10 Real Life Stories Of Wrestlers Hating On Hulk Hogan

In the famed wrestling world, when you make a name for yourself, you become a big deal; but as we all know, with success comes bitterness. The same goes for all the big superstars in the business, and Hulk Hogan is no exception. Despite being loved by millions of fans all over the world, and revolutionizing the wrestling business, Hogan has received a ton of heat over the years; most notably by some of his former colleagues for the way he is behind the scenes when the cameras aren't rolling. Just a couple of weeks ago, Scott Steiner met with Hogan’s new wife Jennifer, and let’s just say things didn't go so smoothly. Steiner apparently threatened to kill her husband. Hogan’s wife, not knowing who Scott was, called the police, and because of this incident, Steiner was banned from the Hall of Fame. I’ll have more on this situation later in the article, along with many other issues regarding Hogan; problems ranging from criticizing Hulk for being a snitch, to being selfish and criticizing him for being a liar. Whatever the case may have been, this article will take a look at 10 wrestlers that have hated on Hulk Hogan in the past, and why they have hated on one of the most iconic wrestling figures of all time. Enjoy!


10 Jesse Ventura

During the 80’s, Ventura worried about the state of wrestling, and believed that there was a lack of financial support amongst wrestlers. Ventura’s solution to this problem was to start a wrestler's union. When Vince found out about Jesse’s plans, he was none too pleased (as you might expect). McMahon met with Ventura and threatened to release him from his contract. Ventura was very upset that Vince had found out about this, and he was even more upset that someone had told Vince about his idea. Years later, McMahon and Ventura went to court, where it was discovered that Hulk Hogan was the one that told McMahon about Ventura’s plans to form a union. Hogan claims that Ventura is “full of sh**” and that the story was extremely exaggerated. Since that very moment, it is said that the two have not spoken.

9 The Honky Tonk Man

Honky Tonk Man was very upset on how Hogan handled him when he got to WCW. Honky Tonk claimed he only went to WCW for Hogan and not for anyone else. Honky Tonk didn't like where his character was going and approached Hogan for help; where Hogan said there was nothing he could do to help him. Honky Tonk was very upset at Hogan’s response and felt like Hogan could have helped extend his guaranteed contract by talking to Bischoff. Honky Tonk felt betrayed by Hogan and called him a selfish individual, to put it in better terms.

8 Scott Steiner

The bad blood between these two stems all the way back to their WCW days. Steiner blames Hogan for all the confusion that went on in WCW, specifically when the broadcast was about to begin and no one knew what was going on. Scott blames Hogan because he claims the show ran around Hogan’s schedule and what Hulk was okay with. Steiner even claims the exact same thing went on when Hogan was in TNA. The situation got even worse between the two recently. During this year's Hall of Fame ceremony, Steiner was banned from the event after Scott and Hulk Hogan’s wife Jennifer, reportedly had an “ugly incident” on an airplane. We're not exactly certain what happened, but one thing’s for sure judging by past situations, Steiner’s never afraid to speak his mind.

Steiner also added, it’s not his fault Hogan’s scared of him. Classic Steiner.

7 Doink The Clown

The late Doink the Clown made it pretty clear in 2012 that he isn't a fan of Hulk Hogan. The heat between the two began when Hogan refused to wrestle Doink at WrestleMania IX. Doink later furthered his hate for Hulk on a personal level, claiming Hogan has an arrogance to him and is also completely fake. Doink recalls a particular situation where Hogan was trying to cover up an affair Macho Man’s wife previously had, and claims that the situation really showed who Hulk truly was. Doink also claims that Randy and Hogan had never made up before Savage passed away, and that it was all untrue that the two were on good terms.

6 Iron Sheik

Iron Sheik was never shy when speaking about people he disliked, and often times the Sheik has gone way overboard. The wrestling superstar went on Howard Stern to discuss his dislike for Hogan. Sheik claims Hogan said he would give him a rematch and promised him a lot of things after he dropped the title to him in 1984. Sheik claims he never got any of these things and that Hogan is “two faced”. Sheik was also so angry about the situation that he claimed he would sleep with Hulk’s wife Linda, Hulk’s daughter, Hulk’s son and Hulk himself. You can’t make this stuff up. Although, Sheik apologized for those comments on Howard Stern and said that he doesn't really hate Hulk that much. Certainly never a dull moment when the Sheik speaks.

5 Shawn Michaels

Once again another situation where Hogan refused to live up to his promises; Michaels was extremely upset when he found out Hogan would not continue the feud following his SummerSlam victory; a feud that was scheduled to go on for three matches. Michaels was none too pleased that he would never get the chance to go over on Hogan, and with this in mind, Michaels decided to over sell every move Hogan did during their encounter at SummerSlam. The following night on RAW, Shawn took another jab at Hogan, praising him sarcastically for his wrestling prowess and on how he could not keep up with Hogan’s tremendous in-ring abilities. A bitter ending to such a potentially high profile match-up.

4 Bret Hart

When it comes to speaking the truth, Bret is never afraid to tell it like it is no matter who you are, even if you’re Hulk Hogan. During Hogan’s TNA days, Bret was critical of Hogan and said that he was going nowhere fast. Bret claims Hogan had absolutely nothing to offer the younger talents coming up in wrestling today. Even before these comments were made though, the feud between the two had already begun, back in 1993 when Hogan refused to pass the torch to Bret in a match scheduled for SummerSlam. Instead, Hogan dropped the belt to Yokozuna before SummerSlam came along. The two share very different opinions about the situation; Bret blames it on Hogan’s ego, while Hogan claims it came down to McMahon feeling that Bret was not ready to be the number one guy just yet.


3 Ric Flair

This is another situation which saw two massive egos collide. It was scheduled to be one of the biggest main events WrestleMania had ever seen; Flair versus Hogan. Unfortunately, this match scheduled for WrestleMania VIII never went down. The plug was pulled after the two wrestlers were unable to agree on an ending to the match. The pair would later continue their disagreements over in WCW. Flair was very unhappy with the booking decisions at time and felt like Hogan had a lot to do with it. Despite the heat between the two hall of famers though, they are said to be on good terms today.

2 Ultimate Warrior

Thankfully before the Warrior passed, the two were able to put their differences aside. The feud between Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior became very heated in 2011, when Warrior videotaped a shoot interview that went public. During this interview, Warrior bashed Hogan for getting sick pleasures out of exposing other people's dirty laundry. In the 52 minute shoot, Warrior called Hogan a “selfish fraud”. Warrior also claimed that Hogan was a massive drug addict. Like many other wrestlers, Warrior believed that Hogan never wanted anyone to steal his spotlight and would ensure that no one would progress to becoming better than him. Hogan responded to the video by saying that the Warrior was a great friend and was confused as to why the Warrior became so bitter. Warrior's shoot video generated almost a million views on YouTube.

1 Macho Man Randy Savage

The falling out between the late Macho Man and Hulk Hogan began with a situation involving Miss Elizabeth. Elizabeth joined Hogan and his wife in Miami, while Hogan was shooting a movie. While in Miami, Miss Elizabeth reportedly had an affair with another man behind Randy Savage’s back. Savage blamed the entire situation on Hogan for not telling him the truth, and he also blames Hulk for ruining his family. Macho Man was also angered at the fact that Hogan would never speak to him face to face and would always hide behind something. Macho Man actually challenged Hogan to several fights, claiming he would give all the money they made in their real fight to charity. Macho Man went even further and made a rap song in 2003 called “Be a Man”. This song expressed Randy’s hate for Hogan.

Many fans were very displeased to find out that Hogan was inducting the Macho Man into the Hall of Fame this year. The feeling was that the two had never really made up.



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