10 of the Biggest Partiers in WWE History

biggest wwe party animals

When you have boat loads of money and nothing to do on the weekends, well, why not go out and party? Some people never seem to turn away from this college-like mindset, and enjoy living their life between bars and night clubs. Of course, being extremely rich and famous only makes the parties that much more fun.

WWE superstars are well-known for their partying ways. Certain wrestling characters are bad boys in a sense, and partying is one fun way to enhance their public image. Too much partying can lead to problems down the road though. Unfortunately, superstars also have a long track record of substance abuse and alcohol problems. It’s partly the reason behind the league forming programs to help former wrestlers find appropriate rehabilitation clinics.

Nevertheless, it’s no tremendous issue if wrestlers party responsibly. In fact, we’d wager the majority of WWE superstars love having big blowouts from time to time. Over the years certain wrestlers have even built up a reputation for their partying ways. We’ve compiled a list of such wrestlers for your reading pleasure. Read on for the ten WWE superstars who are known to party (or have partied) like rock stars.

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10 Chris Jericho

Via scotttopperproductions.com

Chris Jericho technically is a rock star, so it's not a stretch to think he parties like one. The frontman of metal band Fozzy, Jericho is no stranger to the limelight. Anyone familiar with his WWE career knows how he loves to make quite the entrance. He’s as skilled with the mic in his hands as anybody, and the confidence he exudes should leave nobody questioning whether or not he’s the life of a party.

In fact, Jericho is quite the partier. The book he’s published actually details various tales of debauchery and partying, and he has no qualms with sharing the dirty details of his wild times late at night. He’s frequently seen partying with John Cena, yet is smart enough not to let things get too out of hand.

9 Hulk Hogan

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One of the biggest legends in WWE history is also one of the biggest partiers in the league’s history. While his partying escapades aren’t as frequent, it’s pretty clear Hogan's stories have been swept under the rug. In fact, there are rumors of sex tapes and other recorded evidence of his partying days being kept under lock.

After all, we are talking about one of the most famous figures in America throughout the 1980s and 1990s. There’s no doubt in our minds that he spent plenty of time partying. Other wrestlers have gone so far as to acknowledge his drinking prowess, saying he keeps up with the best of them time after time. As the spotlight has faded on Hogan to some degree, the partying has also surely died down as of late.

8 Road Warrior Hawk

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The Road Warriors became famous for revolutionizing the way wrestling was perceived. They brought a new sense of style to their characters. They were painted, and brought this newfound attitude to the microphone. They were also known for not really selling their matches. Whenever they hit you, it was pretty much for real.

They were also quite the partiers, as it turns out. This is especially true with Road Warrior Hawk, who epitomized the drug usage of the 1980s. His antics wound up catching up to him though, and he passed away well before his time. Beforehand, it was pretty clear he’d developed a problem with over indulgence, and his party animal reputation was even discussed on live television several times.

7 Brie Bella

Via wrestling-online.com

Anyone wondering if Brie Bella enjoys partying needs only to look up the phrase “Brie Mode.” The Total Divas star has gone on to make a name for herself inside the actual wrestling ring, but her reputation outside the ring proceeds herself. Currently, she’s married to Daniel Bryan, and that has seemed to cool down her wild side to an extent, but in her heyday she could party with the best of them.

Her time on Total Divas seemed to showcase her party animal attitude. She was frequently seen slurring her words and drinking her fill. She’s tried a few times to clean up her act, yet it seems she still slips into a few drinking binges every now and then. One thing is for sure, anyone going out with Bella is bound to have a good time.

6 Jake Roberts

Via allwrestlingsuperstars.com

Roberts is famous as Jake “The Snake”, and even carries a python around with him to help encourage the nickname. As it turns out, his career was also marred with various struggles with addictive substances. Among his issues were heavy dependence on drugs as well as alcohol.

As the stories go, he’d frequently drink other wrestlers under the table, and wrestlers went as far to say that most of the time you saw him he’d be either drunk or high. Roberts is luckily still with us today, but his years of partying have taken their toll. He’s cleaned up his act recently, and has even released a DVD titled Pick Your Poison that details the pitfalls many wrestlers can fall into when joining the WWE.

5 The Fabulous Freebirds

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The 1980s was the quintessential decade for partiers, and it seemed nearly every WWE superstar of that day in age partied until the sun came back up. The Freebirds were, perhaps, the posterboys of this group of 80s partiers. They were famous for their partying antics, and kept true to their name in every sense of the word. They literally wound up in trouble with the WWE after a drunken brawl in a midair airplane.

The team included Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, and Buddy Roberts. Together they terrorized bars in every city they visited, and were essentially rock stars throughout their entire careers. In particular, Hayes was known for his partying and womanizing.

4 Scott Hall and Kevin Nash

Via bleacherreport.com

Hall and Nash were party partners with another wrestler who makes an appearance higher up on this very list. Together, they were known throughout the 1990s as some of the league’s preeminent party animals. Nowadays, they are both rather open about their escapades.

For instance, Hall has openly admitted that his wrestling persona of “Razor Ramon” closely emulates his real life persona. Nash has also detailed various drinking binges throughout the years. He’s even had a role in the semi-recent movie Magic Mike that he says seems tame in comparison to his partying heyday. Both wrestlers have slowed down recently, and both have endured several trips to rehabilitation centers as a result of their wild and crazy party years.

3 Brian Pillman

Via thewrestlinglegendsforums.com

Pillman’s status as a party-goer is the stuff of legend. Everywhere he went, he left trails of drunken party stories as well as accusations of affairs. He was a womanizer to the extreme, and loved living a rock star lifestyle. Of course, such an attitude quickly got on several people’s bad side. There are tales of wrestlers setting up other people to beat him up, only for Pillman to beat them into a pulp.

You’re probably recognizing a common theme by now: most wrestlers on this list aren’t able to keep up their lifestyle into their later years. Sometimes, the partying even contributes to an untimely demise. Unfortunately, Pillman’s story also holds true in the latter aspect. Back in 1997, his partying years contributed to an early passing, and the WWE mourned another wrestler taken before their time.

2 Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels was in his prime throughout the 1990s, and frequently partied with members of Kliq. These wrestlers included Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, noted partiers who’ve also appeared on this list. Michaels blew them all out of the water, however. He was frequently able to outdrink his fellow partiers.

Michaels has been open about how much he partied in the past. He’s even said he should have been fired from the league several times over due to his drunken actions behind the curtains. Luckily for him, he and all of his friends mesmerized the crowd time after time and were able to keep their jobs. He’s since remade himself and shifted his priorities around. Now, partying is less important to him than maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

1 Ric Flair

Via zimbio.com

The “Nature Boy” takes the top spot on this list and is anybody really that surprised? Flair has made a living off of partying, and his very character revolves around “sylin’ and proflin’.” He’s extravagant to the extreme, and this translates into his life behind the stage.

Flair even jokes that his party days certainly cut into his paychecks, and that he’d be a lot richer had he not thrown money away on booze constantly. Other wrestlers were even known to hang around Flair, specifically to meet women and participate in parties that were thrown by Flair himself. In our honest opinion, the most amazing aspect of Flair’s career is his continued line of success despite spending so much of his time continuing his party lifestyle.

Sources: thesportster.com

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