10 Ways The Bullet Club Will Shock WWE At Payback

With WrestleMania now in the record books and with all eyes on WWE Payback, one of the most intriguing parts of the upcoming May PPV is the role of Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Having now debuted on WWE TV, there are so many questions on how the WWE will use this pair. Obviously, the duo ran roughshod over New Japan Pro Wrestling as part of the Bullet Club, and that group was also led by two WWE contracted guys at certain points. Firstly, NXT Champion Finn Balor was so often the face of the Bullet Club, and then it was AJ Styles’ turn to take charge of the stable.

So, we have two no-nonsense superstars having debuted and with ties to two of the most popular performers under the WWE umbrella. With AJ going up against Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship at Payback, that throws open so many possibilities of how Gallows and Anderson will be used.

With that said, here’s 10 things that could happen as a result of the “Bullet Club” being present at WWE Payback on May 1st.

10 AJ Takes The Help


The biggest tease surrounding the Payback main event is whether or not Gallows and Anderson attacked Roman Reigns for AJ Styles. AJ is denying that he was involved in this attack, yet Roman thinks this is all part of Styles’ master plan to use “his boys” to help him capture the WWE Title.

One of the things that could play out at Payback is, yes, AJ did bring in his former Bullet Club cohorts to help him topple the Roman Empire, with that meaning that Gallows and Anderson turn up at the PPV and take out Roman, allowing Styles to become WWE Champ and reuniting three of the members of one of the hottest stables in recent wrestling history.

9 AJ Refuses The Help


Given how AJ Styles has been positioned as an out-and-out babyface since debuting at this year’s Royal Rumble, it would fit in with the grappler’s current persona to flat out refuse to take any shortcuts, such as having his longtime pals do his dirty work for him in his quest to become the WWE Champion.

So, you could have Gallows and Anderson make their way down to the ring, attack Roman and leave him as easy pickings for AJ, only for Styles to refuse to win the gold that way.

8 The Attack Is Saved For The Next Night


If AJ is indeed to continue as the well-meaning, innocent baby face, maybe the presence of Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson is actually not a factor at all in the Payback main event.

Instead, have the former Bullet Club members kept out of the main event entirely, and then have AJ lose clean to the Big Dog as Roman retains the title. From there, you save the assault on Roman Reigns until the following night’s Monday Night Raw.

7 Gallows And Anderson Attack AJ


With many predicting that Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson will somehow target Roman Reigns at WWE Payback, there’s a very good chance that there could be a swerve in the road that sees these newcomers actually turn on their former Bullet Club BFF and lay out AJ Styles.

For fans of continuity, AJ’s time in NJPW came to an end when he was unceremoniously kicked out of the Bullet Club. And yes, that was a Bullet Club that featured Gallows and Anderson at that point.

6 Gallows And Anderson Join With Roman


Going one further than just having Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson attack AJ Styles, it could be a major twist to actually see them then side with Roman Reigns and form some Roman-led WWE version of the Bullet Club.

Roman Reigns leading this new Bullet Club? The collective minds of the Internet Wrestling Community would explode and Reigns would spend even more time supping on the tears of smarks.

But since when did the WWE really care about what the IWC thought? Sure, there’s been some refreshing changes lately, including the arrivals of Styles, Gallows and Anderson, but how much of a total F-U would it be for the WWE to hand the reins of this new Bullet Club to Roman?

5 The Wyatts To The Rescue


At the moment, there are so many questions surrounding the status of the Wyatt Family.

Luke Harper is out with an injury for the rest of the year, but worryingly there’s some issues with the leader of the group, Bray Wyatt. After suffering an injury at a recent house show, it’s unknown how long Bray will be out for at this point.

Recently, Bray had seemingly started a babyface turn, even teaming with Roman Reigns in the main event of a Monday Night Raw show. Could it be that the healthy Wyatts, whether that includes Bray himself, come to the aide of Roman to level the playing field against AJ Styles, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson come the Payback main event?

Stranger things have happened.

4 It’s All About Finn


The NXT universe loves nothing more to chant “Finn! Finn! Finn!”, and a nice twist in this tale could be that the whole thing is all about Finn Balor.

You could have Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson attack Roman Reigns and assisting AJ Styles in becoming the WWE Champion. Whether AJ knows that he’s been helped or not doesn’t really matter here, for you would then have Doc and Anderson suddenly lay out AJ Styles as Finn Balor makes his way out.

3 The Full Team


One plausible notion is that Roman Reigns will have The Usos in his corner come the Payback main event. After all, this would make perfect sense in order to neutralize the threat of Gallows and Anderson, not to mention the fact that these newcomers debuted by taking out Roman’s cousins, Jimmy and Jey Uso.

With battle lines drawn and with all seemingly well and equal, the group of Styles, Gallows and Anderson could reveal their trump card, their ace in the hole: NXT Champion Finn Balor.

2 Bullet Club Vs. Finn Balor


It seems inevitable that Finn Balor’s main roster debut will somehow be tied to Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, and likely to AJ Styles.

One way of bringing Finn in with a big splash would be to have Styles get the assisted WWE Title win at Payback. Whilst this would lead to some more heelish tendencies from Styles, Gallows and Anderson, you could then have Balor debut on the main roster by pleading with this new take on the Bullet Club over the way in which they shadily got hold of the WWE Championship.

1 Reuniting The Shield?


They wouldn’t, would they?

One of the most dominant and impressive factions in recent wrestling history is the trio known as The Shield. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns caused chaos from the moment they debuted in 2012, soon running roughshod over any and everyone who got in their way.

Obviously Roman and Ambrose have remained bestest buds since the stable broke up, but it’s Seth Rollins who’s the wild card here.

There’s talk of Rollins being fit to return from injury at any moment from now to SummerSlam, and what better way to have him return with a bang than by having him part of a reformed Shield going up against the Bullet Club?

Whether Rollins is fit enough to return by Payback itself, that seems unlikely, but his return and a reuniting of The Shield would be a game-changer in the WWE landscape.


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10 Ways The Bullet Club Will Shock WWE At Payback