10 Rare WWE Products You Never Knew Existed

As one of the most popular entertainment shows currently seen on TV, WWE has, as you may have guessed, come out with a quite a lot of merchandise. There are many different items in the WWE merchandise world, ranging from comic books to action figures, but they always seem to have the right item for the right person.

But by way and large, the most popular merchandise products that WWE sells are T-shirts. This is all due to the brilliant marketing strategy of merchandise, led by CEO Vince McMahon. Another almost equally common product is action figures, which are usually in very high demand. If you are a diehard fan of WWE, then you have to have the action figurines of your favorite professional wrestlers. But then again, you’ll also find out that there are a few action figures that you never would have guessed were even produced in the first place. While some of these items are known as collector’s items, others are simply considered to be a waste of art.

That said, we’ll be looking at a number of T-shirts, action figures, as well as a few other merchandise items. But they all have one thing in common: most WWE fans didn't even know that these items existed.

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10 Edge Rise Above

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Edge has been noted for having quite a few fan favorite T-shirts throughout his career, many of which have cool decisions and stories of the most notable times in his career. But none of his T-shirts are as rare, or as unique, as the Edge Rise Above T-shirt. Although this shirt is similar to his other shirts, considering it still has the Rated R logo on the back that is a trademark of all his shirts, this one depicts the words “Rise Above” on the arm and a hand that holds a heart.

9 Kurrgan

via wrestling.insidepulse.com

The Kurrgan action figure is one of those WWE figurines that not even very many fans know about (which means it’s a very rare figurine). This action figure of the Kurrgan was released in 1999. But things sent this action figure out of the public feature, when the Kurrgan started wearing different outfits following the release of the action figure, already making the figure outdated. Not only that, but the Kurrgan’s name was spelt incorrectly too. Therefore, it’s not hard to see why this WWE action figure never exactly caught on, but it’s a rare action figure today, that could be worth something.

8 Eddie Guerrero’s Latino Heat


Some may wonder whether this shirt depicts Eddie Guerrero or Al Pacino, since the T-shirt is clearly based of the 1983 gangster film, Scarface, that starred Pacino in the title role. Besides, there’s very little that is similar between Guerrero and the Scarface character. Nonetheless, you could also argue that Guerrero had everything in the world of professional wrestling that Pacino had in the film Scarface; they both highly entertained audiences by cheating and smiling while they were at it. Nonetheless, this T-shirt never caught on, and it has largely faded from WWE fan memory.

7 David Otunga Mug

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At first glance, this is just an ordinary black coffee mug. But when heated up with coffee inside of it, the mug turns white all around, and reveals a photo of David Otunga on the front and the logo for WWE on the back. Once you drink all of the coffee or the coffee inside the cup cools down, the mug turns back to black. This is easily one of the most unique WWE products of all time, but for some reason, it too has faded from WWE fan memory.  But these mugs can still be found sometimes on Ebay, so if you and your WWE buddies get together for a cup of coffee, you know what mug to bring.

6 Michael Cole Greeting Card

via wwenews.net

Most grocery stores have an entire aisle, if not two or three, dedicated to cards. Many of those are greeting cards, in addition to the birthday, Christmas and anniversary cards as well. But if you’re a WWE fan and plan on sending a greeting card to someone (especially someone who’s a WWE fan), see if you can find the Michael Cole greeting card. You probably won’t find one on the shelves of any store, but do a quick search online and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

5 Brahma Bull

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The Brahma Bull T-shirt depicting Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson never gained much traction. Many people thought it looked too cheesy for a man who had become an American icon in and of himself. Nonetheless, the design of the T-shirt is truly unique. The T-shirt was then redesigned to take the Rock, the WWE logo and all other graphics off of the shirt and instead, just keep the face of a bull with the American flag on it, but the new redesigned shirt still never gained any traction among fans.

4 Red Hand

via prowrestling.wikia.com

3 Hornswoggle Finger Ring

via prowrestling.wikia.com

You may have never thought that there was a Hornswoggle finger ring, but there sure is.  Made out of brass metal and being adjustable to fit any finger it needs to, the Hornswoggle finger ring will arrive packaged in a black jewelry box with a logo for WWE printed inside of the box.

2 I Broke Wahoo’s Leg


WWE superstar wrestler, Wahoo McDaniel gained favor with the crowds, when in 1997; he competed against Greg Valentine in North Carolina. But unfortunately, Valentine not only went off script, but stepped way out of bounds when he picked up Wahoo and snapped his shin in front of the crowd, who all gasped in horror. But while McDaniel gained favor, Greg Valentine only gained notoriety. Many believe that the story ends there, but in reality, Valentine had a shirt designed that said “I Broke Wahoo’s Leg.” There were no other images, logos, or graphics on the shirt at all. But because the crowds all favored Wahoo over Valentine as a result of the accident, the T-shirt never sold well. And beyond that, very few even know it existed as a merchandise product.

1 8-bit

via forum.wrestlingfigs.com

John Cena’s T-shirts are unique, since they largely change in colors and graphics with each new release. But one very special shirt of his never caught on with fans, despite being perhaps, his only shirt that stood out: the graphics of the shirt depicted Cena as if he were in a 1980s video game. The shirt became known as the 8-bit, but it’s perhaps the only piece of John Cena merchandise that has largely gone unnoticed. However, the 8-bit also came in the form of an action figure of Cena too.

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