10 Outrageous WWE Diva Wardrobe Malfunctions

Over the years, WWE has learned that scantily clad women and live TV don’t always mix, that is to say, with so much physicality, mistakes are more likely to happen in this line of business. Although,

Over the years, WWE has learned that scantily clad women and live TV don’t always mix, that is to say, with so much physicality, mistakes are more likely to happen in this line of business. Although, there have been times, when the WWE has really asked for it. Once, they put on a “Live Sex Celebration” segment, where both Edge and Lita were hidden under a pile of sheets, so there was no need to actually have Lita without her clothes, right? Wrong, for whatever reason she took off most of what she had on, and of course, the camera caught something they shouldn’t have, on live TV.

Since those days, WWE has moved away from adult themes to a more PG environment, and have also put their wrestlers into proper wrestling attire. Because of these changes, you would think the frequency of wardrobe malfunctions would thus drop, well, that’s not quite the case either.

Even dressed in appropriate ring gear – and with the help of High Definition TV and DVRs – there still has been plenty of “oops” moments over the past couple of years, including one that was actually scripted for another show. So, whether it was poor outfit choices, aggressive movements, scripted behavior, or just a freak accident, here are the ten moments where the cloth did not cooperate.

10 Stephanie McMahon


It’s always best for business to start from the top-down, so why not begin with Stephanie McMahon? Speaking of top down, the boss’s daughter found herself in a very precarious position on Raw, when her own real-life husband, Triple H, had her locked into a pedigree on an announcer table.

9 Jackie Gayda


Jackie was the winner of Tough Enough (Season 2) and worked for the WWE from 2002 until 2005, most of which was uninspiring as pro wrestling never exactly clicked with her. Early in her career, she was paired with Trish Stratus in a match, and put on one of the worst matches you’ll ever see in WWE.

8 Rosa Mendes


It’s amazing that Rosa still has a job with the WWE; she can’t wrestle, has marginal managerial skills, and can’t cut promos. So to give her something to do, the WWE put her on Total Divas, in which she basically flirted with everyone, and ended up being a part of a scripted malfunction.

7 Cameron


At WrestleMania XXX, AJ Lee was forced to defend her title in a “Vickie Guerrero Diva Invitational” match, where she had to go against 13 other women. It was a one-fall match where everyone was in the ring at the same time, so needless to say, it was a little chaotic.

6 Kaitlyn


During AJ Lee’s championship run, she spent much of her time feuding with Kaitlyn, who also came up with her during their days in NXT. The two had a good rapport, with Kaitlyn being one of the women’s division bigger competitors and AJ being on the more petite side; it was a nice contrast of skills.

During one of their encounters on Raw, they came to blows where Kaitlyn went nuts on AJ landing multiple blows, while both rolled around on the mat. When AJ retreated – with the help of Big E – she ended up grabbing and dragging Kaitlyn against the mat. When Kaitlyn popped upright from the brawl, so did her chest, which she quickly fixed.

5 AJ Lee

A wardrobe malfunction doesn’t always mean complete exposure, but rather just a mistake with a performer’s attire, which was the case here with AJ, during an episode of SmackDown. As she finished up a match against Natalya, her half-shirt rolled up revealing her black bra to the whole crowd.

4 Lita


In 2006, Edge cashed-in his Money in the Bank contract at New Year’s Revolution against John Cena, quickly defeating him, and winning his first ever world title. Shortly after his win, Edge announced that he and Lita would have a “Live Sex Celebration” on Raw to, well, celebrate.

3 Aksana


Working for the WWE from 2009 until 2014, Aksana spent much of her time as a manager, but also worked in the ring from time to time. If you haven’t seen her work, count yourself lucky, as she was never very good inside the squared circle.

2 Brie Bella


During a painful segment of Miz TV, The Miz along with the cast of Total Divas came out to the ring to help promote the show on Raw. All of the ladies were sitting in chairs, while Miz finished up the segment with his “Awesome!” catchphrase.

As the cameras went to pan the ladies clapping, for whatever reason Brie’s boob was completely out of her dress! Nothing physical happened, so she was completely oblivious of the faux pas, and just clapped away as the camera eventually moved on.

1 Nikki Bella


Not to be outdone by her sister, during Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon’s 2014 feud, Steph had a group of women (Cameron, Eva Marie, Alicia Fox, and Rosa Mendes) jump Nikki, and give her a good ole fashion beat-down. As they rolled Nikki out of the ring, she landed on the floor, on her side, her top must have loosen some because the camera ended up catching a slip, without cutting away or any censoring.

Nikki was selling her injuries, so pretty sure she also was oblivious to what happened with her top, “Fearless”, indeed. Although, she’s referring to something completely unrelated, it’s kind of funny that Stephanie said to her; “Nikki, I’m so sorry, I mean, that’s Brie’s fault”.

So, even when all the proper precautions are taken, anything can happen when a show is live, even to the men, but that’s a story, for another time.



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10 Outrageous WWE Diva Wardrobe Malfunctions