10 of WWE's Strangest Kisses of All Time

There have been countless odd moments in WWE’s history thanks to storylines that can just get downright weird. The romance may be lacking in some storylines, but it makes great television when their kisses are awkward, disgusting, or just come out of nowhere. It makes one wonder what these pro wrestlers are thinking when they have to kiss someone with worms in their mouth or a cheating spouse.

These bizarre situations are what draws in viewers and encourages the performers to continue to push the envelope when it comes to the awkward, bizarre, and embarrassing. While WWE has had its fair share of romantic storylines and passionate kisses, it is also filled with weird smooches that make us grateful that we’re watching safely from inside our homes. We may enjoy kissing with passion, but that doesn’t mean to say we don’t take a bit of pleasure in watching it go from bad to worse.

Once in awhile, WWE will get lucky and pair stars that seem to have genuine chemistry. Plenty of other times, stars that end up locking lips can take the situation from normal to weird in seconds. Luckily for us, the camera catches these hilarious (or awful, depending on how you want to look at it) moments for us to enjoy.

10 El Torito and Renee Young’s Victory Kiss

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After defeating Hornswoggle in a WeeLC match, El Torito (also known as Mascaraita Dorada) was ecstatic about his victory and was carried out to his post-show interview on the shoulders of his matadors. As the matadors raved about the match, Torito jumped back onto their shoulders and was given a random kiss by interviewer Renee Young. Torito seemed just as surprised as anyone and leaned forward again, patting his cheek for another while seeming to say, “one more.” Young giggled and gave him (and the crowd) what he wanted. The smooch on his cheek caused the bull to fall backwards while his two matadors tried to rouse him. It was clear that no one really knew what was going on.

9 AJ Lee Smooching Paige’s Hand

AJ has had a long feud with Paige over the WWE Divas Championship, but AJ tried to play nice when Paige defeated Natalya in the ring. At first, it wasn’t clear what AJ was up to when she came skipping out and went to help Paige up after being knocked down one last time before Natalya stalked off. The distrust was written all over Paige’s face as AJ gave her a warm hug, but the look on her face was almost comical when AJ took Paige’s hand and gave it a smooch. The audience clearly wanted a kiss on the lips but Paige didn’t seem pleased with even a small kiss on the hand. AJ skipped away just as she came in, making the incident seem almost as though it didn’t actually happen. As if it wasn't awkward enough that fans would relentlessly chant "CM Punk" every time AJ came out.

8 Big Show and Vickie Guerrero

Their passion just couldn’t be contained. John Cena revealed Big Show and Vickie Guerrero’s secret affair that he caught on a security camera and the gasps from the crowd were audible. Her then-husband, Edge, was obviously not pleased with this debacle, but what makes it especially weird was Vickie talking about her “animalistic urges” and then slapping Big Show’s butt as he leaves. The storyline seemed to surprise many WWE fans that booed the duo’s secret affair. This all worked out in John Cena’s favor and he would go on to win the World Heavyweight title against Guerrero who was probably too distracted about that disturbing affair.

7 Beth Phoenix and The Great Khali

In 2010, WWE viewers got more than they bargained for when Beth Phoenix and the Great Khali faced off in the Royal Rumble Match. Fans watched as The Great Khali and Beth Phoenix stared each other down before The Great Khali picked her up and placed her just outside the ring, with only rope separating them. Phoenix didn’t have many options and cleverly grabbed The Great Khali’s neck, bringing him in for a passionate kiss before pulling him out of the ring and effectively eliminating him. Phoenix was only the second woman to ever be in the Royal Rumble and she clearly wasn’t going to waste it.

6 Torrie and Vince’s Bathroom Smooch

A few things made the kiss between Vince McMahon and Torrie Wilson pretty weird. It might have been the fact that Torrie was obviously not feeling the kiss because Vince was wearing too much cologne (and being a jerk prior to the kiss). There’s also the fact that Torrie was practically naked before they even started. What makes this especially weird, however, was the kiss being interrupted by the flush of a toilet. A mentally disabled man holding a mop appeared out of the restroom and just ended up staring at them awkwardly. He looked at Vince and says, “You’re welcome” before Vince stalked off with Torrie. Maybe the janitor really thought he was doing Vince a favor by not letting him get it on in a bathroom.

5 WWE NXT Girl’s Kissing Contest

One of the weirdest smooches had to be on WWE NXT, when the Rookie Divas took part in a kissing contest. The little person known as Hornswoggle came out wearing a leprechaun shirt and proceeded to try and kiss each of the girls in order to determine who was the best kisser. Romantic music began playing and Hornswoggle effectively tricked the crowd into thinking he was going for a small peck when he actually grabbed the first girl and attempted to shove his tongue down her throat. The next girl in line to be kissed (Maxine) promptly booted him off the stage.

4 WWE NXT Guy’s Kissing Contest

While the women were being made to kiss Hornswoggle, the men of WWE NXT had to kiss a heavy-set woman who seemed to be having a great time being the center of attention. While the other men gave predictable smooches, NXT rookie Michael McGillicutty took it one step further by grabbing the woman and licking her face all over. It isn’t clear whether she enjoyed it or not, but the crowd loved it and McGillicutty made his feelings about it known when he leaned over the ring and made vomiting motions. While McGillicutty didn’t win the competition, he definitely made the moment interesting for the WWE audience.

3 AJ and Primo Catch Maxine Kissing Hornswoggle

As AJ and Primo were walking hand in hand, they made their way over to a restroom and pushed open the door to find Maxine and Hornswoggle deep in a passionate kiss. Maxine immediately tried to deny the kiss and claimed that it was CPR and that she was “just trying to save him.” If she was only trying to save him, then she may want to rethink her technique. This kiss is even stranger considering that it was Maxine who booted Hornswoggle off the stage during the NXT Kissing Contest. For someone supposedly disgusted in Hornswoggle, she looked like she was pretty invested in that smooch.

2 Snoop Dogg Kissing Maria

1 Boogeyman Eating Worms and Then Kissing Sharmell

This kiss made fans scream in horror when the Boogeyman grabbed a fistful of live worms and stuffed them in his mouth. As commentators noted how disgusting that was, Sharmell came up from behind, attempting to subdue the Boogeyman. Unfortunately, he saw her coming and stared her down. The crowd wasn’t quite sure what he planned on doing with her until he suddenly grabbed her and with worms still in his mouth, planted a big wet one on her. Sharmell ran off screaming, as anyone who has just received a worm-filled kiss would do, while the Boogeyman could be seen with a hint of a smile on his face.

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