10 Must See Pictures Of WWE’s Eva Marie

As one of WWE’s most polarizing superstars, Eva Marie is an absolute guarantee to get fans talking, sometimes for the good, but usually for the bad. She was initially brought in to be a member of the

As one of WWE’s most polarizing superstars, Eva Marie is an absolute guarantee to get fans talking, sometimes for the good, but usually for the bad. She was initially brought in to be a member of the E!’s Total Divas cast, so right from the start, wrestling fans had a negative outlook on her, since it didn’t seem like she had a true love for the wrestling business.

Initially signed in 2013, Eva spent most of her time on Total Divas, media appearances, and walking plenty of red carpets, while actually getting in the ring was a lower priority for her, until the past few months. After years of hearing fans rip her robotic personality, and awful in-ring skills, she decided to start training more seriously, in an attempt to prove them all wrong.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the fire engine red hair, it’s tough to deny that she stands out in a crowd. With her steely looks, fit physique, and tanned complexion, Eva has a lot of attributes that could help her become successful in pro wrestling, if she works hard at fixing her weaker points. Will she be able to? Only time will tell…

Okay, that’s enough words for now; let’s get to Eva’s must see pictures!

10 Pre-WWE Days


Before the WWE, Eva received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, eventually moving on to modeling and promotional work – mostly lingerie or bikini photo shoots - to make a living. As you can see, she had long black hair back in the day, which is in stark contrast to her hair these days.

9 A Total Diva


Hired in 2013, Eva was sent right to WWE’s Performance Center to start training to become a pro wrestler, while at the same time working on E!’s reality show, which followed a number of WWE Divas in their daily lives, including the Bella Twins and Natalya.

8 Family Drama


Most of Eva’s stories stem from either her husband being an overbearing manager, or being around her family, as her Dad tends to get a lot of airtime for being quite an outgoing character. One of the more memorable stories was when Eva and Jonathan (her husband) got engaged after just a few months of dating, without talking to the family first.

7 Outside Ventures


Even before the WWE, Eva took part in plenty of promotional work including fitness infomercials, a Sketchers commercial, and was even Sports Illustrated “Lovely Lady of the Day”. Eva has also found herself on multiple covers including: Glam Fit Magazine, Rukus, and Import Turner Magazine.

6 WWE’s Media Appearances


With the WWE backing her, Eva started receiving bigger opportunities, like getting a photo shoot with Maxim in 2014, she was also ranked number eighty-three in Maxim’s 2014 “Hot 100”. Her magazine cover resume also increased as she appeared on Iron Man and Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

5 Main Roster Appearances


After some sporadic 2013 appearances, Eva began showing up on WWE TV more often in 2014, initially, she didn’t feud with anyone, but rather random matches and segments to help her get adjusted to live TV. It was pretty obvious she was nervous being in front of a live audience, and needed to improve quite a bit in the eyes of, well, everyone.

4 An Untimely Injury


Unfortunately, just as Eva was getting more in-ring time, she found out that one of her breast implants had ruptured, which obviously can be incredibly dangerous to her health. She ended up being out of action for a couple months to heal up, and continued doing media appearances.

3 Absolute Beauty


Taking a break from her story, when you have a moment, check out Eva’s Instagram, where there are tons of great shots from her many photo shoots. It was actually really difficult to choose only ten pictures, when she looks awesome in nearly every single one.

2 Getting Serious In The Ring


In early 2015, she spent a few months working with pro wrestler, Brian Kendrick, learning the ropes, and building up a moveset –including her finisher, the Sliced Red #2 - that would entertain the fans. As you can see in the video, she’s obviously pumped to be improving in the ring, and giving WWE TV another shot.

1 "The Red Queen of NXT”


After multiple house show appearances, Eva Marie started appearing on NXT to a chorus of boos, thanks to years of negativity, she gets one of the biggest heel reactions on the show. With just a blow of a kiss, Eva is able to send fans into a rage, which might eventually get her a title run, although, fans are very split on Eva ever being a champion though.

Right now, Eva is riding an undefeated streak (on TV) beating opponents like Carmella, Billie Kay, and Gionna. If she continues to improve, it’s possible she could be near the top of the division in the later parts of 2016. Getting a reaction from the crowd is one of the most important goals for a wrestler, and for Eva Marie, she definitely has that going for her.



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10 Must See Pictures Of WWE’s Eva Marie