10 Wrestlers Accused Of Using "Bedroom" Favors To Succeed

We’ve spent enough time covering the fact wrestling is a seedy industry it shouldn’t be too surprising some people have been accused of getting their jobs, and succeeding at those jobs, for reasons completely unrelated to their wrestling ability. While the general nature of a sexist society means far too many women in wrestling have been accused of this, men haven’t been exempt, either. Some of the most successful male and female wrestlers in history have had their accomplishments put into question, with the detractors claiming they only got where they did by giving sexual favors to someone with serious power in the wrestling industry.

These rumors come from a variety of sources, including the families, friends, and fellow wrestlers who worked alongside the accused. Honestly, we feel as though the majority of these performers were definitely talented enough that their personal habits probably weren’t a huge part of their success. However, in several cases we have to admit the evidence is solid that some kind of relationship in the very least existed, whether or not it actually lead to the wrestler’s success. Read into it as much as you’d like and probably take it all with a grain of salt, but look below if you want to learn about 10 wrestlers accused of using sexual favors to earn their place in wrestling history.

10 Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake

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Most people on this list were accused of giving sexual favors to the boss, or at least somebody with some kind of direct power in the company, but Brutus Beefcake and Hulk Hogan were simply accused of being more than just friends. During the well-publicized Hogan divorce trial, Hulk’s ex-wife Linda claimed she believed Hogan and Brother Bruti had been having a romantic and sexual relationship for years. She cited the closeness between the two after Hulk had back surgery as clear evidence they were engaging in sexual acts.

9 Lita


Before we even get into this one, we want to make it clear these are all rumors and conjecture, and the worst of it hasn’t been in any way proven. Since she has entered the industry, Lita has been the victim of countless slut-shaming rumors circling around her alleged promiscuity. The main rumor is that she regularly traded some pretty crazy sexual favors in exchange for training while she was getting started in Mexico and ECW. El Dandy and Danny Doring are often named as the men who took the greatest advantage of her offers.

8 Sunny

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WWE Hall of Famer-turned-adult film star Sunny, also known as Tammy Sytch, is as well known for her beauty and exploits in the ring as she is for being one of wrestling’s biggest train wrecks outside of the ring. It isn’t entirely fair to call her that, though, since she clearly has been dealing with a great deal of substance abuse problems her entire life, and things were only made worse in 2005 after the death of her long time boyfriend Chris Candido. Still, of all the people on the list, it feels the most likely that some of the rumors about Sunny were true, for the saddest reasons possible. While the others on this list have been accused of using sex to further their careers, Sunny reportedly exchanged sexual favors for a variety of drugs.

7 The Brooklyn Brawler

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Most of the accusations referenced on this list either come from shoot interviews, rumors, or popular hearsay. The alleged secret relationship between The Brooklyn Brawler and Pat Patterson has all of those sources, too, but allow us to present one of the strangest sources we’ve had to cite: a weird dance pop song by Kamala. In the song, titled “Push It,” Kamala accused the WWE of racism and cheating on drug tests, before claiming he heard Brawler and Patterson having sex in a hotel room. The song includes the line “If you wanted a job, all you had to do was bring a good pair of knee pads.”

6 Rosa Mendes


The Fabulous Freebirds are being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016. As the leader of the group, many people are celebrating Michael Hayes and his many accomplishments as a Freebird and a solo performer, citing his wide and varied influence on wrestling. One thing people aren’t mentioning are the persistent rumors in recent years romantically linking him with WWE Diva Rosa Mendes. The rumor began in 2011 when former WWE superstar Chris Masters tweeted that a “certain SmackDown diva” had an “oral arrangement” with the former Freebird, and it was saving her job.

5 Mildred Burke


For proof the history of sexism in professional wrestling pretty much extends throughout the entirety of the sport’s existence, look no further than the story of Mildred Burke. Burke was the first true superstar of women's wrestling, dominating the industry as summarily as The Fabulous Moolah, and she did so while Moolah was still in grade school. It is in no way fair to say Burke only achieved what she did through sexual favors, since her natural skills and charisma played a huge role in the creation of women’s wrestling, but it is relevant she was married to Billy Wolfe, who in no uncertain terms controlled women’s wrestling at the time.

4 Triple H


It might look a little bit out of place here, but the relationship and marriage between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon is densely layered in its ramifications to the wrestling world. It feels wrong to imply the three children the loving marriage produced could be considered sexual favors, but many Triple H detractors have presented the idea the entire relationship is just a political move on his behalf as part of an effort to one day control WWE.

3 Goldy Locks

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Goldy Locks is probably the least notable performer on this list, but the way in which she was accused of using sexual favors to succeed is unique enough to give her a place on this list. Goldy Locks was one of the primary interviewers during the early days of NWA: Total Nonstop Action (back before they even had to drop the NWA). In the first year of that company’s existence, Goldy Locks was interviewing Percy Pringle when Tony Schiavone of all people interrupted to perform a worked shoot. In the shoot, he directly accused Goldy Locks of getting her job exclusively due to sexual favors, asking her whose bed she slept in.

2 "Wildfire" Tommy Rich


Professional wrestling has had a few “wunderkinds.” The only person to call himself that was Alex Wright, but even more so than Wright, “Wildfire” Tommy Rich in every way defined the concept of a wrestler who became absurdly successful at a very young age. In 1981, when Rich was only 24-years old, he pinned NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race to win the title. Proving that ridiculous, lascivious rumors have existed in wrestling for decades, to this day there are still people who claim Rich only won the title because he performed nondescript “sexual favors” for NWA booker and promoter Jim Barnett.

1 Shawn Michaels

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Pick any episode of Monday Night Raw from 1995 to 1996, and you can see where this rumor started, but it's still pretty crazy. While Shawn Michaels was WWE World Champion, not to mention even for a few years before he reached that peak, Vince McMahon spent the majority of Michaels’ screen time screaming about how HBK was more or less the most amazing human ever to live, often opining that he was darned good looking, too. Most people saw this as a wrestling promoter celebrating his top star, but more cynical types have claimed this was the most open of many signs pointing to the fact Vince and Shawn were having some kind of a romantic and sexual relationship.

While it might seem like it stemmed from childish teenage insults, some major names have added fuel to the fire. WWE Hall of Famers Bret Hart and The Road Warriors have openly commented they felt Shawn was only as successful as he was because of the secret affair. Bret has since largely retracted his comments after making peace with WWE and HBK, but the Road Warriors never really backed down on the accusation. There’s almost no denying Shawn Michaels and his friends received preferential treatment in the mid to late 90s, but these rumors in particular really take it to the next level.

Sources: eWrestlingNews, PW Torch

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10 Wrestlers Accused Of Using "Bedroom" Favors To Succeed