers, even those that were older than him, saw him as ‘everyone’s dad’, in the sense that he always had advice to give and looked out for the locker room’s interest.

If you were to search on the Internet for a shoot interview or ‘exclusive’ with a former WWE Superstar, they’re guaranteed to have good things to say about the Undertaker. Even those wrestlers who were fed to him as jobbers only say good things about him. Add to his willingness to meet fans when outside the ring and you have a truly admirable wrestler, the likes of which may never be seen again.

Sources: Reddit.com; WWE.com

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