10 of the Most Ridiculous Storylines In WWE History

most laughable WWE moments

Believe it or not, the WWE frequently tries to push an overarching story element into nearly all of its productions. The league doesn’t simply trot out this wrestler or that wrestler and throw them into a ring haphazardly. No, they need to build up the anticipation for it first. They need to establish some sort of fan connection with whoever is wrestling, and in order to do that they frequently push narratives through in-ring skits or previously taped recordings back stage.

Some of these storylines have absolutely made wrestlers into the successes they are. Where would the WWE be without the storylines of Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior and even the Undertaker for instance? All these storylines combine to contribute to wrestler feuds and rivalries that are truly the lifeblood of the league. They’re what fans clamor for, and what keeps selling the tickets.

Of course, some storylines have also fallen flat over the course of time. Whether it’s been ideas out of left field from the WWE writers, or simply unfortunate timing, it seems there are storylines each and every year that don’t quite add up, and are actually quite funny looking back on it all. Luckily for you, we’ve made a list of just those storylines. Be prepared to have your jaw hanging in disbelief; here are ten of the most laughable storylines in WWE history.

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10 Katie Vick’s Story

While her last name might ring some alarm bells, the WWE didn’t actually go the Michael Vick relative route with this nightmare of a storyline. No, this one is laughable for perhaps even worse reasons. Sometimes you just have to stop and wonder what the WWE writers were thinking in their meetings at the time.

Katie Vick was drawn up to help flesh out the backstory for Kane in the very late 1990s. At the time, Kane was in the middle of a feud with Triple H. The storyline was then used as added fuel to the fire. Apparently, Vick was a long lost love of Kane’s. She ended up dying with Kane present, and Triple H accused him of having sex with her corpse. It was a storyline the league didn’t bat an eye at back in the Attitude Era, but certainly one that draws equal measures of disgust and laughter now.

9 Tim White’s Suicide Attempts

In one of the wackier WWE segments you will ever see, White was essentially on suicide watch whenever he was on screen. It all started due to an injury during a Hell in a Cell match in which he injured his shoulder and was forced to retire. The injury was credited with ruining his life, and he maintained life was no longer worth living.

While suicide is certainly no laughing matter, it was obvious in this case the intentions weren’t really there. This was a publicity stunt through and through. How do we know this? Well each and every week the WWE writers had to come up with a new way for him to try to off himself. This included a green vial described as “Mad Cow Disease.”

8 Val Venis and a Near Castration

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Are you ready for a quick game? We’ll give you one try to guess what rhymes with Venis. Guess correctly and you’re on the right track as to what this storyline was about. In fact, it’s one of the most disturbing things you’ll probably hear if you’re a male.

Val Venis slept with Yamiguchi-San’s wife, causing Taka Michinoku to turn on him during one of their tag team matches on a Raw episode in 1998. He was corralled and dragged backstage where Kaientai attempted to castrate him in a staged segment. Shocking is perhaps the best way to describe the whole scene. Obviously everyone was faking it, and looking back on the whole ordeal you can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous it all was.

7 Mae Young

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If this list were the strangest WWE storylines, well, this entry would have probably taken the entire thing. In one of the most bizarre events ever to unfold on a television screen, Mae Young gave birth to an adult sized hand. No need to check your glasses, you read that right.

She and Mark Henry were revealed to have gotten pregnant. It was a confusing storyline already, as many were unsure about where the WWE were taking the storyline from here. When it was revealed she was about to give birth, viewers watched on in disbelief as a hand emerged covered in petroleum jelly. It’s hard to imagine how anyone kept their composure. WWE thought it would be a great idea to bring Young's handsome son back for RAW's 1000th episode.

6 Vince McMahon Stages His Own Death

McMahon once came up with quite the gimmick. It was supposed to send ripples throughout the entire league and, no surprise here, he would be at the focal point of it all. The whole storyline involved his own death, though obviously it was a fake stunt for publicity’s sake.

He was filmed riding in a limo that exploded, and many fans were excited simply because it sort of implied a Vince McMahon break from the WWE for a little while. Unfortunately, timing was this storyline’s downfall, as Chris Benoit passed away shortly after. The resulting ceremony for Vince McMahon was more awkward than funny, but makes the list nonetheless.

5 Jim Ross’s Surgery

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Once again, fans were subjected to a strange medical procedure on air. Back in 2005, there was a running storyline that Jim Ross was fired from the league by the McMahons. It was supposedly to give him time to receive proper medical attention. His problem? An undisclosed colon issue.

You can imagine where the storyline went from here. Fart jokes were thrown out fast and furious, and eventually they decided to perform an on-air surgery of sorts. Vince, of course, was the surgeon, and suddenly fans had to watch Mr. McMahon pull various objects out of someone’s butt. It was an awkward and hilarious storyline, and one that makes number five on our list.

4 Matt Morgan’s Stutter

It’s laughable in a sense of how anyone could screw up a talented wrestler such as Matt Morgan. Morgan was proving himself to be a true talent, and a great find for the league in general. They felt that he was missing just one thing to bring his character together: a gimmick.

Gimmicks are all fine and dandy, whenever they work. Sometimes we feel like we could make a list of gimmicks that fall on either end of the spectrum. Unfortunately for Matt Morgan, he will forever be remembered as the stutterer. It’s laughable because the league insisted he take minutes to utter a single sentence, absolutely tanking a promising career in the WWE in the process.

3 Hervina Winning the Divas Championship

Hervina competed in a Diva’s title challenge with the current belt holder, The Kat. Unfortunately, Hervina was lacking very poorly in one department that qualifies you to be a diva in the first place. Hervina was a man.

The wrestler behind it all was actually Harvey Wippleman, who dressed up as Hervina in order to compete. It’s a laughable point of the WWE’s history, especially considering the man was allowed to hold onto the belt even after it was revealed, well, he was a man. The match itself was also held in an inflatable swimming pool, making it an even more humorous event to look back on.

2 Kennel from Hell Match

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This is largely considered to be the worst wrestling events in the history of the entire sport of wrestling. It occurred in the Fall of 1999, between Big Boss Man and Al Snow. Apparently the league had been pushing a storyline that centered on a Chihuahua named Pepper of all things.

When Boss Man refused to return the dog after kidnapping it, the two appeared to air their grievances. Boss Man invited Snow up to his room and served him dinner, which was later revealed to be the dog Pepper! The only way to settle the resulting feud was in a “Kennel from Hell Hell in a Cell match, which Snow won. What makes this ridiculous storyline even funnier are the dogs surrounding the cage during the climactic match. By all accounts, they were more interesting in defecating everywhere than being the intimidating brutes the league planned on.

1 Perry Saturn

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Perry Saturn’s entire WWE career is pretty laughable by WWE standards. Initially, he came to the league as a part of the Radicalz, a group of wrestlers from the WCW. Including Saturn, the group consisted of Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko. In comparison to all these wrestlers Saturn was a mere blip on the radar.

Saturn’s storyline ran like this: head injuries had caused him to go a bit loopy. So much so, in fact, that he’d begun to mistake a mop for his manager. He was forever after seen carrying a mop around, calling the thing Moppy. It’s still one of the strangest sights we’ve seen, and one of the goofiest storylines the WWE has ever churned out. Thankfully, we are largely free from storylines such as this in the modern age of WWE.

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