10 Reasons WWE Should Sign Ronda Rousey

She is a woman who, thanks to the glory of the Internet and GIFs, becomes an even larger sensation with every opponent that she taps out. Ultimate Fighting Championship Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey is the most unique figure in all of the sports world, the owner of a real-life gimmick that makes for must-see television whenever she is featured at a UFC event. Rousey glares with a stare that is unlike anyone else's as she rushes her way toward the cage, and she then locks in her armbar finisher each and every time regardless of the fact that everybody inside of the arena, including her opponents, know that it is coming.

Rousey has everything necessary to be a superstar at more than just the sports level. She is the best in the world in her line of work. Rousey has the looks that our superficial society craves when searching for the next big thing to be utilized by marketing brands and in national advertising campaigns. At 28 years old, Rousey has already gone through the UFC women's division. She has no equals and no peers. A champion by any definition of the word, Rousey winning UFC encounters that can generously be called “fights” is as routine as is the sun rising in the east.

Rousey could realistically be looking for the next step of her professional career, and that is where World Wrestling Entertainment comes into play. WWE is always on the lookout for talented performers, and Rousey would be a acquisition different from any other potential performer the organization is currently scouting. The truth of the matter is that WWE needs Rousey more than she needs the company, and the two could link up for a partnership that would, even if it lasted only a couple of years, benefit both parties.

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10 Name Value

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I am admittedly not a weekly viewer of the WWE product this day, but I am aware that Brock Lesnar is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I would be taking a stab-in-the-dark guess for my answer if asked to name the woman who currently holds the Divas Championship. Rousey would be an immediate standout amongst a cookie-cutter cast of female characters, and she would bring much-needed attention and eyes to Divas matches and promos that are, for some viewers, times for bathroom breaks or for flipping the station to another channel.

9 Change is Needed

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WWE has talented female wrestlers, no question about it, but the era of the company hoping that a model will turn into the next Trish Stratus is one that went away long ago. Sable isn't coming through the door anytime soon. That was a different time and a much different WWE product. Signing Rousey would signal an immediate change in the conversation on what WWE looks for from female performers, and it could potentially also open doors for athletes who, in the past, may have been overlooked by the company. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Rousey has another thing going for her.

8 The Look

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Face it. Those running WWE want to feature attractive women on television programs. Sex sells, after all. Rousey's good looks have not gone unnoticed over the years. She has been showcased on the cover of Maxim magazine, and she appeared in the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Rousey is the total package as it pertains to what WWE looks for when seeking to-be Divas, a phenomenal athlete who also has the personality and looks that would make her ideal for photo shoots and for television segments that do not involve her submitting opponents.

7 Promos

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Rousey would not require a manager and a mouthpiece as does Brock Lesnar. She is perfectly capable of cutting her own promos, and she is more than happy to speak her mind whenever the occasion calls for it. When she isn't talking about a woman who is on the verge of becoming her next victim, Rousey is calling out the ladies who carry cards of round numbers at UFC shows. Rousey would be the best female performer on the microphone the second that she was signed by WWE, and she would require zero training at her craft before her first televised promo.

6 She Likes Wrestling

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Rousey does not hide the fact that she is a big wrestling fan. She has attended independent shows over the years, and Rousey has, in interviews and via social media, made it known that he is rather fond of former WWE wrestler and current UFC talent CM Punk. Rousey would not, were she to be signed by the company, disrespect the business or those who work in it. Odds are that she would have a lot of fun on the microphone and inside of the ring so long as she was not mistreated or turned into just any other Diva by the WWE.

5 Movies

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WWE wants the company's Superstars and Divas to be worthy of being featured in Hollywood films, and Rousey wants to perform in major motion pictures when she is not training for a fight. It is a match made in heaven for the two. Rousey already has several appearances in movies notched on her resume, and she is, as of the posting of this piece, getting ready to act in yet another movie following her dominant victory over Cat Zingano. Just keep her out of scripts such as Jingle All The Way 2, WWE, and Rousey could make your movies worth watching.

4 Total Divas

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The Total Divas television program is, for those of us who have no interest in following a show advertised to be “reality TV,” unwatchable. That would all change, however, for that one episode that included Rousey getting into the faces of Divas who, in real life, could do nothing to keep the rowdy one from taking them out in an instant. Sure, the whole thing would have to be scripted out to make it work for those members of the viewing audience who are not WWE diehards, but Rousey on Total Divas would still be must-see TV so long as she was used sparingly.

3 Exposure

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Rousey has proven over the years that she “gets it” as it pertains to expanding her own brand. She takes part in photo shoots, and she will do interviews and SportsCenter segments that get her face and her name out to the masses. The current WWE Divas Champion, whoever that may be as you are reading this sentence, likely is not earning herself invites to late night talk shows because of her work with the company. Rousey would be one of the top overall stars in the company even before her first match, and she would do plenty of work to promote herself and the company leading up to her appearances at pay-per-view events.

2 The Brock Lesnar Effect

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Being a fan of pro wrestling means having to suspend your disbelief when watching matches. That said, viewers love to watch a legitimate proven fighter such as Brock Lesnar pretend to beat the life out of opponents and do so aggressively. UFC has, intentionally or not, already shown how WWE would properly book Rousey: Have her speed down to the ring with a death-glare on her face for matches, and then have an opponent be taken out by an armbar in only a few minutes, if that, of in-ring action. Wash, rinse, repeat. It works for UFC every time that Rousey fights, and there is no reason to believe that it would not work for WWE or for any other wrestling promotion.

1 “It”

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Go to a bar that is showing the UFC card the next time that Rousey is set to fight. Non-fans who join up with friends to eat, drink and socialize on a Saturday night but who don't really care about MMA will, the second that Rousey makes her way from behind the curtain, take notice and realize that they are about to see something cool and unlike anything else that has happened during the show. Not since Lesnar has a UFC fighter attracted such attention from casual observers. No woman in WWE has the so-called “It Factor” that Rousey does, a talent who is as good of a performer as she is an unbeatable champion.

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