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10 Most Unapproachable Wrestlers Outside Of The Ring

10 Most Unapproachable Wrestlers Outside Of The Ring

Oh, the life of a wrestler. It’s just so much more than what we see on television every week, and the amount of preparation that goes into a show takes an entire day’s worth of work to set up. Wrestlers usually arrive to the arena 6 hours before the show even starts. Following the Monday Night Raw event, wrestlers have no time to rest, because before they know it they are off to their next show the very next night, Smackdown. To make matters worse, wrestlers usually drive to their next destination, so as you can imagine a good night’s sleep isn’t exactly guaranteed. Following Smackdown, the wrestlers usually get a couple of days off, and all of a sudden it’s Friday and it’s back to work.

You can’t fault wrestlers for being less than enthusiastic from time to time, as these guys live a crazy lifestyle (as you can see). But some of these wrestlers on this list take the cake for unprofessionalism with their fans. Here are 10 of the most unapproachable wrestlers outside of the ring. Enjoy!

10) The New Day: Getaway Car

This may come as a surprise to many of you but in one particular instance, The New Day were pretty reckless with some of their fans. Now mind you this is one example, so let’s not base the way they are outside of the ring only on this situation. According to a fan that saw all three of The New Day members in a rental car, the fan apparently pulled down the window and waved to the car. What happened next was extremely odd; when The New Day members realized they got noticed, Xavier Woods allegedly passed a red light and sped away from the scene. This took place the day of a live event in Montreal. I get you’re tired and probably don’t want to be bothered, but really, passing a red light? The tag champs may have gone too far on this one.

9) Seth Rollins: Airport Hater

Seth Rollins himself admitted that sometimes he isn’t the happiest when meeting fans. Seth discussed the fact that he loves meeting fans when it’s an organized event or something that happens spontaneously. Rollins admitted to strongly disliking fans that approach Rollins at airports. Seth discussed the fact that he is so tired following a flight and a recent show that the last thing he wants to be doing is signing autographs for fans. Rollins says he’d be more than happy to sign whatever comes his way if the situation isn’t planned. You have to understand where Seth is coming from, because at the end of the day he is a normal guy like the rest of us (the only difference, he’s travelling and working a lot, so obviously he’s a little tired and cranky coming off flights). Though Seth has to remember the fans fuel the engine that is the WWE, so whether he likes it or not it’s a part of the business that other wrestlers had to endure for years and years. Get used to it Seth, it’s only the beginning.

8) The Ultimate Warrior: Phony Hero

Now before we get to the story, it should be noted that many fans who recently met The Warrior before his passing claim he was a class act, so surely things changed over the years. Now for the story, Bret Hart revealed a heart breaking story of The Warrior in his autobiography. Bret claimed that the Warrior made a Make-A-Wish child wait an entire night with his family outside of his locker room. When approached by a WWE agent, Hart recalls Warrior swearing at the agent telling him he didn’t have time yet. Eventually, Warrior made his way to the ring for the main event, when the family was told to leave because The Warrior had to perform. Hart was repulsed by the situation, claiming himself, Hogan, Andre the Giant and Randy Savage always made these types of meet and greets a priority. Hart was disgusted by the actions and never looked at Warrior the same following this event.

7) Brock Lesnar: He Hates People

Now, there really aren’t many stories of Lesnar being impolite or being reckless with his fans. Lesnar is a pro. However, Paul Heyman admitted during the Stone Cold Podcast that Lesnar simply hates people. Heyman attributed the fact that Lesnar moved all the way to a ranch in Saskatchewan, Canada, because of his hate for being in the public eye and surrounded by people. Lesnar is a closed book that generally likes to keep to himself, much like the character you see on television. Now if Brock is to meet a fan, he is a total pro, let’s not forget that. But once he’s out of the ring, Lesnar is just a normal family guy that wants nothing else than to be with his family away from the public eye.

6) Sable: Inflated Ego

Judging by what you just read regarding Brock, this seems like a match made in heaven. Like Brock, Sable was also very quiet throughout her career with the WWE. On screen, Sable looked to adore fans, but off screen she was very businesslike, going from show to show. Sable and her ex-husband Marc Mero, were outcasts backstage in the locker room, typically staying away from the rest of the talent. They were not the most popular backstage (as you might imagine). To make matters worse, Sable had quite the ego with her peers, she would often go on the record claiming she was the reason for the company’s success. After leaving the company on horrible terms, Sable would later shock the wrestling world by making a return to the WWE in 2003. She is currently living in Saskatchewan with Brock Lesnar, she is the mother of two children and two step-children.

5) Chris Jericho: Fan Altercation

Following a live event in Victoria, BC, Jericho found himself in a situation he’ll never forget. As Chris left the arena fans heckled Y2J for a picture or an autograph from a distance. Jericho did not look in the mood at all and proceeded to ignore all the fans. After driving off in his rental car a fan hit Chris’ back window, and this prompted Y2J to pull over and confront the fan. As Jericho got out of the car he was mobbed by fans. A girl later identified as Ashley Levey, who was 20 at the time, hit Jericho. Chris proceeded to hit her back, and he also hit her boyfriend who was later taken care of by security. Jericho was furious with the security team for not taking proper action. You can actually see him yelling at them “to do their jobs” during the entire clip. This is a situation Jericho surely wants everyone to forget about.

4) Ric Flair: Mixed Reactions

There are mixed reactions when it comes to Flair outside of the ring, some state that Flair is an absolute class act, while others were let down by the lack of attention they got by Flair during autograph sessions. Former WWE wrestler Gangrel, recalls Flair not acknowledging him for over 20 years despite working together. Like some fans, Gangrel claims Flair has a massive ego outside of the ring. Well, why shouldn’t he? He’s the Nature Boy Ric Flair, and he paved the way for some of the greatest wrestlers like Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Flair goes down as one of the greatest wrestlers in history, so if he has an ego problem, I think it’s normal considering everything he’s left behind in the wrestling business. Oh yea, and before I forget, WOOOOOOOOO.

3) CM Punk: Love Hate Affair

Oh CM Punk, it seems like every week he’s getting into it with a “fan” via Twitter. Punk has had several bad encounters with fans over the years, and he actually hit several fans during his time with the WWE (on one occasion a fan even filed a lawsuit against Punk). Outside of the ring, Punk has also had his fair share of struggles with fans. During a Blackhawks game a fan politely asked for a picture while standing in line at a concession stand, but instead of politely declining, Punk smirked at the fan and turned around. Look I get it, you want to spend some quality time away from the spotlight, but regardless it doesn’t cost much more to show some class and respect to your fans which kept you relevant for all these years.

Punk continued his clashes with fans during a UFC Q & A. The fan and Punk went back and forth at each other before it was finally put to an end. When it comes to Punk, you either love him or hate him.

2) Kevin Nash: Mixed Reviews

Another wrestler with mixed reviews, but for some reason women seem to enjoy their experience more than men when meeting Kevin. Through my personal experience Nash didn’t even realize I was there. During a signing, Nash was talking to a woman sitting next to him that I assume was his wife. This signing took place in Montreal over a decade ago. Nash did not acknowledge anything I said, and he literally spoke to the woman next to him the entire time. He signed my poster without even looking at me and before I knew it, I was once again out in the Montreal cold. Other fans however, particularly women, claim Nash was quite the sweetheart. Other fans beg to differ claiming Nash would always appear uninterested and only there for the pay check.

1) Scott Steiner: Classless

He just doesn’t seem to give a damn. As you probably already know, Steiner isn’t afraid to speak his mind about anything. He’s ripped countless amounts of wrestlers over the years. To make matters worse he is totally classless with the only fans he has left. He just doesn’t seem to care anymore, always walking around with a chip on his shoulder. The video above sums up the state he’s in. Steiner has always rubbed fans the wrong way during autograph sessions. In one instance, a fan recalls trying to talk to Steiner. Scott didn’t even look at the fan and told his representative to “take his money” for the autograph. Classless on so many levels.

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