10 Most Overused WWE Superstars Right Now

The World Wrestling Entertainment roster is currently more stacked with top-tier talent than it has been at any other point over the past decade or so. While he continues to be a polarizing performer among many within the WWE fan base, nobody can question that John Cena is the biggest star in all of North American professional wrestling. Brock Lesnar continues to bring eyes and attention from those within the sports world each time that he appears at a WWE show. The foreseeable future of the WWE also looks bright, thanks in part to the three men who were once members of faction “The Shield.”

It is not just at the main event level where the WWE features big names that are over among wrestling fans. Midcard acts such as “The New Day,” Rusev and Kevin Owens are often part of entertaining segments on shows such as Raw and Smackdown. The NXT roster may be the best thing about the WWE today, with the likes of champion Finn Balor, Women's Champion Bayley, tag team title holders the Vaudevillians and so many others delighting fans on weekly WWE Network programs and at special events such as NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, which was a WWE Show of the Year candidate.

There would, in an ideal scenario, be no overused WWE superstars considering the depth on the company's roster and also the fact that performers should be given periods of paid leave due to the fact that the organization has no “offseason.” Those who actively follow the WWE on a weekly basis know that is not the case. The individuals who are atop of the list of the most overused WWE superstars right now are two of the top overall performers who feature for the company every week, and both of those guys could probably use at least a little time off to rest and to refresh their characters.

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10 Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt may be the worst “cult leader” that the WWE has ever presented on television shows in that Wyatt entered the company with two followers, one of them has been lost along the way and replaced with another wrestler, and Wyatt still has only a crew of two with him as he feuds with babyfaces such as Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose for reasons that are not discussed all that much on television. One of the most overused characters in the WWE because he is seemingly going through the motions at this rate, Wyatt needs something, perhaps some time off, to provide a boost to the gimmick.

9 Baron Corbin

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Those in charge at the WWE love the fact that before he was known as Baron Corbin, the wrestler was on multiple National Football League rosters. Corbin may, in fact, be a talented athlete, but an All-Pro he was not, and he has yet to show that he will be anything other than just another guy in the WWE once his days on NXT come to an end. Losing to Samoa Joe at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn is apparently not going to signal the end of Corbin being overused on such shows, as he may be on the verge of entering a tag team with Rhino.

8 Neville

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It has become abundantly clear to those who watch WWE programming that the company did not have a lot of long-term plans for the former NXT Champion. Neville has already become an afterthought among fans because he has been placed in forgettable one-off matches and in a feud with Stardust that did nobody involved any favors. WWE fans have been shown time and time again that Neville has the goods to electrify crowds with his high-flying moves. Perhaps all would have been wise had Neville remained in NXT until the company had better ideas for the character.

7 Eva Marie

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The redemption story of Eva Marie is one that could have been an interesting tale for NXT crowds and for people who follow the brand. There was just one problem: She was not yet ready to be featured in weekly WWE Network shows, and thus she is already becoming overused despite being relatively new on the current NXT roster. Reporters such as Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of the Figure Four Online/Wrestling Observer are claiming that Eva Marie is about to become the latest “flavor of the month” of the Diva's division, so don't hold your breaths waiting for her to stop being overused.

6 Kane

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5 Roman Reigns

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The backlash against the push of Roman Reigns among fans began even before it was known that he was going to be in the main event of WrestleMania with Brock Lesnar, and it has not disappeared at any point of the spring and summer months. Reigns has the look and the talent to be a money-maker for any wrestling company, including the WWE. The way that the company has presented him following the breakup of The Shield has not worked in the eyes of customers, to the point that he has become overused. Some time off of television and out of the memories of fans could be what Reigns needs.

4 Stardust

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Cody Rhodes has been all over the map since he first debuted in the WWE, and it could be argued that his best run was during his “Un-Dashing” days. He took the name Stardust in 2014, a spin-off on the Goldust character used by his older brother for years. That gimmick has become a villain straight out of comic books, so much so that Stardust is now wrestling against actors who play heroes on television shows – seriously, that is happening as of August 2015. Stardust may be important to Rhodes, but that does not mean fans need to see the character multiple times a week.

3 The Bella Twins

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It is a nice change of pace that the WWE is staging a supposed “Divas Revolution” that is going to change how the company treats female wrestlers. The idea has stumbled out of the gates, though, in part because of some terrible booking and in part because even casual fans do now view The Bella Twins as being worth much more than bathroom breaks taken during shows. It is likely that the WWE is going to have Nikki Bella break the championship streak held by A.J. as one final dig at the woman who is married to CM Punk, and thus the Bellas will continue to be overused by the company for some time.

2 Kevin Owens

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Kevin Owens became the new “Mr. No Days Off” of the WWE during the summer of 2015. Along with feuding with John Cena over the WWE United States Championship, Owens was also in a storyline with Finn Balor that saw the two have a match in Japan and then a second encounter in August. The night after Owens and Balor put together a great ladder match at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, Owens battled with Cesaro at SummerSlam. Owens routinely has tremendous matches. He is great on the microphone. The overused performer could also use a couple of weeks away from the company before he suffers a serious injury.

1 John Cena

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You may love him. You may hate him. You may fall somewhere in the middle. Nobody, not even the biggest cynic out there, can deny that John Cena is one of the hardest workers to ever perform in the WWE and a man who have sacrificed years of his life and his body to the wrestling business. With that said, one cannot help but wonder if some fans would view Cena differently had he not been so overused for so many years. Anybody who believes the WWE should move away from showcasing Cena in main-event feuds is failing to see what he means for the business end of the company. Still, a month or even a few weeks off of television could do some positive things for the Cena character.

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