10 of the Rarest WWE Moves Ever

The world of the WWE is a bit like the worlds established by various superhero comic books. Audiences watch high flying action, as two forces of brute strength attack each other for extremely high sta

The world of the WWE is a bit like the worlds established by various superhero comic books. Audiences watch high flying action, as two forces of brute strength attack each other for extremely high stakes. It’s a league populated by the good guys taking on the bad guys. Sometimes the good guys may even turn into villains themselves later on down the road. Mirroring the likes of the Justice League or the Fantastic Four, wrestlers have even banded together to form stables in order to face off against others. Of course, the most striking similarity is probably their wrestling moves themselves. Much like any good superhero comic, the heroes of the WWE universe all have their own special moves that leave us all with our mouths hanging open.

Throughout the history of the WWE there have been some rather memorable moves. Whether a devastating finisher, a mid-air counter, or even a submission, fans appreciate the athleticism and timing behind each and every coordinated effort. Some wrestlers have found success based solely on their move, and have come to be defined by it. Others use special moves more sparingly, playing on the wow factor. Whatever the case, wrestlers and their moves have been closely linked for ages, and it plays a large part in fan popularity.

Over the years, however, fans have witnessed various shifts in the “Meta” of the WWE. Wrestlers have strayed from certain moves due to a multitude of reasons. Certain moves that used to wow the audience may have lost their luster, or perhaps there are simply too many health concerns involved. In some cases, the element of time has made moves antiquated and outdated.

It’s past due we take a look back and compile a list of such moves, the rarest in all the league. Some are so rare it’s unlikely we’ll see them again, while others still pop up from time to time, surprising all who are there to witness. What follows are ten of the rarest moves in the WWE:

10 The Worm

We’ll go ahead and start this list off with a doozy. The worm was perhaps one of the more entertaining moves of the wrestling world some five years ago. Now, you’d be lucky to find it anywhere. The move is about what you’d expect: as an opponent is recovering on the ground, the wrestler does the worm up to the body before standing and slamming back down onto the unfortunate victim.

9 The Powerbomb

This move is a bit more common than the previous entry. In fact, we’d venture to say most wrestling fans have seen one in action. This will begin to change shortly though, as the move is being slowly phased out of the wrestling repertoire of the modern day.

8 The Rowboat

We’ll admit, we’d never heard of this one either, but once we saw it it’s certainly hard to forget. This move is pure entertainment, and it’s questionable as to whether it causes any pain for its victims whatsoever. Nevertheless, it is quite rare to encounter this spectacle.

7 Tilt-A-Whirl DDT

This is a move that simply seems impossible to pull off. When hit correctly, the wrestler attempting the move spins around the opponents head in midair before eventually grabbing them around the neck and smashing their face into the turf. Having trouble picturing it? Check out the video and be amazed.

6 Hurricanrana

This move is probably one wrestling fans have managed to witness within the past few years. John Cena is one notable wrestler who attempts the move from time to time, but much like a tilt-a-whirl DDT it requires a huge amount of athleticism to pull off.

5 The Indian Deathlock

Submissions can be some of the most visually appealing moves in all of the fighting sports. They’re exotic and intricate, requiring a contortionist-like level of flexibility to pull off. Whenever someone lands a deep submission attempt, it spells pure agony for their opponent. The Indian Deathlock is one of the more rare submission leglocks in the WWE.

4 Stump Puller

Well, this move was invented by a clown, so common sense holds it must be rather comical right? Not if you’re his opponent. While the Stump Puller was a patented finisher of Doink the Clown, it’s more common name is the Inverted Boston Crab.

3 Avalanche Sunset Flip Powerbomb

Having déjà vu? Yes, we know we included powerbombs in this list already, but this variety is a different breed altogether. This move is truly a combination of two moves, a sunset flip from the top rope transitioning into a brutal powerbomb. The added momentum of the sunset flip makes the powerbomb even more brutal than usual.

2 Ring Post Figure Four Leglock

One of the rarest moves in the WWE because it requires the opponent being dragged over to one of the wrestling ring posts. The wrestler attempting the move then moves their legs into position around the pole, wrapping one leg around another outstretched leg. Then they lean back on the outstretched leg with all their weight.

1 The Vertebreaker

It’s an intimidating nickname for an intimidating move. The Vertebreaker is basically a backwards piledriver where the opponent is draped over the wrestler’s back upside down while their arms are held. The wrestler then slams their head into the turf by falling straight down. It’s a finishing move popularized by The Hurricane.

While the WWE has decided to cut back on the popular Powerbomb moves, they have since outright banned the Vertebreaker. The danger lies in the vulnerable position opponents are left in right before being slammed to the mat. In recent years, neck injuries have been a big problem for WWE superstars and the league has taken preventative measures to avoid injuring their biggest assets. While the Vertebreaker was cool to watch, we won’t be watching it on anything other than video archives from now on. This move takes the top spot because, after all, you literally can’t get rarer than never being able to see the move again.


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10 of the Rarest WWE Moves Ever