10 Things You Didn't Know About The Bella Twins

There’s no doubt about it – the world loves WWE Divas. I mean, what’s not to love? They’re gorgeous, they’re athletic, and they know how to put on a good show in the ring. The reality show Total Divas made these WWE bombshells even more popular, as people were suddenly seeing the personality and reality behind their in the ring personas. And amidst a sea of gorgeous Divas, there are two that have really taken the world by storm – in fact, they’re twice as good as any single Diva, because there’s literally two of them. That’s right – we’re talking about the Bella Twins.

The Bella Twins were essentially the bad girls of the WWE in their initial storylines, but their appearance on Total Divas proved to the world that their personalities are much more complex than that. Sure, they can be bitchy; they can also be nerdy, confident, strong, sassy, and so much more. They shop, they work out, they spend time with their friends and partners, and they’ve gotten a lot of screen time over the past little while. However, while people now know their main squeezes (John Cena, in Nikki’s case, and Daniel Bryan, in Brie’s case), but how much does the public actually know about The Bella Twins?

Here are 10 things you may not have known about these two WWE Divas.

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10 They’re Half-Mexican, Half-Italian

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Thanks to their long, dark hair and their somewhat exotic features, it can be tough to pin down the Bella Twins’ heritage. One look at their original last names, however, might give you a little hint – before they were the Bella Twins, they were simply Brianna Garcia-Colace and Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace. If you’re wondering where these bombshells get their exotic good looks, you just need to turn your attention towards two nations that produce drop dead gorgeous women on the regular – Mexico and Italy. The Bella Twins’ father, Jon Garcia, is of Mexican heritage, while their mother, Kathy Colace, is Italian. Those are definitely some good genes.

9 They’ve Both Dated Celebrities Before Their Current Partners

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It can be tough to imagine Brie and Nikki with anyone but their current wrestler main squeezes, Daniel Bryan and John Cena. Their interactions on Total Divas are adorable, and it’s obvious that the two couples are made for one another. However, before they catapulted to superstardom, Brie and Nikki dated a few celebrities. Nikki stayed in the wrestling world, dating Dolph Ziggler, while the artsy Brie went to the world of music, dating former Poison guitarist Richie Kotzen for over five years. It seems insane, because at this point, we couldn’t picture them with anyone but their current beaus.

8 Nikki Was Previously Married

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John Cena’s view on marriage is no secret at this point for any Total Divas fan. He has stated over and over again that, while his relationship with Nikki is stable and he’s not about to leave her anytime soon, he’s just not interested in marriage and kids. It’s likely due to his previous marriage going south, but it’s been a big source of conversation between the two – and a huge drama-starter on the show. However, if she ever changes his mind, it won’t be Nikki’s first walk down the aisle either. When she was just 20, she married her high school sweetheart. The two made it work for about three years before realizing they’d made a mistake and getting the union annulled.

7 They Initially Pursued Acting/Modeling In Los Angeles

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WWE Divas come from all walks of life, and get into it from different career paths. Many Divas start out as models or fitness models, some are WWE fans who start out helping the male wrestlers, and there’s even a few former bodybuilders amongst the Diva ranks. However, the Bella Twins didn’t even consider wrestling at first – they moved from their native Arizona to Los Angeles to pursue acting and modeling. They went on audition after audition, and after appearing on NBC’s Meet My Folks, they attended a WWE Diva casting. The WWE saw potential gold, and offered them jobs – but the Twins didn’t want to relocate to Florida. However, a few years later, their mom met with WWE reps and ended up convincing the girls to give it a shot. Thanks, Mrs. Colace!

6 Nikki Is The Older Twin

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It’s a question that probably every twin is asked a thousand times throughout their life – who is the older one? Well, even though Brie can seem like the more responsible and practical one on the show, it turns out that Nikki is actually the older of the two – a full 16 minutes older, to be exact. Now, we can’t help but wonder if Nikki prefaced all her advice to Brie throughout their childhood by stating that she was the older and wiser one.

5 They Were Athletes Growing Up

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Looking at the Bella Twins today, it’s pretty obvious that they’re in phenomenal physical shape. I mean, just check out their bodies – those physiques are definitely built in the gym. However, they weren’t slim, unathletic models before they came to the WWE – they’ve been athletes their entire lives. Both twins played soccer all growing up, and when they were older, they split into their respective sports of choice – ballet for Brie, and continuing soccer for Nikki. Nikki was serious about soccer and even considered going professional until a leg injury pretty much put an end to her soccer career. Well, we’ve got to say – we’re glad both gave up their earlier athletic pursuits in favor of wrestling.

4 They Have Backup Career Plans

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Professional sports can be a scary career path, because you never know when an injury might put an end to your career – for some athletes, it’s 20 years down the road, and for some, it’s only a year or two into their career. While the Bella Twins are currently at the top of their game, they’re already preparing themselves for an eventual life after wrestling. Nikki is training to be a real estate agent, and with all her personality and good looks, we have no trouble believing she could sell a house to anyone. Brie, on the other hand, hopes to follow her artistic side and own and operate a flower shop.

3 They’re Tinier Than You Might Think

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Given their physique and stage presence, it can seem like the Bella Twins are a bit larger than life, and many people peg them for being a model-esque 5’10 or so. However, if you met them in real life, you’d quickly find out that that’s not the case – they’re tiny! The girls are about 5’6, and though their physique is muscular, they’re definitely slim and trim. In fact, Nikki once joked that they often see racks filled with medium and large sizes when they go in for a fitting, as people don’t imagine that they’re actually so small.

2 They Were Waitresses

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Many WWE Divas who have their eye set on getting in the ring get their start in a fitness-related career, either working as personal trainers, bodybuilders, fitness models, etc. However, before they joined, the Bella Twins were two young, beautiful girls hoping to make it as actresses or models in Los Angeles. And, as the majority of aspiring actresses and models do, they took on waitressing gigs. While they were hoping to be discovered, they paid the bills by waitressing at the Mondrian hotel on Sunset Boulevard. Nowadays, they’re more likely to be eating at a celebrity-filled restaurant than serving those celebrities like they once did!

1 They’re In Their 30s

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Given their fun personalities, their insane bodies, and their overall appearance, one would probably assume that the Bella Twins were in their early 20s. However, you may be surprised to find out that these two bombshells have actually passed a certain age milestone – 30. The twins are now both 32 years old, proving that a lot of hard work in the gym can pretty much stop time. I mean, honestly – the Bella Twins look like most 20-somethings wish they looked! They show no signs of their age, and we have no doubt that their WWE careers can easily last another 10 years until their 40s.


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