10 Shocking Statistics You Didn't Know About WWE's Kane

WWE’s Kane, also known by his actual name Glenn Jacobs, is a monster of a man inside the wrestling ring. A prime figure in WWE’s acclaimed Attitude Era, many wrestling fans can still recall the infamous day he was unmasked in the center of the ring, prompting the announcers to wonder if he is even human.

Kane’s villainous ways have been running rampant throughout the league for some time now, and he has built quite the reputation for himself as a “heel”, which wrestling jargon for bad guy. He was billed as a wrestler with a demonic flair, wearing all red and calling himself “The Devil’s Favorite Demon.” Kane was even billed to be the half-brother of another ultra-famous wrestler, The Undertaker.

Yet, after amassing such a psychotic reputation, Kane has managed to lead quite the successful wrestling career. He has won a plethora of matches, and still compounds upon his match tally to this day. He’s one of the physically largest currently wrestling superstars that come to mind, and his career has been littered with accolades.

But sports has the luxury analytics when asked to form opinions on certain athletes. Statistics form the basis of any sport, and professional wrestling is no different. We’ve dug deep into Kane’s career to find statistics inside and outside the wrestling ring that we think will grant a clearer picture of who the wrestler truly is.

What follows are the ten incredible statistics about Kane you don’t want to miss:


10 He’s Won 18 Total Wrestling Championships


Kane has had his share of success within the ring throughout his career. In fact, he’s won a total of 18 wrestling championships throughout his lifetime. This tally include the three World Championships Kane has held: the WWF Championship, ECW Championship, and the World Heavyweight Championship.

Turns out, Kane plays well with others too. Adding to his belt total are 12 world tag-team championships. He’s achieved the distinction in several leagues, with partners that have become WWE legends in their own right like Mankind and Jerry Lawler. Kane also won the 2010 Money in the Bank match, yet another distinction in what has turned out to be quite the accomplished career.

9 He’s 7 Feet Tall


Kane was an essential superstar in the WWE’s Attitude Era. When fans look back on his career, it will be in remembrance of his contributions to the sport during this defining period of wrestling. In an era infused with violence and action, Kane fit right in. The WWE billed him as this demonic figure, and he sure fit the part. He stood at 7 feet tall, and was an imposing figure against anyone in the ring.

Kane capitalized on his enormous size inside the ring. Weighing over 300 pounds, he was a wrestler who went at his opponents with brute force and muscle mass. Oftentimes, this meant Kane performing entertaining finishing moves while literally throwing his opponents around the ring. It’s by no accident that the man has won so many championship belts, and his size has a lot to do with it.

8 He’s had 11 Different Ring Names


Glenn Jacobs actually bounced around with quite a few different ring names before he finally found his niche with Kane. It seems that he had trouble settling on a character, particularly early in his career. He first wrestled under the name Angus King in St. Louis, and later transitioned into The Christmas Creature. Other early-career names include: Doomsday, Unabomb, and even his birth name Glenn Jacobs.

His first true professional ring name came about in 1995 when the WWE made his debut as Isaac Yankem, DDS. They were pushing a storyline in which Jacobs was the dentist of Jerry Lawler, who then hired him to take out his nemesis Bret Hart. The storyline quickly fizzled, though, and Jacobs changed his name a few more times. Examples include: Sid Powers, Bruiser Mastino, Spartacus, and Diesel. Including the name he eventually found traction with, Kane has totaled up 11 different aliases throughout his wrestling career.

7 He’s Been Ranked as High as 4th by PWI


Pro Wrestling Illustrated puts out lists of various sorts every year by which wrestlers are judged on their accumulated performance throughout that year. Whether it’s an award such as Woman of the Year or a ranking of the top 500 wrestlers, it’s generally considered some of the more prestigious honors that can be bestowed upon those in the wrestling industry.

In 2011, Kane made a massive jump in the magazine’s yearly rankings, leaping all the way up to their number four ranking. The previous year, Kane was ranked as the 79th best wrestler in the world. His 75 spot improvement can be seen as motivation to reinstall his place among the wrestling elite, especially after falling 42 spots in their rankings from 2009 to 2010. The rank represented a career peak, though, and the most current PWI ranking has him listed as 42nd overall as of 2014.

6 He’s Won 716 Matches


According to the internet wrestling database, Kane has participated in a grand total of 1,489 professional wrestling matches. Of these, Kane has emerged victorious in 716, and tied in 82. His over 700 victories have given him a winning percentage of 48%.

The WWE has branched out into Pay-Per-View events over the past decade or so. These matches represent a large portion of the league’s revenue, and as such a large emphasis is placed on the matches for individual wrestlers. Kane has his share of experience with these events as well, participating in 166 total PPV matches. Kane’s winning percentage in these events is not as strong, unfortunately, as he only boasts a winning percentage of 38%.

5 His Career has Spanned 17 Years


Since his debut in Badd Blood in October 1997, Kane has become a wrestler to be feared. He quite literally uses fear to his advantage, taking on a demonic and monstrous personality and infusing it into his character. The WWE is no stranger to characters with these backgrounds, as his persona is rather similar to The Undertaker for instance, but WWE fans have proven there is plenty of popularity to go around. It seems the WWE agreed, and Kane was actually billed as The Undertaker’s half-brother in his early years.

Kane has taken the reigns of his wrestling career and run away with them. Since 1997, he’s participated in nearly 1,500 matches. Perhaps the most impressive aspect is that he keeps adding to the tally. With continued fan support, successful in ring performances, and a persona that has finally found its niche, Kane may well be on the road to building a lengthy career to challenge the likes of Ric Flair.

4 His Longest Match Was Over an Hour

With a large amount of matches under his belt, Kane has built up quite the stamina. Match lengths in the WWE famously vary. In any sport centered on fighting, matches run the risk of ending in seconds flat. Those familiar with recent WWE matches have seen just that with an infamous Daniel Bryan match that didn’t even last 20 seconds.

On the flip side, in the WWE in particular, some matches can run for over an hour. Royal Rumble matches in particular have a knack for lasting quite some time, as wrestler after wrestler pile into the ring until only one remain. Kane’s longest lasting match was a 40-man Royal Rumble that took place in WWE Royal Rumble ’11. The match lasted 69 minutes and 52 seconds, with Alberto Del Rio emerging as the victor, although to be fair, Kane only entered the ring as the 40th man.


3 He’s Been Married for 20 Years


Though Kane’s persona is somewhat similar to other superstars that have come before him, his life out of the ring is somewhat different. Outside of wrestling, Kane has managed a happy marriage with his wife Crystal Maurisa Goins, putting to rest the notion that rock stars and celebrities can’t stay faithful. The two have been married since 1995, which was the year Kane debuted in the WWE.

Together they have raised two children, and Jacobs has pursued other avenues aside from wrestling in order to support them. Most notably, Jacobs is rather involved in politics. He was even recruited to run as a member of the Tea Party at one point in time. In the violent world of wrestling, Jacobs’s family life is a stable, motivating influence in his life, driving him to improve upon himself in previously unforeseen areas in his life.

2 He Has 3 Finishing Moves

As Kane, Jacobs has perfected a few finishers that bring fear to his opponents. His most famous is probably the Chokeslam. Kane winds up his palms in the air and grabs straight for his opponent’s throat before picking them up and slamming them to the turf. The resulting impact is devastating, and makes for a great show.

Another of Kane’s more well-known moves is the Tombstone Piledriver, an obvious homage to his billed half-brother The Undertaker. His other finisher of choice is the Falling Powerbomb. As mentioned prior, Kane bounced around from several personas. Some of his finishers such as the DDS applied only to characters like Isaac Yankem, but were brutal nonetheless.

1 He’s Acted in 4 Movies


While it’s not the most extensive filmography, Kane has certainly dipped his toes into the figurative acting pool. Many WWE wrestlers take their talent to the big screen, whether it is in a minor or starring role. Kane has proven to be no exception.

Some notable roles include his starring role as Jacob Goodnight in the See No Evil franchise. The slasher movies feature a psychopathic killer who goes on a killing rampage. We’ll only give you one guess to put the pieces together as to who was cast as the murderous villain of the movie. Other appearances by Kane in movies include Macgruber and Scooby Doo! WrestleMania Mystery.



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