10 Things You Didn't Know About Sasha Banks

At only 24 years old, Sasha Banks is one of the most talented and fastest rising stars in WWE today, male or female. Although her heel persona as The Boss is a huge part of what catapulted her to fame, after spending a month away from WWE due to a minor injury, she returned at the 2016 Royal Rumble and was quickly accepted as one of the most popular superstars on the roster.

Sasha signed with WWE when she was only 20 years old, and in the past four years has begun what should be a career that will go down in history books. With her incredible wrestling talent backing up her exceptional character work, Sasha is one of the main reasons for the increased focus on women’s wrestling in WWE. She has already helped permanently change women’s wrestling with her work in NXT, and now that she’s rapidly making her journey to the top of WWE, fans just can’t get enough of The Boss. Read on to learn 10 things new fans need to know about Sasha Banks.

10 Her Brother Is Disabled

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9 She's Snoop Dogg's Cousin

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8 She Loves Asian Pop Culture


7 Eddie Guerrero Is Her Favorite Wrestler

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When Sasha Banks appeared on Chris Jericho’s podcast, she made the following statement: “I want to be the female Eddie Guerrero.” She's actually been saying it most of her career, and fans who watched WrestleMania 32 and saw her juke, jive, and shimmy around the ring got a glimpse of Sasha living her dream. Hearing Sasha and Jericho talk about Eddie, even someone who never saw him wrestle could quickly become a fan through their love and admiration, and that’s typically the case. Unfortunately for Sasha, she never got to see her favorite wrestler in the ring live, nor tell him how much he meant to her, and the story only gets sadder when you learn the details.

6 Her Wrestling Career Had A Chaotic Start

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5 Her Favorite Trainer Was Norman Smiley

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4 She Was B.F.F.'s With Summer Rae

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3 She Made Her WWE Debut on Main Event

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2 She Was In The First Iron Woman Match In WWE History


1 She Was One Of The First Women to Wrestle in the Match of the Year


It’s impressive being one of the first women to main event a show, and of course that main event being an incredible gimmick match few people would even dare to participate in, let alone succeed on the level Sasha and Bayley did, only made it more noteworthy. However, the true mark of success for Sasha Banks and Bayley is that they wrestled two matches that multiple major wrestling publications called two of the best matches of the year in 2015. Women’s wrestling hasn’t been a major focus of WWE until recently, and in fact with a few exceptions, it was kind of a scandalous joke until then.

Today, women’s wrestling has become such a big deal that Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Rolling Stone magazine, and the fans of NXT all voted in droves to name women’s matches the Match of the Year. All three publications gave Sasha and Bayley the nod, with Rolling Stone and the NXT fans preferring the Brooklyn match in favor of the bout from Respect, but either way it’s clear these two women dominated a field in which women hadn't even been considered for decades. There’s no saying how more many awards Sasha will win in the future, but one thing about Sasha Banks is absolutely clear: she'll always be The Boss.

Sources: WWE, Talk Is Jericho

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Sasha Banks