10 of the Weirdest Moments of Kane's WWE Career

Glenn Jacobs wrestles in the WWE under the name Kane. However, Kane was not the name that Jacobs first had when he entered the WWE way back in 1995. Jacobs debuted as Isaac Yankem, who was supposedly the personal dentist of Jerry “The King” Lawler. Lawler claimed that he brought his dentist into the WWE to get rid of Bret “The Hitman” Hart, and with his huge size, Yankem was the man to do it.

The storyline did not last long, and after some time, Jacobs was asked to help the WWE make fun of the fact that two of their most popular wrestlers had defected and gone to the WCW. Who were these super stars? Kevin Nash, who was also known as Diesel, and Scott Hall, who went by Razor Ramon. Jacobs was asked to impersonate Diesel, and with his size, he was a close imitation with the black leather pants, tank top, and dark wig.

In 1997, Jacobs was given yet another character to play, and this would be the one that he would stick to, excel in, and still uses to this day - the character of Kane. Over the past 20 years, Kane has had storylines that were more than a little embarrassing, and here is a list of those less-than-dignified moments.

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10 The Time Chris Jericho Spilled Coffee On Him

Who knew that a cup of coffee could turn it into all-out war? When Chris Jericho was new to the WWE, he accidentally spilled coffee all over Kane. However, the way that Jericho spilled it did look rather deliberate because he basically threw it all over the front of Kane’s chest. What a way to start a major feud between the two...This had to be one of the laziest excuses of story telling wrestling has ever seen.

9 The Time He Supposedly Had Sex With A Dead Body

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Back in 2002, a storyline hit the WWE involving Kane, and his dead high school sweetheart, a woman named Katie Vick. The storyline goes that Kane and Katie were in a car when an intoxicated Kane got into an accident that killed his girlfriend. Triple H decided to give Kane a hard time, and he revealed that Vick's autopsy showed traces of Kane’s DNA on the body. Not only did Triple H claim that Kane had violated the body of his dead girlfriend, but he acted it out while dressed as Kane, and had sex with a mannequin that had been placed inside a coffin. This was not one of the more tasteful storylines the WWE ever came up with...

8 The Time He Took Off His Mask

Back in 2003, Kane was in the middle of a feud between Steven Austin and Eric Bischoff. Both Austin and Bischoff were general managers of Raw, and set up a match between Kane and Triple H. However, Austin and Bischoff added the stipulation that if Kane lost, it was time for him to finally take off the mask. Now, ever since Kane premiered in 1995, it had been claimed that he had been horribly burned, which was why he wore a mask in the first place. The match did not go over well, and Kane lost.  Triple H and a few buddies jumped him and Rob Van Dam came to the rescue, but Kane finally did take his mask off. The audience reacted to his face, which looked like it was covered with black soot. The weirdest part in all this? Once the mask came off WWE swept the "facial disfigurement" story under the rug and pretended like it never happened.

7 The Time Lita Miscarried Kane’s Baby

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Oh boy. In 2004, the WWE creative team decided that Kane needed more romance in his life. Who was the lady that Kane was interested in? The WWE Diva Lita, who was part of the Hardy Boys stable and was supposedly going out with Matt Hardy. Every time Lita was around, Kane would be watching her. Eventually, Lita revealed that she was pregnant, and naturally, everyone assumed it was with the Hardy she was dating. The baby turned out to be Kane’s, but he accidentally fell on Lita, which supposedly caused her to miscarry. Nice.

6 The Time Paul Bearer Was Revealed To Be Kane’s Father

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When Kane first came into the WWE, he was billed as The Undertaker’s brother. Kane was assumed to have died in a fire, and that’s what started a feud between him and The Undertaker. Years later, the issue of who was Kane’s father began to surface. Kane and Undertaker were initially full brothers, but then there was a sudden question as to whether the two men were even related at all. Eventually, it all came down to a DNA test, and in the end it turned out that Paul Bearer was Kane’s biological father. Bearer revealed that he and Kane’s mother had an affair, and she became pregnant. Yeah, Kane was the product of an affair. Someone get Jerry Springer on the line.

5 The Time He Burned His Parents’ Graves

As mentioned previously, Kane and The Undertake were eventually revealed to be only half-brothers, due to the fact that Paul Bearer was Kane's actual father. However, The Undertaker assumed his brother was dead because as a kid, he himself burned down the funeral home where the family lived. The two parents were killed in the fire, and The Undertaker quite naturally assumed his brother was dead too. When Kane returned, the guilt about what he had done haunted Undertaker. Kane wanted revenge, and decided to punish his big brother by destroying the graves of his parents.

4 The Time Gene Snitsky Attacked Him With A Pipe

Kane and Gene Snitsky started feuding because Snitsky caused Lita's miscarriage. During the midst of their feud, Snitsky attacked Kane with a pipe, and even hit him right in the throat. Kane had just supposedly lost his baby, and was out for blood, but now having to suffer the indignity of being attacked by this man with a pipe had to do more than just bruise his ego. Eventually the feud came to an end when the now healed Kane returned to defeat Snitsky, and both Kane and Lita got their justice.

3 The Time He Battled His Doppelganger

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In 2006, Kane was about to take on Shelton Benjamin, when another Kane came onto the scene wearing Kane’s old red outfit and face mask. The Kane look-alike interfered with the match, and for weeks afterwards, the two men were constantly battling. When the WWE Vengeance pay per view came around, everyone thought that the real Kane would easily destroy his imitator. However, the match did not turn out like everyone thought, and Kane ended up losing. The next night on Monday Night Raw, the two men finally settled things, and this rather embarrassing Kane moment finally came to an end.

2 The Time Kane Wanted John Cena to Turn Heel

Kane has been known as a heel more than a babyface, and back in 2012, he decided that John Cena should turn heel as well. Why was it that Kane was so determined that John Cena turn from a fan favorite good guy to the dark side? We're still trying to figure it out. Kane tried to get Cena in many ways, at one point he even tried to kidnap a girl named Eve that was involved with Cena. The speculation is that the Kane and Cena feud was a possible way for WWE to turn Cena heel, but it did not end up happening. An interesting premise wasted yet again by WWE creative.

1 The Time Edge Kidnapped Paul Bearer

Paul Bearer turned out to be Kane’s WWE father, so it's no wonder he was pissed when Edge ended up kidnapping the man that gave him life. Not only did Edge take Paul Bearer right under Kane's nose, but Edge also managed to drag his helpless victim to every WWE taping just to rub it in Kane’s face that he had his father. What was the most bizarre thing about the whole situation with Kane, Edge, and Paul Bearer, is the fact that it was terribly unrealistic. Edge basically snatched Paul Bearer on television, but was not charged with kidnapping, and Bearer was taken all over the country being taunted and tormented by his kidnapper. This has to be one of the most ridiculous storylines the WWE has ever put together.

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