10 Of Ric Flair’s Most Unexpected Feuds Outside The Ring

Before we start, let's all get it out of our system; WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Okay, so now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin. Like with many other superstars in the past, with great success comes criticism. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and many others are a perfect example of this. Most of the controversy surrounding Ric Flair and his peers was made public through the release of his autobiography, To Be the Man. The book saw tremendous success, reaching number 5 on the New York Times best seller list. As great as the book was, it was also very controversial. Flair threw a lot of former wrestlers under the bus in his writing. As you can imagine, many wrestlers didn’t take too kindly to what Flair had to say, causing many of them to call Flair out on his alleged comments. Let us now begin and find out who these wrestlers are. Here are ten real life feuds involving Ric Flair.


10 Bruno Sammartino

For those of you who are familiar with Bruno Sammartino, one thing you will recall is that Bruno will not shy away from letting people know his true opinion. When asked about Ric Flair, Bruno was rather blunt saying, “he’s an idiot, a first class pathetic idiot”. The heat began when Flair made some negative remarks about Sammartino in his book. The situation worsened when the two were at the same venue together. Bruno tried to approach Flair, and Ric seeing Bruno coming apparently turned his back and walked away. According to Flair though, it was the opposite; Bruno turned his back on Flair. When asked, Bruno said Flair’s knowledge of the situation was a “complete bold class lie”.

9 Honky Tonk Man

This is another story coming out of Ric Flair’s controversial autobiography (which by the way, I suggest you pick up if you haven't done so yet). The heat between the two began when Flair said Honky Tonk would not have been able to draw a dime without Hulk Hogan. Flair also cut deep, claiming Honky Tonk owed people money all around the world. In his defense, Honky Tonk claimed he wasn’t even around Hogan when he first entered the business. Honky Tonk also said that his struggling days financially are way past him and that he does not want to be remembered by people for that reason. Honky Tonk concluded by saying he was very confused by Flair’s comments because the two got along quite well when they were together.

8 Shane Douglas

During a shoot interview, Shane Douglas opened up about his real feelings regarding Ric Flair. Douglas claimed he never thought he was at Ric’s level in terms of star status, but after getting to know Ric, Douglas claims he is “ten times the man Flair has ever been”. Douglas went on to discuss how Flair has been tarnishing his own legacy since 1990. Douglas also discussed how selfish Flair was and how he never wanted to put younger talents over. The situation escalated during a taping of WCW Thunder; Douglas used their real life heat during a promo to call out Ric Flair. Cooler heads prevailed when Flair left WCW for WWE.

7 Sid Vicious

The heat between these two began when Flair criticized Sid in the Four Horsemen DVD. Sid commented during a shoot interview, claiming Flair was jealous of Sid’s success at the time. Sid also claimed Flair’s feelings were hurt when Vicious declined to do the Horsemen DVD because of prior arrangements. Sid also added that he wanted to make a comeback in the future and that doing this DVD would hurt any chance of a possible comeback.

6 Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner took his hate for Flair to a whole new level during a Nitro live telecast. During the shoot promo, Steiner attacked Flair on practically every level; from his look to his age, to stealing his gimmick from Buddy Rogers. Steiner concluded the interview by saying WCW sucks (he was later suspended for his shoot promo). During an interview, Steiner spoke about his dislike for Flair, and claimed Flair had no look to him and did not understand how he was ever a champion. Steiner also added that the only reason he had success in the WWE late in his career was because Flair was a “kiss ass”. If not for Flair constantly sucking up to Triple H, he would be nowhere, according to Steiner.

5 Ultimate Warrior

Like Sammartino, the late Ultimate Warrior was never afraid to speak his mind. When asked about his thoughts on Flair, the Warrior was rather blunt, saying he is a “two faced person”. Warrior claims that Flair thought he was the best but yet, would not want to take matches against certain wrestlers. Warrior also commented on Flair still being in the business; he called it pathetic and suggested that Ric should move on and find something else to do in a more productive way. Warrior’s tremendous shoot interviews will surely be missed.

4 Mick Foley

Once again, more controversy coming out of Flair’s biography. In his book, Flair referenced Mick Foley as nothing more than a “glorified stunt man”. Foley was extremely displeased about the comments and confronted Flair. The two got into a heated exchange because of Ric’s comments. Flair described Foley as being a real “hot head”. Flair also went on to say that he socked Foley in the face when Mick confronted him. Cooler heads prevailed in this situation, as the two are fine today and on talking terms.


3 Kevin Nash

This one is odd considering the two have mutual friends. Kevin Nash and Ric Flair have a strong dislike for one another. The real life feud began during a WWE on demand special, when Flair claimed Nash had zero talent and was at the right place at the right time. Flair said all Nash had was 'a look' to him and that was all. Nash didn’t take too kindly to Ric’s claim and responded with a personal attack. Nash has said that Ric attacked him because he was in trouble financially and needed someone to take his problems out on. Nash called Flair’s personal life an absolute disaster and hoped that Flair would get all that straightened out sooner rather than later. Nash also referenced a joke he made to Ric regarding the Horsemen and their comparison to the NWO. Nash thinks Flair may still be bitter about that comment.

2 Eric Bischoff

These two never saw eye to eye, dating back to the days of WCW. According to Flair, Eric Bischoff was very disrespectful towards him, claiming he wanted to see him go bankrupt. Unfortunately for Flair, there was nothing he could have done back in the day, because Bischoff was the one that ran the show. Years later when the two would meet again in the WWE, the tables were turned and Flair finally got his chance to let loose. Flair discussed what had happened between the two in his book. Flair claimed he let Bischoff get away with it for way too long. On March 17th, 2003, during a Raw broadcast, Flair finally approached Bischoff face to face. Flair entered Bischoff’s locker room with Arn Anderson guarding the door, where he proceeded to tell Eric to get off his phone. Bischoff instead put his hand up telling Ric to wait, but Flair had waited long enough and proceeded to slap Bischoff across the face, causing Bischoff to drop his phone. Flair proceeded to throw Bischoff onto the couch and began to strike him repeatedly. Flair then backed up and told Bischoff to get up and fight him, but Bischoff refused. Finally Sergeant Slaughter would enter the room and break things up. According to Bischoff, the two have worked things out today and are on good terms.

1 Bret Hart

The two legends have been very critical of each other’s work in the past. We'll start with Flair. Ric claims that Bret never drew any money in the wrestling business, saying that Bret never wrestled anyone, and only rode on the tails of people. Ric also goes on to discuss how much Bret bombed in WCW and how his participation in the company was a total failure. Now for Bret’s shoot on Flair; Bret admits to being a fan of Flair, but despite this, Bret can’t believe when people actually refer to Ric as one of the greatest wrestlers ever. Bret claims Flair’s wrestling abilities were outdated and that his mind set was stuck in the 70s, as opposed to the new school of wrestling. It should be noted that the two legends are on talking terms today.



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