10 Things You Didn't Know About WWE's Cesaro

facts about antonio cesaro

Arguably one of the most naturally talented wrestlers in the WWE ring today, Antonio Cesaro excels head and shoulders over most opponents with his in-ring ability. With a combination of speed and freakish strength, Cesaro has all the tools to be the top guy and one day have the WWE championship around his waist (he already should have had it).

However, the one thing holding him back is a man named Vince McMahon. For some odd reason, McMahon doesn’t like him. On Stone Cold’s Podcast a few months back, McMahon stated he does not have the “It Factor” because he hasn’t connected with the crowd well and lacks the charisma needed to become a top star in WWE. The explanation to all this was “I don’t know if it’s because he’s Swiss...”

Furthermore, recent reports state that Cesaro has a torn rotator cuff and will need surgery, likely putting him out of action for 4-6 months. This is just another blow to an already injury-plagued roster. This injury is also a major blow to WrestleMania plans, as Cesaro was a fan favorite and at the moment WWE doesn't have a quality roster for the biggest event of the year.

I’m sure Cesaro will come back better than ever and will hopefully be thrust into the title picture right away, but since we won’t be seeing Cesaro for quite some time, here are 10 things you didn’t know about him.

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10 He Used to Make His Own Wrestling Gear 

Via sportskeeda.com

Cesaro isn’t only a master in the ring, he is also one on the sewing machine. Believe it or not, he is a skilled sewer and used to make all his own in-ring gear - from tights to trunks, he did it all! Cesaro has since put away the sewing machine, as he now has people doing it for him. However, in an interview he has said he pitches T-shirt ideas from time to time to the WWE merchandise team. We'd love to see a line of WWE merchandise designed by the Swiss Superman himself!

9 He Wrestled as "A Very Mysterious Ice Cream" 

Via en.wikipedia.org

Yes, you read that right. While wrestling for Chikara, Cesaro took on the gimmick of “A Very Mysterious Ice Cream” and joined the group Los Ice Creams. The costumes consisted of ice cream-themed luchador masks with plastic cones on their heads. And to think, WWE has had some bad booking gimmicks, but nothing ever like this. However, strangely enough, the gimmick was successful and Los Ice Creams were very over with the fans in Chikara. It's not known however if Cesaro made this costume himself.

8 He Worked for Johnson & Johnson 

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Working the independent circuit can be financially tough. Most indie wrestlers don’t make much and have to get another job just to get by. Cesaro learned this the hard way when he came to North America to wrestle after having success in Japan and Mexico. Cesaro got a job at Johnson & Johnson while still wrestling the indie circuit. What did he do at Johnson & Johnson, you ask? Well, he was Data File Administrator. Exciting.

7 He Signed With WWE Once Before and They Released Him 

Via reddit.com

Cesaro actually signed with WWE before his recent run. However, he never had a match and only the notable event from that time was a Raw episode in 2006, in which he appears as a police officer arresting DX members Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Cesaro’s on-screen partner was none other than current TNA star Ethan Carter III. After this, Cesaro had a tryout match with Kofi Kingston in Deep South Wrestling. He was successful and signed a deal. Nonetheless, he was released shortly after.

6 He Once Yodelled All the Way to the Ring 

At this point in his career, WWE was trying to attach a gimmick to Cesaro because apparently it wasn’t enough that his wrestling ability was phenomenal. Go figure. So, since Cesaro is Swiss, he obviously Yodels, right? The look on Kane and Daniel Bryan's faces as Cesaro yodels down to the ring basically say it all. Again, WWE tried and failed with one of their stereotypical stunts. Thankfully they quickly gave up on it, because it was terrible.

5 He Speaks Five Languages 

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Cesaro doesn’t just speak five languages, he is fluent in all of them. Cesaro speaks English, French, German, Italian, and his native tongue of Swiss German. This is very impressive as many wrestlers today can barely even speak one language. Vince McMahon seems to hold it against him that Cesaro's mother tongue isn't English, but he has noticeably improved on the mic in recent months. I sincerely hope that one day WWE wakes up and lets Cesaro do a promo in all five languages. That would be a sight to see.

4 He Was in the Movie The Wrestler 

Via uproxx.com

Cesaro was an extra in Darren Aronofsky's Oscar-nominated movie The Wrestler. Many wrestlers were hired to give the movie an authentic feel. Aside from Cesaro, viewers can also spot Austin Aries, R-Truth, The Blue Meanie, Nigel McGuinness, and Jay Lethal throughout the film. I’m surprised WWE never used him in one of their own films, but here's hoping they give him the opportunity to star in one some time in the near future.

3 Mark Henry Stated Cesaro is One of the Strongest Guys in WWE 

Via pl.wwe.com

Mark Henry labeled as the strongest man in WWE and arguably one of the strongest men in the world. So when he is giving you props on your strength, you can’t take it with a grain of salt. In an interview Henry stated “he is freaky, freaky strong.” John Cena also has Cesaro as a training partner, and that is saying a lot because Cena doesn’t just train with anyone. Overall, Cesaro is steadily building up a reputation for being one of, if not the strongest pound for pound wrestler in WWE.

2 He Wanted to be a Rugby Player Growing Up 

Via sportskeeda.com

Cesaro always had a passion for wrestling and as a child he idolized Bruno Samartino and Bob Backlund. However, growing up he dreamed of being a professional rugby player and thought his future was on the pitch instead of in the ring. Cesaro only took up wrestling as an off-season activity as he loved the extra challenge. I’m sure Cesaro would have made an excellent rugby player, as a man with his strength would excel in that sport. Nevertheless, lucky for us wrestling was his true calling.

1 His Personal Records in Weight Lifting Are Exceptional

Via allwrestlingsuperstars.com

It’s no secret Cesaro is strong. As I mentioned before, not only the fans but also his peers are in awe of his physical strength. Cesaro loves Olympic weightlifting and most of his training regime consists of it. Here are some of his Personal Records: He can perform a one arm snatch with a 145 pound barbell, a one arm clean and jerk with 135 pounds, and a two arm clean and jerk with 295 pounds. These are no easy feats and I do not advise anyone to try, as it will most likely end with embarrassment and/or injury.

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