10 Sexiest Female Physiques In Wrestling

For a long time, wrestling was a man’s sport – the testosterone, the rippling muscles, the aggression, the screaming and loud personalities. From ancient Greece to the 20th century, it was a man’s world, and women were merely eye candy in the form of valets or ring girls. However, about halfway through the 20th century, women started to step up and demand their own spot in the ring. They slipped on their own costumes, slipped under the ropes, and showed that women can be just as strong as men.

Female wrestlers are a lot more diverse when it comes to their physique than male wrestlers, in general. While genetics play a bit of a role, and some male wrestlers can naturally bulk up a bit more than others, they generally all go for the overall jacked look. However, female wrestlers range everywhere from short and curvy body types to tall and lean. The only common factor between female wrestlers is that they’re all in amazing shape – they have to be to do the kind of things they do in the ring.

The female wrestlers on this list all take their physique seriously. While some are retired and some are rookies coming into their own, they all spend or have spent thousands of hours in the gym building muscle, sculpting their bodies, maintaining their bodies and just generally training incredibly hard. What they’ve accomplished is incredible, and can serve as a great motivation to get in the gym and get fit. Whether you’re naturally willowy or stocky, bottom heavy or top heavy, there’s likely a female wrestler out there whose physique you can strive for.

We have selected our 10 favorite female physiques in wrestling based off of a list compiled by The Sportster, enjoy!


10 Beth Phoenix

In the world of fitness and athletics, the muscular body type is a lot more accepted for women than in the mainstream world. While many women are told not to lift too heavy lest they get bulky, former Diva Beth Phoenix proves that you don’t need to worry about looking like a man just because you have a few muscles. She’s unquestionably one of the more muscular Divas in the WWE’s history, but her physique is incredible and just proves she trains hard. While Phoenix is now a mom and likely has less time to spend in the gym, this former Glamazon certainly went down in WWE history for her body.

9 Stacy Keibler

Some Divas are known for their overall physique, but Stacy Keibler has gotten a lot of attention for one body part in particular – her legs. Keibler is nearly six feet tall, and a large majority of that is in her long, lean legs. Her height, slim build and overall toned physique easily allows her to capture a spot on nearly every list of best WWE bodies, and understandably so. After stepping out of the ring, she stepped straight into Hollywood in a variety of acting roles. Keibler proves that you don’t necessarily need to be busty with big biceps to have a great WWE physique.

8 Eva Marie

You probably know WWE Diva Eva Marie from her spot on the popular reality show Total Divas! She’s known for her signature color, red, which she favors both in her costumes and in her choice of flaming hair color. However, there’s another color she should be associated with – green. Green with envy, that is, which is what many women probably are when they take a look at her amazing physique. Eva Marie’s physique varies slightly based on how lean she is, with her muscles (her abs in particular) being more or less prominent in varying photoshoots. Even a curvier Eva Marie still looks like she trains hard for her body, and looking at any of her social media accounts will show you that she’s often found in the gym.

7 Maryse

If you’re not familiar with this French-Canadian wrestler, it might be because her career was short, successful and sweet. She earned her first title, the WWE Divas Championship, within six months of her debut, and continued to impress in the ring as she rose in the ranks. However, about five years into her wrestling career she decided to retire despite being in amazing shape and not sustaining any career-ending injuries. This blonde is now in Los Angeles, California, working as a realtor. One can’t help but wonder if she ever threatens to break out any of her old wrestling moves in order to convince someone to buy a house she’s selling. The HGTV show practically writes itself.

6 AJ Lee

Short girls everywhere, prepare to be inspired when you see recently retired Diva AJ Lee’s physique. Lee is only 5’2, but her amazing body proves that you don’t need to reach modelesque heights of 5’10 and above in order to have a perfectly proportioned body. Lee’s height and muscular build definitely makes her look thicker, but it’s 100% muscle and sexy curves. She clearly spends hours in the gym and only got more and more sculpted over her years in the WWE. At the rate she’s going, who knows what levels this former Diva will take her physique to next? She just continues to improve.

5 Michelle McCool


Blonde bombshell Michelle McCool’s wrestling days are behind her, but back in her prime, she made quite the splash in the WWE. She has two WWE Diva Championships, two WWE Women’s Championships and a Diva of the Year to her name. While her physique wasn’t incredibly muscular in her prime, she definitely had some definition in her abs and there wasn’t an inch of her that wasn’t toned and taut. She has the kind of physique that countless women train for, as she definitely did. McCool has left the ring and spends her time with her husband, fellow wrestler The Undertaker.

4 Torrie Wilson

Since she retired in 2008, many new wrestling fans might not know who Torrie Wilson is, but true fans definitely remember the blonde bombshell and her signature springboard elbow move. One might think that after retirement she let herself go a bit and got a softer physique, but take one look at the more recent photos on her social media accounts and prepare to be absolutely astounded. Wilson’s physique now is even more incredible than when she was in her prime – every inch of her is sculpted and super sexy. The WWE definitely needs to get her on the phone and either get her back in the ring or maybe get her to train a new generation of Divas – she’s obviously doing something right.


3 Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly – the blonde bombshell so hot they had to name her twice. Most people know Kelly by her repetitive double ring name, but she also went by the ring name of ‘Barbie’ for awhile – and it’s easy to see why. She’s blonde, tan, and her body is so perfect it very well could be sculpted out of plastic. It wasn’t though – it was sculpted in the gym, and is the result of a lot of hard work. Here’s betting that literally thousands of women have gone to their personal trainers with a picture of Kelly and a request to sculpt their own bodies after her legendary physique.

2 The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins – Nikki and Brie Bella – are different when it comes to their personalities, as anyone who watches them on reality television show Total Divas! will know. However, physique is dictated by a combination of genetics and hard work, and since they’re genetically so closely linked, their bodies respond in very similar ways to the hours they clock in at the gym. They’re definitely not supermodel slim – in addition to their defined abs, both girls have sculpted glutes that would stretch any pair of jeans to the limit. Getting the physique of a Bella Twin definitely takes a lot of dedication and sweat and these girls prove that muscles can be very, very sexy.

1 Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus is a retired professional wrestler, and one of the greatest Divas of all time, plain and simple. She’s won countless titles, including “Dive of the Decade” in 2003. As many of the great Divas did, Stratus got her start on the sidelines as a manager for other wrestlers, but she was soon stepping into the ring herself. Stratus’ physique is basically what countless women strive for – muscular in all the right places, curvy, and just drop dead gorgeous. It’s the kind of body that you know she spent hours and hours sculpting, and it proves that hard work and dedication pays off.



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