10 Of The Best Tag Team Finishing Moves Ever

As of late, the tag team division is in the midst of being revised with an abundance of new and spectacular  teams in the division like The Vaudevillians, The New Day, The Lucha Dragons, The Hype-Bros, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. With new teams like this, it is no wonder fans are excited to see tag team action again. When it comes to tag teams, fans loves seeing tag team maneuvers.

Every tag team has to have the right connection as partners in order to make a tag team work. Everything from similar personalities and matching ring attire. Not only do they need the right connection, but they need to have the right finishing move that fits their personalities. These finishing moves were created to make sure opponents were not getting up from the 3 count by the referee.

Each tag team’s finishing move on this list has just that. These finishing moves not only match the team's personalities, but they’re also some of the most extravagant finishing moves ever executed or seen. The following finishing moves were chosen for the top 10 based on originality. These finishing moves helped make a connection with the tag teams and the fans. That is why the following tag team’s finishing moves are 10 of the best tag team finishing moves ever.

While you’re reading, enjoy the list, and please feel free to add your opinion on the finishing moves that you feel should have made this list.


10 The Stage Dive - The Headbangers 


The Headbangers Mosh & Thrasher were tattooed, pierced, black face paint, shaved heads, heavy metal shirt- wearing misfits. Based off looks alone, these two did not belong with the other tag teams during the World Wrestling Federation’s Attitude Era. Not only did their looks set them apart from other tag teams, their finishing move did too.

"The Stage Dive” started with Headbanger Mosh grabbing an opponent and power-bombing him leaving the opponent out cold and Headbanger Thrasher would jump off the top turnbuckle dropping a devastating leg drop on the opponent.

9  9. The Power Plex - Power & Glory


Hercules (the power/strength of the team) and Paul Roma (the glory/looks ) were an early 1990's tag team that proved heavyweights could perform top rope finishing moves just like the lightweights. Hercules would get an opponent up on the top rope while Roma would be at the corner waiting on the top rope.

Hercules would superplex the opponent to the mat and Roma would come jumping off the top turnbuckle landing a tremendous diving splash leaving Roma to pin the opponent in a cocky manner so he could get the glory.

8 Snapshot - MNM

Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, and manager Melina were all about flash. Not only was their ring gear flashy and bright, but they were literally given the red carpet treatment with a red carpet rolled out for their introduction and paparazzi taking flash photography of the team.

With all that flash and pizzazz, you just knew that their finisher would catch everybody's eye. "The Snapshot” would see Mercury hoisting an opponent up as if he was going to flapjack them while Nitro would grab onto an opponent's head dropping him to the mat in a flapjack-ddt which resulted in a finisher that was two moves in one!

7 Double Chokeslam - The Brothers of Destruction


What do you get when you have two brothers who are both 7 feet tall, each over 300 lbs and have the same signature move? You get The Brothers of Destruction, a duo which featured Kane and The Undertaker delivering their opponents to hell!

Just hearing the slap of their hands go around an opponent's neck could make you cringe. But it was when you saw them lift an opponent by the neck over their heads and drive them to the mat that had you jumping and screaming "Oh My God" like Joey Styles on commentary.

6 The Hype Ryder - Hype Bros

MoJo Rawley and Zack Ryder make up one of the most energetic tag teams in WWE NXT. Ryder is no stranger to the tag team division, so his veteran tag team skills will hopefully see this team on the WWE's main roster one day. For their finishing move, the duo utilizes Zack's finisher the "Rough Ryder."

Rawley grabs their opponent by the corner turnbuckle and Ryder sports his hand gesture L.I taunt and leaps from the middle rope landing his "Rough Ryder" as Rawley drives their opponent to the mat with a crushing spinebuster, resulting in The Hype Ryder.

5 The Golden Shower - The Golden Lovers


Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega tagged together from 2010 to 2014 in Dramatic Dream Team and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Now, when you hear the name of their finishing move, “The Golden Shower,” you're probably thinking of a rather disturbing fetish. However, “The Golden Shower” was no laughing matter. Ibushi & Omega would ascend the same top turnbuckle together and would flip onto an opponent.

Anytime you watch someone do a 450° splash, they take up the entire turnbuckle. These two managed to share the top turnbuckle and simultaneously land a 450° splash. The first time this writer saw the move I thought it was just one person, imagine the look on my face when I realized it was two people each doing a 450° splash together!

4 Tower of Londrick - Paul London and Brian Kendrick

London and Kendrick are the only tag team on the list who officially never had a tag team name. London and Kendrick had multiple finishing moves as a tag team, but the “Tower of Londrick” was by far the most impressive finisher the duo had. London would have an opponent in a powerbomb position and hold him up while Kendrick would ascend the top turnbuckle. Upon reaching the top turnbuckle, Kendrick would grab the opponent’s head and perform his finisher “Sliced Bread #2” which saw Kendrick flip over the opponent’s head slamming him to the mat before London would drive the opponent down with a sit out powerbomb.


3 The Meltzer Driver - The Young Bucks


Brothers Nick and Matt Jackson named this move after Dave Meltzer who is world renowned as a journalist in the world of professional wrestling. It is only fitting that a world renowned journalist has a finishing move named after him that suits that title. This journalist has been fortunate enough to see this finisher performed live at a 2CW event. “The Meltzer Driver” starts out with Matt getting an opponent in a tombstone pile-driver and holding him while his brother Nick does a springboard 450°. When Nick completes the 450°, Matt spikes the opponent’s head into the mat before Nick completes the move sitting out, grabbing the opponent’s rib-cage spiking the opponent’s head into the mat!

2 3D - The Dudley Boyz

Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley innovated a finishing move so devastating that you could not help but go crazy when you saw it. This move could be seen all over the world from ECW, 2CW, NPJW, TNA and WWE. Often times, this finisher was used to put their opponents through a table. Bubba would push D-Von yelling “D-Von, get the tables!” D-Von would get a table and the Dudley Boyz would set the table up in the middle of the ring.

The move started with D-Von Dudley whipping an opponent into the ropes and lifting them up into the air to flap jack the opponent. When he saw D-Von lift an opponent up, Bubba Ray would grab the opponent by the head delivering a cutter/flapjack finisher through a table.

1 The Doomsday Device - The Legion of Doom


“Road Warrior” Hawk and “Road Warrior” Animal got their name “The Road Warriors” and look from the movie Mad Max II: The Road Warrior. The Legion Of Doom put fear into any opponent’s eyes from their massive size, spiked shoulder pads, crazy face paint, and their mohawks. The Legion Of Doom by far had the most devastating tag team finishing move of all time.

Animal would put an opponent on top of his shoulders and turn toward Hawk who was standing on the top turnbuckle. Hawk would jump off the turnbuckle hitting the opponent across the neck and Animal would take his hands and put them under the opponent’s legs and flip him over as Hawk closelines the opponent. Depending on the force used from L.O.D, an opponent could flip and land on their back, their side or even do a full 360° and land on their back. Once an opponent was on Animal’s back, it was all over but the 1-2-3.


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