10 Things You Didn't Know About Brock Lesnar and Sable's Relationship

Brock Lesnar is a former Ultimate Fighting Championship World Heavyweight Champion and arguably the biggest single draw in all of World Wrestling Entertainment in the spring of 2016. Those who only follow the WWE via shows such as Raw may not know that Lesnar is married to former WWE Diva Sable. The two could make for the ultimate power couple on WWE TV and in WWE storylines, but that is likely never going to happen because of the fact that Sable is rarely shown during programs. That, as you will see, is not an accident or something that has occurred because of the wishes of those running the WWE.

Lesnar and Sable have a lot in common, and thus it is understandable why the two have had a healthy and successful relationship for over a decade. One cannot help but wonder if at least one of their children will, many years from now, become a world champion in either professional wrestling or mixed martial arts. Then again, Lesnar and Sable may choose to keep their family and personal lives away from the world of combat sports. Being a pro wrestler or a pro fighter is not an easy life, and Lesnar and Sable have learned that to be true during their careers.

10 Sable's Return Sparked Their Relationship

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Forgiveness can be very important. Just ask Brock Lesnar and Sable if you don't believe that to be true. Sable left the WWE in June of 1999, and she even sued the company and claimed that she was a victim of sexual harassment. It turns out that you can, however, go home again, as Sable returned to WWE television in the spring of 2003. Had Sable and the WWE never chosen to forgive and forget, the possibility exists that she and Lesnar never would have become an item. Remember this the next time that you decide to hold onto a grudge against an individual for any reason.

9 They Broke Off Their Engagement 

Even the most stable of relationships can go through rough patches every now and again. That was apparently the case for Lesnar and Sable before they agreed to tie the knot. According to multiple sources, Lesnar and Sable broke off their engagement at least once before they were officially married. It would make sense that was true, if only because Lesnar had decided to quit the WWE and pursue other options during the time when the allegedly separation occurred. Whatever may or may not have occurred, we are happy for the couple that they have remained together up through 2016.

8 They Have a 10-Year Age Difference 

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The old and well-known saying tells us that age is only a number. One could safely assume that both Lesnar and Sable agree with that. Sable is, as of the posting of this piece, 48 years old, while Lesnar is only 38. Such an age difference matters less and less as we get older, of course, and Lesnar was in his 20s and already an international superstar when he and Sable first began seeing each other. Besides, those who were watching the WWE product when Sable returned to the company know that she definitely still had her fastball at that point of her life. Mr. Lesnar is a lucky, lucky man.

7 They Got Married In Medina Minnesota

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According to Ryan Clark of WrestleZone, Lesnar and Sable made it official and were married on May 6, 2006. Lesnar is from the Minnesota area, which explains why the two decided to be married in Medina, Minnesota. We are sad to say that we have some bad news for those of you in the Minnesota area who want to hire the White Creek Band that played at the wedding. The band's website that is listed in the WrestleZone piece is no longer running. We are, however, hopeful that Lesnar and Sable enjoyed the music that they were able to hear during their wedding day.

6 They Live In The Country

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Lesnar and Sable did not stray far away from their wedding spot to build a nest for their new family. The Lesnars, per Neal J. Leitereg of the LA Times, owned an estate in Maple Plain, Minnesota up until that property was sold in September of 2014. Along with having a beautiful house on the property. Lesnar and Sable had 43 acres to call their own while living in Minnesota. That is quite the setup for Lesnar, who is known to love hunting and who is not all that fond of having to mingle with strangers and with neighbors. Lesnar is not somebody I would want to bother.

5 They Have A Home In Canada

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While Lesnar and Sable did not hold a press conference to announce where they would be residing in the future, it is known that they have a property in Saskatchewan, Canada. As Candace Woodside of the Southwest Booster explained, one of the reasons that Lesnar wanted to move up north was because he wanted to be a farmer. When he is not pummeling opponents such as John Cena and Roman Reigns, Lesnar is able to go back home, be with Sable and his kids, and do all of the farming and hunting that he wants. It is quite the life if you are a fan of a rural existence.

4 They Both Had Previous Children 

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Lesnar and Sable would have had a full family had they never chosen to have children of their own, as the two had kids from previous relationships. Lesnar had two children with his former fiance. His son is named Brock Jr., which is an awesome name, and his daughter is Mya. Sable, meanwhile, had a daughter named Mariah with the man who was her first husband. Lesnar, not surprisingly, serves as the stepfather for Mariah. Three kids would be enough for many couples who are out there. Lesnar and Sable, however, decided to grow their family on multiple occasions.

3 Their Own Children 

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Since getting married in 2006, Lesnar and Sable have become “new parents” twice. The couple's first son was born in June 2009. They named him Turk. Duke was born in July 2010. Not for anything, but Turk Lesnar and Duke Lesnar just sound like tough names given to tough men. One has to wonder if either will feel that he has to live up to what his father accomplished as a pro athlete. Then again, being the son of Lesnar and Sable may be easier than being Lesnar's daughter. Imagine being a teenage boy who had to ask Lesnar for permission to take young Mya out on a date. That's terrifying.

2 Don't Bother Them 

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Here is a piece of advice for anybody who notices Lesnar and Sable at an airport or at any establishment: Unless Lesnar and/or Sable are working an event, you should probably just leave them alone. There have, over the years, been multiple stories about the couple not giving fans the warmest of responses when out in public. The notion has been floated out there by some fans and some analysts that Lesnar, who plays “The Beast” on WWE television, is merely remaining in character. It is more likely, however, that Lesnar and Sable just don't want to interact with fans when they are not working.

1 They Like Their Privacy 

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One would not have to go far to locate stories about Lesnar and Sable wanting to enjoy their privacy. Whether he was performing for the WWE or working as a legitimate MMA fighter, Lesnar wanted to keep his private life as private as possible when he was away from the ring or the octagon. Lesnar is a simple man with simple tastes. He makes his WWE dates. He trains. He returns home to spend time with Sable and the rest of his family. He hunts, fishes, shoots his guns and farms. Lesnar and Sable are, in many ways, like normal citizens who want to live their lives away from busy portions of the world.

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