10 Memorable WWE Christmas Moments

Whenever Christmas hits, the WWE always puts together content for the holiday season, whether it’s a gimmick match or segment, cartoon, or terrible sing-along. Over the years, there have been plenty of opportunities for the WWE to put out some memorable moments, both for the good and the bad. Usually, this is a chance for some light comedy, and that’s something WWE is very much hit or miss at.

Sometimes they can strike gold, with something as simple as a teddy bear or a costume, and other times they make wrestlers sing, and ninety-nine percent of the time, wrestlers should never, ever, sing. Aside from terrible songs, you will see Christmas parties, wrestlers dressed as Santa, and even some old school footage involving Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon.

Some other notable people involved on the list include “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, WWE Divas, Vince McMahon, Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, and even DX gets in on the act. Every entry will include a video for you to enjoy, so grab some eggnog, sit back, and enjoy 10 of WWE’s most unforgettable Christmas moments ever!

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10 Alberto Del Rio Hits John Cena With A Teddy Bear

Let’s start right out with one of the more talked about Christmas moments, still to this day. Back in 2012, Alberto Del Rio took on John Cena in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight and during the match, Del Rio’s manager, Ricardo Rodriguez, decided to try and help out by giving Alberto a very tough weapon to use against Cena.

Although Rodriguez was calling it a “bazooka,” the weapon was a soft, cuddly, teddy bear, which Del Rio snatched up, yelled, and launched at Cena’s chest with all his might! Of course it had no effect; Del Rio went after his manager for such a terrible weapon choice, giving Cena the opportunity to attack.

9 Steve Austin and Vince McMahon at Tribute for the Troops

For years, WWE would pull off an awesome gesture by going out to military bases – in this case, Baghdad – around the holidays to perform for the troops. This year, Vince came out to thank the troops for everything they do to protect the U.S. During his speech, Santa suddenly appears, interrupting – and annoying – Vince, joining him in the ring.

Vince then decided to call out Santa for not giving him any gifts as a kid and cheap shots Saint Nick in the back! Santa’s wigs falls off and it happened to be “Stone Cold” Steve Austin hiding underneath, he gave Vince a stunner, grabbed some beers, and toasted the troops. Austin then entertained the crowd, and did the usual “what?” shtick that still haunts the WWE Universe to this day.

8 DX Sells Merchandise... And Fights

In their second (and even third) runs as DX, Shawn Michaels and Triple H became quite good at hawking their merchandise in a way that fans found it quite entertaining. This segment may have been one of their best, when they started out in an extremely calm and quite manner, that is until Triple H mentioned the elimination chamber toy, which earlier in the year, he eliminated Michaels from.

Michaels became a bit salty, and gave Triple H a weak chop to the chest, Triple H returned the favor, and they started going back and forth – while trading barbs - in a more aggressive manner. While promoting a DVD box set, Michaels reminded Triple H that he defeated him at the SummerSlam in 2002, and Triple H responded; “you know what I remember about that? You, still had hair” and the brawl was on!

7 WWE Happy Holidays Cartoon

To the beat of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” WWE put together a cartoon that showed many WWE superstars (try to guess them all, Ambrose and Barrett were particularly bad looking) enjoying a Christmas party, while Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are left out in the cold, trying to find a way in the house.

There are plenty of funny moments in this clip, but most notably with Kane setting fire to the fireplace, launching Triple H to the moon, yes, the moon. Also, the announcer asks Big Show to "go easy on the eggnog" and Rowan makes a couple of appearances in his usual, creepy way.

6 Ric Flair’s Christmas Party

Well, if you want to see what life was like before WWE’s PG rating, this clip should do a fine job of showing it off. Right off the bat, Prince Albert hands Kane a bottle of alcohol (later, other wrestlers have beers in hand), and then dresses him up in a very festive manner. There’s a Trish Stratus appearance, Big Show pulls off a solid Hulk Hogan impression, and Tajiri dresses as Santa (he eventually gets volunteered to a match against Vince McMahon’s rival Santa).

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is of course the highlight in this, as he wails away on Tajiri, picks up his guitar (with a busted string), clears his throat, and leads an awful rendition of a bunch of Christmas songs. He finishes with a guitar solo and actually gets Kane to - kind of - play the guitar, at the end. A lot going on in this one, but those are usually the best WWE segments!

5 WWE Happy Holidays Horrible Sing-Along

A group sing-along is always a bad idea, and when it comes to wrestlers trying to do an original song, it’s a really bad idea. Congratulations, if you’re able to make it through this painfully bad song, highlighted by Ryback’s “I can’t eat enough red meat” and Daniel Bryan’s “yes, no, yes, no, okay, yes!”

The best part of this video is Paul Heyman and CM Punk no-selling this entire segment, aside from Punk’s one line, he doesn’t sing at all, and just shakes his head at Heyman. Pretty sure WWE has not done another of these since 2012, which is a joyous reason to celebrate.

4 12 Divas Jingle Bells Match

To help promote Total Divas, WWE put on a holiday 12 Divas Jingle Belles match that had Eva Marie, Naomi, Natalya, Cameron, Brie, and Nikki Bella face off against Aksana, Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, Vickie Guerrero, Summer Rae, and Tamina. The best part of the segment was then Divas champion, AJ Lee, on commentary, where she ripped on the whole segment.

Team Total Divas dominated the match, mostly beating the crap out of Aksana for basically the entire match. Overall, it was a pretty awful segment, capped off with the Total Divas linking arms, one at a time, blasting a member of the other team as they went around and around the ring. The Divas Revolution may not have been an overwhelming success, but at least there’s less of this in the division.

3 Del Rio Hits Santa With A Car

We’re going right back to 2012 with yet another fantastic Del Rio Christmas moment, why he has two of the best, is a mystery, since comedy wasn’t exactly involved in his gimmick. Nonetheless, Santa was giving out gifts to the WWE Universe, waving to the fans, soaking in the moment, when Del Rio’s music suddenly hits. Santa ignores the commotion, but ends up face planting across Del Rio's moving car, and then, a Christmas tree lands right on his head!

The stunned crowd looks on as Del Rio jumps out of the car, surprised and concerned for taking out Kris Kringle. The crowd decides to bust out a “you killed Santa” chant as a stretcher is brought out, with a full medical team, to haul Santa away. As he heads out, you can Santa him go “ho, ho, ho,” while still clearly in pain, he gives a thumbs up to the crowd, and gets one last pop.

2 Primetime Wrestling: Christmas Edition

Taking it back to the 1980’s with one of the best commentary duos ever; Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon and their Christmas edition of Primetime Wrestling. The show starts right off with Heenan trying to setup the tree, while the show is going on, Gorilla chastises him (“Will you get up, and sit down, the program has already started”) for not paying attention, but Heenan keeps on trucking anyways.

As Monsoon tries to move on with the show, Heenan is working with the lights, he looks at the end of the cord and asks Monsoon; “where should I stick this?” Monsoon replies “I’d like to tell ya where ya stick that.” It’s some classic comedy from these two, so some of you might find it really lame, or really funny, either way, give it a watch to see two of the best.

1 Chris Jericho As Santa

Big Show starts things off by demanding Santa come out and give him what he wants, so, out comes Santa, with a Bella in each arm. Santa ends up sitting on Big Show’s lap, and asking Show what he wants, which is to get Chris Jericho back on Raw. Santa says Jericho will come back next week, and suddenly Hornswoggle appears, ripping Santa’s beard off to expose Santa is actually Chris Jericho, rosy cheeks and all!

Then things really breakdown, when an army of little people surround Jericho, like they want to fight, so Jericho pulls off half of his Santa suit and attacks all of them. One latches onto Jericho’s leg and Jericho yells to Big Show “do something, get him off of me!” Big Show absolutely flattens the little person to a chorus of boos from the crowd, what a bunch of Scrooges.


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