10 Things You Didn't Know About Former WWE Diva Sunny

When it comes to former WWE Divas who have an interesting story to tell, none may be a better candidate than Tammy Lynn Sytch. Better known as Sunny, she spent decades in the business and interacted with some of your favorite wrestlers, on very intimate levels with some of them. On top of successfully helping manage her former partner Chris Candido's wrestling career, Sunny has had a career that is marred with personal demons. A publicized battle with addiction, including a span where she was arrested 5 times in a 4-week span, has left Tammy with some hard feelings towards the WWE, which she has opened up about and are elaborated on further below.

If you thought you knew all the reasons behind the tension between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, think again. You better believe that Tammy had an integral part in why there was so much animosity between the two. For all the ups and downs in Tammy’s life, comes a new chapter in 2016. A recent deal with Vivid Entertainment means that Tammy is coming back on your screen, but as an adult film star. The film, titled Sunny Side Up: In Through The Backdoor is expected to come out in the very near future.

While you may think you are about to see everything that Tammy has to offer, I bet at the end of reading this list, you’ll know even more about the diva then when you started.


10 She Was Offered $100,000 For Her Hall Of Fame Ring


Tammy may be in the WWE Hall of Fame, and that’s a great accomplishment, but it doesn’t mean she needs to keep the ring, right? Every inductee is given a beautiful ring, but Tammy was openly trying to auction off hers, and was even offered $100,000 for the ring by the head man behind Vivid Adult entertainment, Steve Hirsch. While her official statement was that she wants more dough, we all know she ended up doing an adult film.

She claimed she was selling the ring because it was a way for her to move on from wrestling, which had been her life for over 26 years. When she went back on TMZ after agreeing to the adult film, she stated that their second offer was “much, much higher.” Given that it’s titled Sunny Side Up: In Through The Backdoor, you better believe that this didn’t come cheap!

9 She Slept With The British Bulldog

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Allegedly, Droz has come out at one point in time and stated that he had slept with Sunny. Given that she’s beautiful, we can see why. Sunny was clearly shocked by the accusation during an interview with KayfabeCommentaries. She claims that he was a nice guy but “never in a million years” because he’s “too ******* weird.” Hard to argue with that.

She did state that she slept with one of her best friends in the business, The British Bulldog, Davey Smith. She claims it was an off and on thing, but nothing too serious and that it happened after her time with Shawn Michaels (more on that below).

8 She's Publicly Attacked The WWE’s Rehab Center 


Tammy has a well publicized battle with addiction, which you now know about because you’ve read this list! She claims that when she was in the rehab center during 2012 “the company had kicked her out of a treatment facility that cost them $1,000 a day as soon as Linda McMahon had lost her election campaign and immediately transferred her to the cheapest possible alternative place, which was in an appalling condition and where she suffered inhumane treatment.”

The WWE responded by publicly announcing that they would no longer be funding any of her rehabilitation, as she is continuing to make poor life decisions and needs to suffer for the consequences. One can only hope that she will be able to use her tough past to help inspire others who are trying to escape their demons.

7 She Made Things Even More Awkward For Sean Michaels And Bret Hart


Shawn Michaels was not always the easiest person to be around. With anger and addiction problems of his own, it may be shocking to know that he was able to hold down a 9 month relationship with Sunny, but she claims that when it ended, things got awkward. Sunny has stated:

“Shawn and I had a nine month relationship. As soon as we stopped seeing each other, all of a sudden, for some reason he got in his warped mind that I was seeing Bret Hart. I have no idea where he got this from."

As if there was not already enough tension between the Hitman and the Heartbreak Kid!

6 Why She Left ECW 


When it comes to Tammy’s career, there was no shortage of companies that employed her services and one of them was ECW. Part of being part of the ECW during her time was that she was responsible to pay for the travel, which she put on her American Express because the company didn’t have any money. Paul Heyman would then come and reimburse her for the money. This was a fine system until Heyman started to delay, and eventually outright stop paying.

This ended up being a serious concern, especially when you consider that when she went to sue ECW for the money, she couldn’t because the company had declared bankruptcy.

When asked about why she let it go on for so long, Stytch stated how she “wants to trust everybody in the world and especially Paul Heyman. Everyone kept saying, 'Oh I've known Paul since I was nine years old. He won't screw us. He won't screw us.' Guess what. He screwed us. So inevitably, I had to sell my house to pay off my Am Ex bill because they were suing us for $170,000."

5 She Met Chris Candido In High School 

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A big reason why you know the name Tammy Lynn Sytch is because you knew her husband, Chris Candido. The two met in high school, and she was seen as his on-screen valet for much of his career.

Chris Candido was a fantastic wrestler who wrestled for WCW, ECW and TNA but unfortunately passed away at the age of 33. After falling and fracturing his tibia, fibula and dislocating his ankle during a cage match and having surgery, he fell ill and continued to feel worse. He returned to the hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia, and eventually passed away. The cause of death was a blood clot that occurred because of a surgery complication.

Among other comments directed at the family about an upcoming documentary, Sunny stated:

“I was there! I lived it with him for 16 years. I was there for the good and bad, and horrible... He died doing what he loved to do."

4 She Hates The Chris Candido Documentary 


As you now know, Sunny had a relationship with Chris Candido that lasted most of his life. Chris’ brother, Johnny, came out with a documentary about his life, but Tammy is not happy with it. I could describe her rant, but her words are even better:

“A message to all of Chris Candido's family and friends: Go watch the trailer, that his drug addict of a brother made.. it is all bulls--t. They NEVER supported him, in anything he did, unless they could gloat about his WWF status... and get free tickets. Shame on me. f--kk you all who think otherwise... those who know me, and him, know the REAL story.. so go support a false documentary about his life....and make the family that didn't give a s--t about him, money.....sad bastards”

So, there might still be some hard feelings there.


3 She Knows The Hart Family Handshake 

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This may sound like a silly little fact, but it is also an opportunity to talk about her friendship with Bret Hart, who she claims was one of her best friends in the business. This extended not only to being friends, but also to helping watch his children when they would come by. She openly denies sleeping with Bret Hart, even if HBK was convinced otherwise. Part of being tight with Bret? Sunny states that she knows the secret Hart family handshake, which only Hart family members were supposed to know! Call me crazy, but I think every family should have their own type of secret handshake.

2 She Was The Most Downloaded Personality On The Internet In 1996 


Tammy may be making headlines now because of her agreement to do an adult film, but make no mistake, she was incredibly popular back in 1996 too. So much so that AOL announced that she was most downloaded woman of the year! Perhaps not shocking, she also won the awards for Best Manager Of The Year from Pro Wrestling Illustrated and the Slammy Award For Best Buns of 1996. You probably aren’t going to be given a chance to win the WWE championship, but at least Sunny knew that people knew who she was! Given that much of her career was spent beside her real life partner, Chris Candido, I’m sure they didn’t mind the publicity.

1 She Just Released An Autobiography


With Tammy recently being back in the spotlight due to her upcoming adult film deal, there may never have been a better time for her to release her autobiography. The book, entitled A Star Shattered: The Rise & Fall & Rise of Wrestling Diva Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, was released on February 4th, 2016. Given that Sunny had decades of experience in the business, and relationships with people such as Shawn Michaels, there is no doubt that there will not be some outstanding stories that are in the book. Sunny claims that she spilled her guts out in this book so you so you better believe it will also have some heartfelt moments from a person who has battled some personal demons. If you've read this list and you still want some more, that book is probably a good place to start!

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