10 Things Vince McMahon Wants You To Forget About Brock Lesnar

It doesn’t get much better than the mayor of Suplex City himself, Brock Lesnar. Despite his insane draw value with the WWE, things weren’t always so smooth with Vince McMahon and Brock Lesnar. Business has been quite difficult between these two men in the past.

Today, it looks like their problems are finally laid to rest. Lesnar signed a three year deal with the WWE following this past WrestleMania. The contract is also on a part-time basis. Lesnar called the offer something he could not refuse. Signing this deal however sparked some controversy and bitterness from his peers, and we'll have a little more on that in the number 7 slot.

Lesnar has a pretty rough past which the WWE has done its best to suppress from the memory of wrestling fans. From getting arrested to wrestling for New Japan to putting on a one star match with Bill Goldberg at WrestleMania, Lesnar has had his fair share of mishaps. Let’s now take a look at 10 things Vince McMahon wants you to forget about Brock Lesnar. Enjoy!


10 Files Lawsuit Against The WWE

Remember that time Lesnar brought the WWE to court? In order to be released from his WWE contract, Lesnar agreed to sign a no-compete clause with the WWE. This contract prohibited Lesnar from working with any other wrestler company before June 2010. Lesnar brought the WWE to court challenging this ruling, where the WWE counterclaimed against Brock for his appearance during a New Japan show. The two sides later dropped the claims and attempted to negotiate a new contract. After Lesnar turned down the new terms, he was later awarded the freedom to wrestle for any company immediately. Brock would go on to make his debut for New Japan Wrestling on October 8, 2005. Lesnar would go on to win the IWPG Heavyweight Championship in his debut match. During his reign as champion the WWE would file a restraining order and an injunction in an attempt to make Lesnar end his stint with New Japan. Ultimately, both requests were not granted. Lesnar would fight his last match for New Japan dropping the championship to Kurt Angle on June 29th, 2007.

9 Lack of Knowledge For Today’s Product

Lesnar made his current status with the WWE today very clear during his interview on the Stone Cold Podcast, airing on the WWE Network. Lesnar discussed the fact that today, he simply clocks in and clocks out. Brock told Austin, it’s like a normal job. Lesnar also went on the record saying he doesn’t know most of the wrestlers that are in the WWE today. Brock admitted that he has no interest in getting to know any of the new talent involved with the WWE today. Lesnar claims he wants to do his job and go home without making any small talk with his co-workers.

Brock also discussed the fact that he has no recollection of any historical WWE matches. He told Austin that he simply doesn’t remember historical dates, matches or shows, and he just lives in the moment.

8 His Arrest

In 2001, Brock Lesnar was arrested by police in Louisville for allegedly purchasing large amounts of anabolic steroids. After his arrest, Lesnar was let go after it was deemed that the substances her had purchased were legal growth hormones. Lesnar’s lawyer claimed that the growth hormones were actually vitamins. The charges were dropped and taken off  of Lesnar’s record.

7 His Current Contract

Many WWE superstars were very displeased to find out the terms of Brock’s contract with the WWE. Lesnar told ESPN he was offered a 3 year deal with the WWE that he simply could not refuse. This would ultimately make Lesnar the highest paid wrestler on the active roster. What infuriated a lot of his co-workers was the fact that Lesnar was making all this money while working on a part time basis. Lesnar left the WWE in the past because of his displeasure with the grueling travelling schedule. The WWE decided to accommodate Brock and give him a very light schedule. Brock has a specific number of dates he must work according to his 3 year deal. Love it or hate it, his limited amount of appearances makes his character that much more of a draw.

6 His Football Career

After WrestleMania XX, Brock Lesnar shocked the wrestling world when he announced that he would be leaving the WWE for a chance to play in the NFL. The reason this was so surprising was because Lesnar hadn’t played pro football since his high school days. After a great start with the Minnesota Vikings, Lesnar experienced a terrible set back after a minivan collided with his motorcycle. Despite numerous injuries, Brock was able to comeback during the 8th week of camp. At the end of the pre-season, Lesnar’s journey came to an end after he was cut by the team. Lesnar was later asked to play in NFL Europa, but declined the offer because he wanted to be close to home (a re-occurring theme we’ve seen from Brock over the years).

5 Never Watched Wrestling

Before stepping foot in a WWE ring, Lesnar was quite the amateur wrestler. Lesnar won the 2000 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division 1 Heavyweight Championship. Lesnar finished his amateur career as a two-time NJCAA All-American, two-time NCAA All-American and two-time Big Ten Conference Champion. In four years of College, Lesnar finished off with a 106-5 record. Following his terrific run as an amateur wrestler, Lesnar was approached by the WWE. Despite never watching wrestling or knowing anything about the business, Lesnar agreed to a contract with the WWE that was worth $250,000. Brock was immediately signed to the WWE’s development system, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW).

4 His Match Against Goldberg

What seemed like a dream match with so much potential ended up becoming one of the worst matches in both the careers of Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg. Not even Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special referee could have saved this match. The two wrestlers were extremely unmotivated to wrestle and that was very apparent during the match. It was known behind the scenes that Goldberg was wrestling his last match with the company because of contract disputes. It was also announced a week before the match that Lesnar was leaving the WWE following WrestleMania to pursue a career in the NFL. The match was a recipe for disaster. The fans cheered on both wrestlers throughout the match. Thankfully, it came to an end after Goldberg hit the jackhammer for the victory. Lesnar flipped off the cameras after the match (he was allegedly pointing the finger to Vince McMahon). What a disappointment this match was to so many wrestling fans.


3 Botched Shooting Star

Lesnar admitted to being in a really bad place during this botch on the biggest stage of them all, WrestleMania. Lesnar’s body was infused with drugs and alcohol. By the end of the night he would have to deal with a concussion to add insult to injury. Angle and Lesnar were forced to improvise the finish after Lesnar botched the shooting star. Brock was noticeably rattled and dazed following his victory. This is something Vince McMahon surely wants you to forget.

2 His UFC Career

It’s not often you get to see a former pro wrestler became a UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world. Brock Lesnar shocked the world after defeating the legend Randy Couture in a bout for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Lesnar went on to be one of the biggest draws in UFC history. Lesnar took part in five of the UFC’s highest selling Pay-Per-Views, in which he main-evented 3 of them. In 2010, Lesnar became the UFC’s highest paid fighter, and he also made ESPN’s list of the top 30 paid athletes in sports. After concurring the UFC, Lesnar returned to the WWE, instantly becoming a mammoth draw for the company. His return was so successful that Lesnar decided to retire from the UFC and join the WWE full time. To this day, Lesnar remains the hottest commodity in all of pro wrestling.

1 Forgetting 2 Years Of His Career

Brock admitted to forgetting 2 years of his career with the WWE. During his first run with the company, Lesnar developed an addiction to alcohol and painkillers. Lesnar discussed the fact that he would drink a bottle of vodka per day and take hundreds of Vicodin pills per month, taking the pressure of the pain in his neck, back and both knees. Brock claims he worked with a torn MCL just so he could have won the Championship. Lesnar stated that because all of what transpired from his addiction and exhaustion from travelling so many dates he does not remember 2 years of his career with the WWE. Brock is lucky to be alive following this scary stint that WWE wants wrestling fans to forget about.


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