10 Things Brock Lesnar Wants You To Forget About Sable

Sable is one of the most controversial women in WWE history. In many ways it could be argued she was the greatest female wrestler of the Attitude Era, but in other ways it could be said she only reached that height due to a severe lack of competition, and the success immediately went to her head. Sable was never classically trained in wrestling; she was a model who married a wrestler, and therefore found herself in the wrestling business by default.

Sable divorced her first wrestler husband in 2004, and two years later she married current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar. Lesnar and Sable have been relatively private about their home and personal lives, but considering how public their professional lives are, we still know a good deal about them. We might not know for sure how Brock feels about every detail of his wife’s life, but we can speculate on how the average husband would feel about Sable were she their wife, and extrapolate from there. Frankly, we’re a little bit worried The Beast Incarnate doesn’t even want us talking about his wife in the first place, so we figure we better go big or go home and tell you the following 10 facts Brock Lesnar probably doesn’t want you to know about Sable.

10 She Was Married Twice Before


9 Her Second Husband Was Marc Mero

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8 She Debuted As The Valet of Triple H


7 She Appeared Topless on Pay-Per-View


6 She Was The Cover Model For The Fastest Selling Playboy In History


5 She Sued WWE

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4 X-Pac Played A Cruel Prank On Her

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3 She Kissed Vince McMahon

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2 She Kissed Torrie Wilson

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1 She's A Grandmother

As of the writing of this article, Sable is 48 years old, and based on recent pictures is still pretty darned good looking. She’s 10 years older than her husband Brock, and that might not seem like too much of an age difference until you realize Sable is already a grandmother. While Brock’s oldest child is 13, and the couple’s oldest child together is only 6, Sable’s eldest daughter is now in her 20s and has children of her own. Brock and Sable’s eldest son is only two years older than his infant niece. While this could lead to a closely nit family that stays together through generations, the fact his beautiful wife is already a grandmother has got to eat away at Brock just a little bit. Then again, maybe he’ll just take the entire concept of time to Suplex City, and the family will experience some form of cosmic eternal youth.

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10 Things Brock Lesnar Wants You To Forget About Sable