10 Real Life Wrestler Relationships That Failed Miserably

Talk about a tough week for new emerging wrestling superstar, Seth Rollins. One thing that is often under looked by the public is how superstars need to be professional on, as well off, the screen. Fo

Talk about a tough week for new emerging wrestling superstar, Seth Rollins. One thing that is often under looked by the public is how superstars need to be professional on, as well off, the screen. For Seth, this was not the case, as his fiance Leighla Schultz, leaked naked photos of Seth on her Twitter account. As if this wasn't bad enough already, Rollins’ Instagram account was also hacked, posting a nude photo of NXT divas' Zahara Schreiber. Despite Seth being involved in such a tough situation, this is not the first time something like this happens, nor will it be the last time. A failed relationship in the WWE is apparently not something that is uncommon.

Here are 10 examples of other failed relationships that took place with WWE talent, it truly isn't Valentine’s Day without a couple of heartbreaking breakups, enjoy.

10 Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly Page

Going way back in time, in 1991, DDP married his former wife Kimberly Bacon, known to wrestling fans as Kimberly Page. She was one of the “Nitro Girls”. In July of 2004, after almost 13 years of being together, the two parted ways and ended things in “amicable” fashion, according to sources. Kimberly was a big factor in helping DDP find his new passion outside of wrestling, when she helped him discover his passion for yoga. After enduring some nagging injuries in 1998, Kimberly introduced DDP to yoga, something that would change his life, not only physically, but also help Page change other people’s lives in the process. Diamond Dallas Page is forever grateful for all the contributions his ex-wife made in his life during their time spent together.

9 Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson

After dating for four years, former WCW stars, Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson decided to get married on July 11th, 2003. Unfortunately just 3 years later, the couple would run into some problems and separate in 2006. Their divorce was finally finalized 2 years later, in 2008. Torrie would post on her Myspace page on how she was going through a difficult time and appreciated everyone’s support, she would later delete the comments off her page the following day. Torrie still remains quiet on what exactly caused the divorce, but ultimately thanks Billy for his role in not making her give up as a female wrestler. When times got rough, Wilson credits Kidman for being there for her. Kidman also didn't really discuss much of the situation either, but says that Torrie’s constant schedule on the road made things very difficult for the two.

8 Dustin Rhodes and Terri Runnels

7 Marc Mero and Sable

6 Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth

5 The Undertaker and Sara Frank

4 The Rock and Dany Garcia

3 Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra Marshall

2 Matt Hardy and Lita

1 Triple H and Chyna

Chyna has, and probably always will, blame Triple H for destroying her personal life, as well as destroying her career. Chyna is often asked about the situation that changed her life. It started out with speculation that Hunter was cheating on her with Stephanie McMahon, despite asking Hunter several times if it was true, Hunter would never admit to it. Chyna would later go on to do some “snooping” around, while doing so, she found a love letter from Stephanie to Triple H, that was dated a year ago (you can’t make this stuff up). Chyna would proceed to contact Vince McMahon and tell him about the situation, to which Vince responded, “well I guess the jig is up”. Although devastated, Chyna would show up to work on Monday, only to have Vince tell her to go home and that they would work on a new contract. Shortly after arriving home, she received a fax indicating they did not need her anymore. Chyna blames her professional and personal fall apart on Triple H. You can read more on her story in her tell all book, If They Only Knew. Today, Hunter his happily married to Stephanie McMahon. The two got married October 23, 2003. The couple had 3 children, all girls, Aurora Rose Levesque (born in 2006), Murphy Claire Levesque (born in 2008) and Vaughn Evelyn Levesque (born in 2010).

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10 Real Life Wrestler Relationships That Failed Miserably