10 Things Brock Lesnar Wants You To Forget About Sable

Sable is one of the most controversial women in WWE history. In many ways it could be argued she was the greatest female wrestler of the Attitude Era, but in other ways it could be said she only reached that height due to a severe lack of competition, and the success immediately went to her head. Sable was never classically trained in wrestling; she was a model who married a wrestler, and therefore found herself in the wrestling business by default.

Sable divorced her first wrestler husband in 2004, and two years later she married current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar. Lesnar and Sable have been relatively private about their home and personal lives, but considering how public their professional lives are, we still know a good deal about them. We might not know for sure how Brock feels about every detail of his wife’s life, but we can speculate on how the average husband would feel about Sable were she their wife, and extrapolate from there. Frankly, we’re a little bit worried The Beast Incarnate doesn’t even want us talking about his wife in the first place, so we figure we better go big or go home and tell you the following 10 facts Brock Lesnar probably doesn’t want you to know about Sable.


10 She Was Married Twice Before


Sable was born Rena Greek, but her name has changed in accordance with a couple marriages. She first married Wayne Richardson in 1986, when she was only 19-years old. The couple had one daughter, named Mariah, in 1988. Sable was born into poverty, and dropped out of high school when she was in 10th grade. She said she was shy as a teenager, but began modeling in order to come out of her shell. At some point while working as a model and employed part-time for a law firm, her first husband was killed in a drunk driving incident. Neither Sable nor her daughter has gone into great detail about her first husband, presumably because memories are too sad or painful to bring up. Brock probably understands how long ago it was, and if anything feels sympathy for his wife and stepdaughter, but he might not be so cool about Sable’s second husband…

9 Her Second Husband Was Marc Mero

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For many years, Sable was referred to as Rena Mero, achieving her new last name by marrying wrestling Marc Mero in 1994. Mero is a former boxer who was wrestling for WCW as Johnny B. Badd when he and Sable met. Sable and Mero stayed together for the better part of a decade, often appearing together in the ring. Sable didn’t make any appearances for WCW, but once Mero made the jump to WWE and started appearing under his real name, Sable quickly became an integral part of his storylines. In fact, many would argue Sable was significantly more popular than Mero at this point in time, and he was only able to stay relevant in the wrestling world through her influence. Sable spent as much time feuding Marc Mero as she did in his arms, but Brock probably doesn’t like the fact video exists of his wife looking happy with her ex-husband, no matter how long ago it was. Or for that matter, video of her walking down to the ring with a few other guys Brock has had problems with…

8 She Debuted As The Valet of Triple H


Sable debuted for WWE at WrestleMania XII in March of 1996. Mero followed less than a month after, but Sable actually made her grand entrance by escorting Triple H down to the ring. Triple H didn’t fare too well that night, getting squashed by The Ultimate Warrior, but by walking down the aisle with Sable around his arms he instantly found himself with more credibility and fan interest than he had yet to find in wrestling. Triple H “mistreated” Sable and Mero quickly swooped in for the rescue, and Brock probably doesn’t like watching footage of any of it. The biggest problem, though, has got to be watching his current boss lock arms with his current wife. Although in the grand scheme of things, Sable made some other Pay-Per-View appearances that could bother her husband more…

7 She Appeared Topless on Pay-Per-View


Sable and Marc Mero started feuding a few years into their tenure in WWE. Sable and Mero went through an onscreen break up in 1998, with Mero introducing new WWE Hall of Famer Jacqueline as his new girlfriend, and Sable’s “replacement.” Naturally, Sable and Jacqueline started to feud as well, and since was the Attitude Era and they were females, this meant they competed in a bikini contest at Fully Loaded. Jacqueline wore a pretty skimpy bikini herself, but the moment that propelled the segment into history was when Sable took off her shirt and revealed her bikini’s “top” consisted of giant handprints painted on her bare breasts. It seemed Sable summarily won the contest, but she was eventually disqualified for failing to wear an actual bikini. Either way, Brock probably doesn’t like the fact everyone saw his wife topless…and that’s not all they saw.

6 She Was The Cover Model For The Fastest Selling Playboy In History


Sable has appeared in the pages of Playboy Magazine three times, back in the day before Playboy cut out the nude pictorials, and more-or-less featured them exclusively. She appeared twice in 1999, becoming the first WWE diva to do so. Perhaps more notably, she was also the first woman in Playboy history to appear on the cover twice in one year. For a final accolade, it was reported at the time that her first appearance for the magazine in April of that year was the fastest selling issue in Playboy history. So, not only have a lot of people seen Brock’s wife naked on screen and in print, they had no reservation about jumping at the chance to do so.

5 She Sued WWE

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Maybe Brock doesn’t care too much about who has seen his wife naked, since presumably no one other than him has in quite a long time. One thing Brock definitely does care about is his money, and a few years back Sable did something that could’ve affected his familial earning power for years. Prior to meeting her future husband, Sable sued WWE for a reported $130 million in 1999. The company settled out of court and eventually Sable was welcomed back in 2003, which is where she and Brock met. Obviously, WWE has put the whole episode behind them and is willing to do business with Brock, Sable, and their family well into the future, but we still feel like you probably shouldn’t mention the whole ordeal if you ever get invited to their house for dinner.

4 X-Pac Played A Cruel Prank On Her

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Ribbing, or playing pranks on one another, is something that has always existed in professional wrestling and probably always will on some level. That in no way excuses how cruel and disgusting the rib X-Pac played on Sable in 1999 was. Sable was making her last appearance with the company at a UK-only Pay-Per-View, and X-Pac decided to go to the bathroom into a cup, and throw the results into Sable’s bags while she distracted. Years later, X-Pac has since confessed to the incident, and somehow he claims to be “buddies” with Brock despite it. Whether or not their buddies, we imagine the incident doesn’t come up often, because if it did Brock would pretty much be within his rights to beat the hell out of X-Pac for this one, even if it was quite a long time ago.


3 She Kissed Vince McMahon

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Until recently, it was kind of a given that women working for WWE would be forced to make out with their boss on television at some point. Considering the sexual harassment lawsuit Sable filed against the company not four years earlier, one might think she’d would be exempt from this rule, but she and Vince indeed “locked lips” on SmackDown in 2003. We put it in quotes because it was a classic example of a TV kiss featuring at least one actor who wanted no part of the role (we’re guessing Sable). The two simply angled themselves in front of the camera in a way that made it look like they were almost maybe kissing, but they clearly actually weren’t. While Brock might appreciate the fact Vince used a little restraint when fondling his lady, we assume most guys probably don’t like the idea of their boss kissing their wife regardless of how fake and obviously scripted for television the kiss might be. Sable was also half of another high profile kiss that looked a bit less fake…

2 She Kissed Torrie Wilson

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Sable’s first two appearances for Playboy were solo pictorials, which made sense since she was the only female in WWE willing to do them at the time. After Sable proved it could be a pretty profitable venture for a wrestler, several women followed, most notably Torrie Wilson. Wilson first appeared in the magazine in 2002, and in 2003 both she and Sable appeared together. On television, Sable was treated as a friendly rival to Wilson. They two played mind games with each other, and in the ultimate example of both her friendliness and the vindictiveness of the rivalry, one of those mind games saw Torrie kiss Sable on the mouth. Maybe Brock would have a problem with this one, be we admit there’s actually a 50/50 chance his biggest problem with it was how tepid the kiss looked.

1 She's A Grandmother


As of the writing of this article, Sable is 48 years old, and based on recent pictures is still pretty darned good looking. She’s 10 years older than her husband Brock, and that might not seem like too much of an age difference until you realize Sable is already a grandmother. While Brock’s oldest child is 13, and the couple’s oldest child together is only 6, Sable’s eldest daughter is now in her 20s and has children of her own. Brock and Sable’s eldest son is only two years older than his infant niece. While this could lead to a closely nit family that stays together through generations, the fact his beautiful wife is already a grandmother has got to eat away at Brock just a little bit. Then again, maybe he’ll just take the entire concept of time to Suplex City, and the family will experience some form of cosmic eternal youth.

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