10 Most Embarrassing WWE Divas Moments Ever

For a very long time, the world of professional wrestling was male dominated. However, during the late 1980s, women began to appear on the wrestling scene, accompanying men to the ring as their valets or managers. Eventually, women began to do more than just stand outside the ring, and the WWE finally acknowledged that women were just as crowd pleasing as men. In 1956, the world of professional wrestling created a women’s champion, and it became the WWE Divas Championship in 2008.

There have been some women in wrestling that have left their mark such as Chyna, who was one of the first women to ever be able to take on a male wrestler, as well as Trish Stratus, Stacey Keibler, and many other women that paved the way for the WWE Divas of today. While the WWE Divas are considered to be the most beautiful, and talented, women in the WWE, there have been some moments with these ladies that have made the rest of the world cringe and feel secondhand embarrassment.

As beautiful as they may be, sometimes the divas have been caught in the rather awkward moments, and it does happen just as often as it does to their male counterparts. Here are the 10 most embarrassing moments in WWE Divas history.

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10 Diva with a Flatulence Problem

One of the most talented WWE Divas is undoubtedly Natalya, and for some reason that only the WWE Creative Team knows, it was decided that this rising superstar had to have a flatulence problem. Whenever Natalya got nervous, there would be a loud noise, and everyone was supposed to assume that was the sound of her passing gas, but what made this even more embarrassing is the fact her gas issue was supposed to be so toxic that anyone in the ring with her would pass out from the smell. Luckily for everyone, the storyline was soon over, and Natalya could wrestle without having to release a toxic cloud that would render everyone downwind of her unconscious.

9 The Tearful Exit of Kharma

Like Chyna, WWE Diva Kharma was a strong and tough woman who could take on anyone including her own gender, plus the opposite sex as well. According to her stats, Kharma was nearly six feet tall, and weight 273 pounds, which made her a formidable force in the WWE. Most of the WWE Divas could not match up to her size and talent, and she went through the Divas like they were rag dolls. However, for an unknown reason at the time, one night before a match, Kharma basically burst into tears in the ring. Shortly after the tearful incident, Kharma left the WWE because she claimed she was pregnant, and a talented woman was gone before she could even make her mark as a WWE Diva, which is quite embarrassing for her and the company.

8 Divas Dishing Out Fat Jokes


Why is it that the WWE Creative team has to target a woman for her size and shape? The writers like to have the WWE Divas constantly harping one another for their bodies, and there are even whole feuds that are based on weight. When a woman named Mickie James entered the WWE, her size was the constant source of fat jokes, and altered photos of her with the body of a pig. Every woman in the WWE has been called fat at least once, and sometimes it is rather embarrassing to constantly harp on the one topic because not a single one of the WWE Divas has a real weight issue.

7 Miss Elizabeth and Ric Flair Affair

Miss Elizabeth made a name for herself as a top rate manager back in the 1980s, and she was supposedly married to Macho Man Randy Savage. The two got married at Summerslam 1991, and it was one of the highlights of the event. However, one person that was not thrilled for the happy couple was Ric Flair. Flair claimed that Miss Elizabeth belonged to him, and he was determined to get her back and mess up her relationship with Randy Savage. Flair started showing photos of him and Miss Elizabeth, and even claimed to have a nude one of her. Randy Savage had enough, and beat Flair at Wrestlemania VIII, and what did Flair get for trying to kiss Miss Elizabeth? A hard slap across his face, but the storyline was still a little embarrassing for Miss Elizabeth.

6 Trish Stratus and Vince McMahon

Back in 2001, Vince McMahon was being billed as a bad guy in the WWE, and he claimed that he had his wife Linda put into an institution. While Linda was “away,” Vince McMahon started dating Trish Stratus. The romance did not last long, and Vince McMahon broke up with Trish on television. Stratus acted very upset, and begged Vince to take her back, and the bad guy McMahon decided to embarrass his supposed play thing. What was incredibly embarrassing was the fact that McMahon made Trish get down on her hands and knees, and crawl around the ring like a dog. Stratus even had to bark, and it was clear from her tears, that she was embarrassed. Eventually, Stratus did get her revenge by slapping McMahon when he was in a match with his son Shane, but acting like a dog in the ring in front of the world was definitely a low point in Stratus’s career.

5 The Search For a New Diva

Back in 2003, the WWE decided to search for women they could bring into the company. The WWE Diva Search was a way for talented women to try their hand at the world of professional wrestling. The embarrassing part of this contest was the fact that the wannabe divas had to do many things to prove they could be in the WWE, and it was rather embarrassing some of the tasks they had to complete. What exactly does playing games have to do with professional wrestling? The contest only lasted a few years, which fans of the WWE are grateful for.

4 The Naked Wedding

Weddings are supposed to be a day that women will never forget. However, for WWE Diva Dawn Marie, her wedding had to be something special. First off, this was all a WWE storyline, and in it Dawn Marie was feuding with Torrie Wilson. For reasons unknown, the WWE Creative team decided to take their feud to a more personal level, and had Dawn Marie get involve with Torrie Wilson’s father, Al. The two had an affair, and it lead to a Smackdown televised wedding in which Dawn Marie wanted to be married in the nude. The happy couple stripped down to their under clothing, which is as naked as one can get on TV, and the wedding took place. At the end, Dawn Marie knocked her groom down, but still kissed him, and this embarrassing moment was locked forever in the minds of WWE fans everywhere.

3 Santino Being Crowned “Miss Wrestlemania”

A male wrestler named Santino Marella decided he wanted to win the Divas Battle Royale, where the winner would be crowned “Miss Wrestlemania.” Going under the name Santina Marella, he participated in the Battle Royale, but the match was considered to be way too easy for any wrestler with talent. The problem with this Battle Royale was how much it undermined the fact that the WWE Divas really are talented women, and the fact that a man came in dressed as a woman only made the whole world think that the WWE Divas are nothing more than pretty faces instead of the truth, which is that these women are hard working professionals that train just as hard as their male counterparts.

2 Triple H Elopes With Stephanie McMahon

When Stephanie McMahon first came onto the wrestling scene, she was dating a wrestler named Test. The two had supposedly fallen in love, and when it was time to get married, McMahon said yes. There was a televised bridal shower for her in Las Vegas, and she was delivered a special drink by a waiter. The drink was supposedly drugged, and when it came time for the wedding, Triple H had footage to show. The video footage showed an unconscious Stephanie riding with Triple H to one of those drive-through wedding chapels Las Vegas is famous for, and the two of them getting married. Naturally, the drive-through wedding was quite embarrassing for the McMahons, but in real life, Stephanie and Triple H did get married, and now have four children together.

1 Mae Young Gets Pregnant

Mae Young was a female wrestler that paved the way for the WWE Divas of today. However, in one painfully awkward storyline, she got involved with WWE superstar Mark Henry. At the time, he was known as “Sexual Chocolate,” and the two supposedly fell in love. The two had an affair, and while in her 70s, Mae Young claimed she was pregnant with Mark Henry’s child. While on the air on Raw, Mae Young supposedly went into labor, the emergency services came, and the delivery took place backstage. The emergency technicians pulled a diapered Hornswoggle from Mae Young, which made some people vomit, and others react with utter horror. Mae Young had an amazing career in the WWE, but this storyline was not one of her finest moments.

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