9 Of The Richest WWE Divas In 2014

When subject matter that is related to WWE is searched on the internet, WWE Divas are often a popular search. After all, they are some of the wealthiest and most paid models in the world, and they also have excellent athletic fight skills that they show off in the ring. Previously in WWE’s history, divas were not given near the amount of attention or money, that they are given today. Some divas even earn more per year than the wrestlers in the ring.

But the truth is that, unlike the wrestlers, divas find success both in the ring and out of it. This could be one reason as to why some of them make more money. Of course, careers are shorter for divas then they are for wrestlers, which could be another reason why they sometimes make more money. Generally speaking, it always seems that a diva’s career comes to an end after the age of thirty five.

WWE divas are a controversial subject as well, with some criticizing them for not belonging in WWE. But regardless of what your opinion on the matter is, no one can deny that many women have become immensely popular from being a diva. Some are more accomplished than others; some have found mainstream success ,while others have not, and some have had a career spanning only a few months. Nonetheless, being a diva is still a very lucrative business. And in some regards, having a short career is better than having a long one, as you get to retire early with enough money to last you a lifetime. Here are nine of the richest divas in 2014:

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9 Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella served on the WWE roster from 2008 to 2012, before quitting for a brief period of time. She signed back onto WWE in 2013 and has remained there ever since. The reason for this is because she believed she could gain mainstream success via WWE; when this evidently didn’t work out too well for her, she was quick to join back in. Having worked for WWE for roughly six years now, Bella’s time with the company may still be drawing to an end (it’s rare that divas work at WWE for more than five). All in all though, Nikki has been pulling in a salary of nearly two hundred thousand dollars a year, which is expected to be her same salary for 2014 as well.

8 Alicia Fox

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Alicia Fox is considered to be one of the greatest WWE divas in history, and is noted for accomplishing that reputation in a very brief amount of time. She has also won multiple matches and once was contending for the WWE Diva Championship. For 2014, she is expected to draw in a salary of almost two hundred grand.

7 Eva Marie


Having used to work as a model, Eva Marie has now found considerable success working as a WWE diva. Her skills in the ring have also improved over time as well, giving her a very strong reputation in the world of WWE. Although she has a net worth of less than two million dollars, in 2014, Marie is expected to pull in a solid two hundred thousand dollars.

6 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee has long worked as an in-ring worker for WWE, and held the title for three quarters of a year before relinquishing the divas championship in a match. With a net worth of $2.3 million dollars, Lee’s salary for 2014 is expected to come close to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. But if she regains the divas championship in the future, she may be receiving an even bigger paycheck next year.

5 Lita


Lita has definitely had an action filled career at WWE, suffering numerous injuries in the ring, and subsequently taking much time off. Nonetheless, that hasn’t seemed to affect her popularity or her net worth. But throughout her career as a WWE diva, Lita has always seemed to be just one step behind the more famous divas, such as Mickie James and Trish Stratus. Today, Lita can claim a net worth of two and a half million dollars, and a career at WWE spanning six years. Her most recent salary is expected to be well over two hundred thousand dollars.

4 Beth Phoenix


Beth Phoenix gained attention in the WWE world when she became the highest earning diva in 2011. This was because she has always been among the top contenders for the WWE diva championship, though she has yet to claim that title. With a net worth of over three million dollars, Phoenix is expected to make a salary of over two hundred and seventy grand for 2014.

3 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly hasn't been with WWE for long, not even on the terms of a WWE diva, but she has still become one of the most powerful divas in the business, with many considering her to be the most beautiful diva currently, in or out of the ring. All in all, she has a net worth totaling over three and a half million dollars, and a salary in 2014 of almost three hundred thousand dollars. She is also one of the highest paid divas on Raw, and beyond the money, is likely to become one of the most famous WWE divas of all time.

2 Mickie James


Even though fellow diva Trish Stratus is considered to be the greatest WWE diva of all time, Mickie James can still claim a net worth of one million dollars more than her. Even more notable about James, is that she has had an active career for over fifteen years, and five of those years have been spent as a diva against WWE. It is also precisely for her being a WWE diva, that she has amassed as great a fortune as he has. Although 2014 is expected to be her last year working as a WWE diva, she is still expected to pull in around four hundred thousand dollars as a salary. And beyond her earnings, James can also claim six championships to her credit. As far as WWE divas are concerned, Mickie has without a doubt, had one of the most solid careers of all time.

1 Torrie Wilson


Torrie Wilson perhaps has the highest net worth of any WWE diva: a staggering eighteen million dollars. She previously worked at WCW for two years, starting in 1999, before moving to WWE afterward. She has also appeared on the most magazine covers of any WWE diva in history, and many consider her to be one of the most beautiful WWE divas ever to walk in the ring. Torrie Wilson is an example of a WWE diva who will either be admired or envied by her fellow divas, and all in all, it doesn’t look like her celebrated career is going to end anytime soon.

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