10 Shocking Statistics About WWE's Edge

In a world with such widespread publicity, one almost has to take on a rockstar persona in order to deal with it all. Lights are blaring, cameras flashing, and every move you make is televised to a na

In a world with such widespread publicity, one almost has to take on a rockstar persona in order to deal with it all. Lights are blaring, cameras flashing, and every move you make is televised to a nation-wide audience, especially in the high-octane world of the WWE. Once in a while, there comes a wrestler who just fits the part. Enter Adam "Edge" Copeland.

Edge is a rockstar in his core. He always rocked out with his long hair and beefy physique, and tossed his opponents all over the ring. His character has seen swings of both babyface and heel storylines, but the fans have shown their love for him regardless. His recent retirement still hasn't dampened their spirits, as fans continue to show support for Edge throughout the WWE Universe.

Edge was much more than a persona. He was a champion of a wrestler who has left his mark on the world of professional wrestling. His rags to riches story is one that's captivating and inspiring, and his commitment to family is one worth emulating.

But in the world of sports, numbers do all the talking. Whether it be RBIs in baseball or championship belts in wrestling, statistics have always been used to judge an athlete's lasting influence in their sport. Well, for those of you clamoring for statistics on Edge, you've come to the right place.

Here are the ten incredible statistics about Edge you don't want to miss:

10 He's Won 31 Total WWE Championships

Edge has earned a staggering number of belts, with a final tally coming in at 31 various championships won. It's an impressive feat, and certainly one of the indicators of his wrestling greatness.

9 The WWE Settled His $40,000 College Debt


Let's be honest, the price of post-secondary education in the modern era is a tad on the expensive side. Edge is rather familiar with this problem. As a jumpstart wrestler trying to make ends meet, he always had his college debts looming over his head.

8 He Started Training at Age 18

Fun fact: Edge was voted "Most Likely to Become a WWE Superstar" in high school. Though the distinction turned out to be prophetic, his rise to stardom was anything but easy. Edge was raised by a single mother, and worked odd jobs at factories to help keep his family afloat.

7 He Won 7 Tag Team Championships with His Best Friend

As Edge tore through the independent scene, he developed a strong friendship with William Reso, known by his WWE persona Christian. When Edge finally received his WWE contract, essentially joining the "big leagues", Christian was not far behind. It seems inevitable now looking back on it that the two would team up and take the league by storm.

6 He's 6'5" and 241lbs

Edge is a rockstar through and through. He has the long hair, star personality, and the attitude to pull it all together. His stature is just one aspect that also adds to the overall image. Standing at 6'5" and 241 lbs, Edge is a prototypical WWE superstar cut from the same cloth as many other legends.

5 He's been Married 2 Times


Edge, while successful within the ring, has had his share of troubles outside of it, particularly in the marriage department. Much like many rockstars, Edge enjoys flaunting his sex appeal, which has caused tensions with his relationships in the past.

4 He Had 5 Finishing Moves

Edge was no stranger to theatrics. Some of his moves required a certain level of charisma and audience manipulation to pull off successfully. Usually, he got the job done in fantastic fashion, leaving the fans craving more Edge matches. Other times, well, he wasn't so lucky.

3 He's Appeared in 7 TV Shows

Following a WWE trend, Edge has also taken a liking to acting in his spare time. His filmography includes minor appearances in three movies, but it's his television experience that has received the most attention.

2 He's Worth $14 Million


Edge has seen himself become another rags to riches story in the WWE, experiencing widespread success towards the later years of his career. It was a tough journey to get there though, as his childhood was littered with the stress of keeping his small family afloat.

1 He Was Inducted Into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012

Edge was inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame shortly after his retirement announcement. He was introduced in the 2012 ceremony, fittingly, by his best friend and wrestling companion Christian, who gave the audience a little insight into who Edge is as a person.

Sporting a shorter than usual haircut, Edge then took the stage and gave thanks to his friends and family, especially his mother. As mentioned earlier, Edge was raised by a single mother, and gives her credit for his drive for success. He went on to say the greatest look he's ever seen on her face was when he bought her a house. Edge also left the audience with some words of wisdom, "decide what to be and go be it."


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10 Shocking Statistics About WWE's Edge