10 Of The Most Impressive WWE Superstar Homes

As anyone might assume, being a professional wrestler comes with some good and some bad (just like any other A-lister or famous face). A grueling schedule year round is part of the bad that most wrestlers have to endure throughout their years in the profession. Additionally, the amount of travel wrestlers go through over the course of a given year certainly wares on them after a while, and living out of a suitcase surely doesn't make anything easier. Although, after all the strain comes the perks. The rewarding part for most WWE superstars is getting the opportunity to head home for a couple of days, and for most of these professional wrestlers, home is a beautiful place where luxury and relaxation are essential (and yes, they have the salary to afford it). This article will take a look at 10 former and current WWE superstars and their current homes (home is actually an understatement in these 10 cases). It’ll be pretty evident to see judging by their houses, why for all of them, there’s really no place like home!

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10 CM Punk

WWE Home Luxury Wrestler

One thing CM Punk isn't complaining about these days is his beautiful condo in his home of Chicago. In 2010, Punk purchased a customized five bedroom home in Chicago for $2.15 million. This modern residence includes a two-story living room, a movie theater room, an office with tiger-wood flooring, a master bedroom with heated floors, a Jacuzzi tub, a family room with a playroom loft, a wine cellar and a three-car garage. The decor of the condo is spectacular, keeping up with a modern theme. In addition, Punk also collects rent from a tattoo studio that operates out of an 800 square foot space on the first floor; definitely a pretty good living space for the former WWE champion.

9 The Miz

Like his gimmick, The Miz resides in Hollywood, California. The Miz first bought a luxurious condo in the Hollywood area just a couple miles away from the legendary “Hollywood” sign, which was visible from his condo roof top. The roof top also included an underground pool and Jacuzzi with a spectacular view of Los Angeles. The Miz had a “party room” in his basement which contained a pool table, TV, couches and numerous amounts of memorabilia (such as old Miz action figures, old titles he once held and a massive DVD collection which includes his entire set of TV cameos on numerous reality shows). The condo also included a kitchen and a master bedroom. In 2013, Miz sold his condo and moved into a big estate, still residing in Los Angeles California.

8 Rey Mysterio

Yet another WWE superstar living it up in the California area, Rey Mysterio resides in a stunning residence which is decorated with a very modern antique look to it. One of the main attractions in Mysterio’s home is a large, stunning aquarium, which is situated in his living room. Rey also owns a collection of antique swords, and one of his favorites is actually displayed in his California residence. Additionally, Rey has a collection of old memorabilia in his office, and holds hundreds of action figures, spanning from his WCW days till his later days in the WWE. The most spectacular part of the house though, is in the backyard. A beautiful pool with a stunning water fall display is set up in the pool area. Years and years of hard work certainly paid off quite nicely for the former World Heavyweight champion.

7 Big Show

Being a big time player in the wrestling industry since 1995 certainly gave the Big Show an opportunity to make a good living, so much so that the Big Show owns two properties. One, which he purchased in 2007 in the Miami area, cost him $3.7 million. His other property was purchased in 2001 from his fellow co-worker, the Undertaker. This house is also located in Florida, a place where the Big Show is very fond of, as you can see. The house he purchased in 2007 is absolutely stunning; it has its own boating dock along with a beautiful body of water attached to it. The estate also includes a beautiful swimming pool. The Florida area is seemingly another place wrestlers love to live in during their time off from their busy road schedules.

6 Goldberg


Don’t feel too bad for Goldberg being off television for a couple of years now, we’re sure he’s doing just fine in his $2.5 million dollar home in California. In 2001, Goldberg purchased an amazing Mediterranean-style home in California, with space that is an estimated 4,600 square feet. The stunning residence also includes a beautiful pool on his massive property. It’s certainly evident that the former WCW World Champion was able to make a great living for himself due to his massive popularity in the 90’s and also well into the 2000’s.

5 The Undertaker

Today, The Undertaker spends most of his time back home in his residence in Austin, Texas with his wife, former WWE Diva Michelle McCool and their family. The Undertaker owns a beautiful estate with a massive pool in his backyard, as you can see in the picture. The Undertaker is actually very active in the real estate business and owns several properties across the United States. Before living in Austin, Texas, The Undertaker spent several years living at a ranch in Cedar Creek just outside of Austin Texas. Believe it or not, the Cedar Creek property he used to live in was also at one point, rented out by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

4 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon


Not a big surprise here, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon reside in a massive estate located in Weston, Connecticut, just down the road of Stephanie’s father, WWE chairman and CEO, Vince McMahon. The house is actually very similar to Vince’s estate, in that both houses are heavily gated and have tons of land around them. The property is huge and also has an outdoor swimming pool in the back yard. Residing in the estate are also Hunter and Stephanie’s three daughters Aurora, Vaughn and Murphy.

3 Vince McMahon


As you can see, the McMahon (Vince's) residence is very similar in style to the one of Triple H and his daughter, Stephanie's home. The location is extremely convenient for Vince because of the WWE Headquarters residing in the Connecticut area as well. As you can see in the image, the property is extremely impressive (in all fairness, would we expect anything less from the intimating WWE Chairman?). Vince has a very large driveway, gardens, pool and conservatory area. The estate is also very closed off and very private with a lot of land separating it from other houses.

2 John Cena

1 The Rock


With a net worth of an estimated $125 million, it’s pretty clear to see that The Rock, is without question, one of the most successful superstars in WWE history. His home is also a reflection of this. After selling his Los Angeles home, The Rock moved into a 13,700 square-foot home in the upscale Landmark Ranch Estates, west of Fort Lauderdale. His new home goes by the name “Pietra D’Oro”, which means the “Golden stone”. Like Goldberg's, the house has a Mediterranean style to it, and it also includes a six car garage. The property is estimated to be worth $4.5 million.

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