10 Must See Pictures Of WWE's Nikki Bella

The following is a group of pictures that – hey, hey! Down here please, there are words to be read in this introduction that are critical to the enjoyment of this article, so please, continue reading

The following is a group of pictures that – hey, hey! Down here please, there are words to be read in this introduction that are critical to the enjoyment of this article, so please, continue reading before moving on.

You moved on already, didn’t you?

Well, for the rest of you who stuck around, this article will focus on some of Nikki Bella’s finest pictures, with background on why each one is considered “must see”. There will also be some fun facts, stats, and trivia thrown in about the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion for good measure.

Thanks to her many years with the WWE and appearing on E’s Total Divas, Nikki has become one of WWE’s most widely known personalities. With her twin sister, Brie Bella, and boyfriend, WWE’s John Cena, by her side, Nikki’s popularity has grown immensely over the past few years. Although, Nikki still shares a Twitter account with Brie (who does that?), she has quite the following on Instagram with over 2.7 million followers, also known as “The Bella Army”.

Anyways, that’s quite enough reading, so let’s get right to the pictures before Nikki shows up, and blasts you in the mug with her world famous running forearm smash.

10 Instagram Bikini Photos


Yep, let’s get right to the bikini shots, not going to waste your time, because time is indeed precious. Although they're becoming fewer and fewer, Nikki had a phase of taking bikini shots in, what looks like, the same bathroom. These candid shots usually stopped the Internet for a few seconds - nothing was broken, though.

9 Nikki's Fashion Sense


Nikki’s got a real knack for fashionable outfits, just search the net and you will see her in tons of lovely looking ensembles from the variety of media events that she goes to. In this photo, aside from the great looking dress, her hair is pulled up, something that fans don’t see quite as often.

8 Early Wrestling Days: Florida Championship Wrestling


In this picture, you will see Nikki (right) and Brie, during their early days with the WWE. After not getting picked up via WWE’s 2006 Diva Search, they were eventually signed to a developmental contract to FCW in 2007. Looks like they are about ready to have a match, or possibly be in a bikini contest, kind of tough to tell.

7 WWE Days


Aside from taking a break in 2012-2013, Nikki has been working on WWE’s main roster since 2008, doing a mix of wrestling, managing, and backstage segments. Initially, she was not one of the better wrestlers on the roster; it took Nikki a couple years to really get into honing her craft inside the squared circle.

6 Twin Magic


Probably the biggest reason Nikki (left) got a chance with the WWE is because she has a twin sister, Brie Bella. They are able to do things on the roster that most others cannot get away with, most notably:“Twin Magic”. Basically, during a singles match, if Nikki is getting beat down by her opponent, Brie will wait for the ref to be distracted and make the switch in the ring. When their opponent comes over, usually the fresh twin can surprise them, and get the 1-2-3.

5 "Twin-ish" Magic


This worked great up until about two years ago when the twins didn’t quite look the same anymore. “Enhancements” aside for Nikki, she became more into power lifting, building up more muscle, and developing a “Lady Hoss” style in the ring. Brie went more of the lean, fit look, further separating the sisters from looking exactly alike.

4 AJ Bella?


Last November, Nikki was feuding with the then WWE Divas Champion, AJ Lee, and during an episode of SmackDown, AJ decided to come to the ring dressed just like Nikki. AJ is pretty petite so she had to get some extra padding to mimic Nikki’s look, and if you check the video, AJ did a pretty admirable job with her opposition’s mannerisms.

3 The Rack Attack


Nikki’s finisher is a modern twist on the Torture Rack, which was made popular by former WCW wrestler, Lex Luger. Instead of it being a submission move, Nikki throws her opponent on her shoulders and promptly drops to the mat, making it more of a high impact move.

2 "Fearless"


Over the past few years, Nikki and Brie have slowly built their own “brand”, to help separate each other away from just being known as The Bella Twins. For Nikki, she has gone with the simple, yet effective “Fearless” that is embroidered on most of her tops, and she has worked it into her gimmick, in particular, during her latest championship run.

1 WWE Divas Champion


Nikki’s greatest improvements came during this reign: she was able to cut solid heel promos, and back up her words with great in-ring work. She revamped her look and moves to help separate herself away from the pack, allowing her to become the longest reigning Divas Champion at 301 days. The previous record holder was AJ Lee at 295 days.

Her best matches came early against AJ Lee and Paige, then late in her reign, against the new champion, Charlotte. Nikki’s newest wrinkle has been adding solid ring psychology to her matches, as she’s becoming a consistently evil heel, using dirty tactics throughout her most recent matches.

This picture is great because it shows what really matters in pro wrestling; a wrestler and their title.

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10 Must See Pictures Of WWE's Nikki Bella