10Punk's Claims Against How WWE Is Handling Its Medical Situations

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After Colt Cabana and CM Punk did the infamous podcast heard round the world, there was an immediate lawsuit from WWE's Dr. Chris Amann for the comments Punk made specifically about how his staph infection was handled, and how the neglect of WWE's talent was due to both laziness

and stupidity. The case is moving along, but there have definitely been changes behind the curtain in WWE doctor's lounge.

If Punk was indeed neglected, how does WWE explain the current Ryback situation? He's been out for a few weeks now with a staph infection. If Ryback is ironically going to have to drop the Intercontinental Championship because he can't go at Summerslam, isn't that a commentary on Punk's infection when he claims he was left untreated, working matches when he was sick and hurt? The changes behind the scenes are still a mystery, but there are flashes of things being caught that weren't caught before. One can only hope for the performers' sake.

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