10 Most Unapproachable Wrestlers Outside Of The Ring

Oh, the life of a wrestler. It’s just so much more than what we see on television every week, and the amount of preparation that goes into a show takes an entire day's worth of work to set up. Wrestlers usually arrive to the arena 6 hours before the show even starts. Following the Monday Night Raw event, wrestlers have no time to rest, because before they know it they are off to their next show the very next night, Smackdown. To make matters worse, wrestlers usually drive to their next destination, so as you can imagine a good night’s sleep isn’t exactly guaranteed. Following Smackdown, the wrestlers usually get a couple of days off, and all of a sudden it’s Friday and it’s back to work.

You can’t fault wrestlers for being less than enthusiastic from time to time, as these guys live a crazy lifestyle (as you can see). But some of these wrestlers on this list take the cake for unprofessionalism with their fans. Here are 10 of the most unapproachable wrestlers outside of the ring. Enjoy!

9 The New Day: Getaway Car

8 Seth Rollins: Airport Hater

7 The Ultimate Warrior: Phony Hero

6 Brock Lesnar: He Hates People

5 Sable: Inflated Ego

4 Chris Jericho: Fan Altercation

3 Ric Flair: Mixed Reactions

2 CM Punk: Love Hate Affair

Oh CM Punk, it seems like every week he’s getting into it with a “fan” via Twitter. Punk has had several bad encounters with fans over the years, and he actually hit several fans during his time with the WWE (on one occasion a fan even filed a lawsuit against Punk). Outside of the ring, Punk has also had his fair share of struggles with fans. During a Blackhawks game a fan politely asked for a picture while standing in line at a concession stand, but instead of politely declining, Punk smirked at the fan and turned around. Look I get it, you want to spend some quality time away from the spotlight, but regardless it doesn’t cost much more to show some class and respect to your fans which kept you relevant for all these years.

1 Kevin Nash: Mixed Reviews

He just doesn’t seem to give a damn. As you probably already know, Steiner isn’t afraid to speak his mind about anything. He’s ripped countless amounts of wrestlers over the years. To make matters worse he is totally classless with the only fans he has left. He just doesn’t seem to care anymore, always walking around with a chip on his shoulder. The video above sums up the state he’s in. Steiner has always rubbed fans the wrong way during autograph sessions. In one instance, a fan recalls trying to talk to Steiner. Scott didn’t even look at the fan and told his representative to “take his money” for the autograph. Classless on so many levels.


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10 Most Unapproachable Wrestlers Outside Of The Ring