10 Most Underused WWE Superstars Right Now

undersused wrestlers in WWE

There will always be those who are left behind while others push forward through life with better jobs, hotter wives, and more possessions. These are the people who are "better" than you and have been afforded more opportunity strictly based on their looks, legacy, or ability to sleep with the right people. Yes, you will remain underappreciated and underused as you also attempt to push "forward." Opportunity may never come knocking and as you await your turn you will grow old and grey in solitude before you eventually wither away.

This demoralizing circumstance often occurs within WWE - where talented individuals are placed on the backburner or simply left in the shadows time and time again while others are thrust into the spotlight and given every opportunity imaginable as members of the main roster. Every once in a while, one of the forgotten bunch can escape the Island of Misfit Toys and make an impact on the main event scene (CM Punk, Daniel Bryan). However, this is a rare occurrence and is often based on an organic growth and connection between Superstar and fan that the company - no matter how much they try - cannot ignore. This forces WWE to play their hand and give the people what they want ... at least for the time being. Eventually, the McMahon family wins and the fans will lose once again.

In today's product, there are a number of exceptional Superstars who are not positioned in a favorable light. Talent that can be so much more than just mid-card players or bottom-feeding performers who get to compete on Superstars.

The following are 10 of the most underused Superstars currently employed by WWE:

10 Natalya

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The "Divas Revolution" has been a welcomed change to a division that was in dire need of something new and exciting. Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks continue to shine and prove that the women in WWE matter.

However, one Diva who has been lost and left out of this "revolution" has been Natalya who in her own right is a strong female talent and who actually possess strong wrestling abilities. Natalya could make for an interesting situation should she get tossed into the mix, but for now it looks unlikely we'll see this happen anytime soon.

9 Jack Swagger

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What the hell happened to Jack Swagger? Does anybody recall that this man is a former World Heavyweight Champion? Sure, his reign will not go down as the greatest of all time but being a paper World Champion is still better than most.

When paired with Zeb Colter and positioned as a member of The Tea Party, Jack Swagger was more interesting than he had ever been previously in his WWE career. However, things would slowly fizzle and Swagger was soon left to fade into obscurity.

8 Heath Slater

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When looking back on the WWE career of Heath Slater, his most memorable accomplishments will probably include his list of defeats at the hands of returning legends in the build towards Raw 1000.

Heath Slater is a prime example of undersized talent being underused within WWE. Which can be rectified by bringing back the Cruiserweight Championship and providing guys like Slater with a place to belong. Bring back the One Man Band!

7 Tyson Kidd

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Tyson Kidd may be injured at the moment but that doesn't change the fact that while healthy, Kidd is a rarity on main WWE programming. Once healthy his partnership with Cesaro will likely dissolved and Kidd will find himself back on Superstars.

Tyson Kidd is a real wrestler who just can't seem to succeed in a company that was built on a wrestling foundation. Rest assured that Kidd's return to action will not mirror anything along the lines of Triple H and his triumphant return at Madison Square Garden in 2002. Kidd will just kind of reappear on the scene and continue to exist in relative anonymity.

6 R-Truth

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R-Truth has never been taken seriously by WWE. Truth is a comedy act that is simply sent out from time to time in order to provide some "comedic relief" to the program, which is a shame since Truth could be so much more than just a joke.

R-Truth was afforded one main even program with John Cena some years back; a program which seemed promising but would eventually make Truth look foolish and have Cena come out on top. (We all knew Truth was not going to win the WWE Championship)

5 Kofi Kingston

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Kofi Kingston doesn't need to be making a dick out of himself as some clapping, happy-to-be-alive fool in The New Day. In fact, the faction should disband already and have the three Superstars find new paths. They're all talented enough to survive on their own.

Kofi Kingston has always been on the fringe of the main event picture but nothing would ever come of it. Kingston is a delight to watch inside of that ring but will never be placed in the spotlight and hasn't been given the push he truly deserves.

4 Wade Barrett

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Wade Barrett is the current King of the Ring ... which means absolutely nothing anymore. There was once a time when winning the KOTR almost guaranteed that Superstar a shot at the WWE Championship.

The tough Englishman has never been used properly in WWE - from his days with The Nexus to his time as a bad news delivery man, Barrett has never really had a favorable push and being King will not change his situation. He seems to be permanently stranded in the mid-card with no real championship aspirations in sight.

3 Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler has developed the "Daniel Bryan Effect" where an organic connection with the fans has developed over time. However, WWE is not going to allow the fans to make another Daniel Bryan. (Their push of Bryan to the top of the card was riddled with reluctance on WWE's part).

What may be forgotten about Dolph Ziggler is that he is a former two-time World Heavyweight Champion, but the glory ends there. Ziggler will never become WWE World Heavyweight Champion so instead he gets paired with a fake Russian and thrust into an adolescent-like storyline.

2 Cesaro


Examine the entire WWE roster and you will find real wrestlers among the sports entertainers. One of those real wrestlers (perhaps the best on the roster) is The Swiss Superman, Cesaro.

Cesaro is an exceptional in-ring talent and an elite athlete who the fans have grown to love thanks to his dedication and commitment level. However, we must once again reference the "Daniel Bryan Effect" and the fact that Cesaro is not the ideal WWE main event player. It probably has something to do with the accent...

1 Bray Wyatt

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Why must WWE constantly leave Bray Wyatt hiding in the shadows of its programming? The only person better than Wyatt on the microphone right now is Paul Heyman, and The Advocate is not there on a weekly basis.

Bray Wyatt is something different that could defy the conventions of how the top Superstar in WWE is supposed look. Aside from all the charisma, Wyatt can go inside of the squared-circle.

Use this man more often and give the fans some desired change.

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