10 Incredible Paul Heyman Statistics You Might Not Have Known

Paul Heyman’s contributions to the WWE are innumerable. He’s the quintessential villain with a feisty attitude that’s contributed to many of his superstars’ rather successful careers. It’s this very same attitude that we see whenever he has a microphone in his hands. Some would credit him with the greatest of all time in terms of microphone performance, and Heyman can bend audiences to his will, making them cheer or jeer him at a moment’s notice.

Heyman’s proven himself to be a rather proficient businessman as well. He has a nose for discovering wrestling talent, a trait that stems from his deeply rooted love for the sport. In the past, he has built wrestling franchises from the ground up, creating the ECW which at one point nearly brought down the near monopoly that was the WWF.

His wrestlers are loyal, and Heyman has cultivated a near cult-like following with some fans. In essence, he has become a character in and of himself, one that rivals any superstar that steps into the ring. His creative visions have directed the wrestling scene at large, and he’s had the kind of career of which any wrestling manager would be jealous.

But buried deep within all this staggering history lie some rather interesting statistics. For all of those who want to be told Heyman’s story through numbers, you’ve come to the right place. What follows are the top ten incredible stats about Paul Heyman you don’t want to miss.


10 He Has Three Total Aliases


Wrestlers are often recognized by a variety of nicknames throughout their career. If they are lucky, one of them really sticks in the minds of fans, and they will typically run with it. Seeing as Paul Heyman is practically a wrestling persona himself, it’s only natural that he would attempt to create a few nicknames as well.

Heyman gained his first nickname, Paul E. Dangerously in the late 1980s while working in the CWF (Championship Wrestling from Florida). He’d teamed up with Kevin Sullivan and Oliver Humperdink at the time, and apparently they thought Heyman resembled a Michael Keaton character from the movie Johnny Dangerously. Heyman liked the nickname and ran with it. Later he would tweak the name a tad, changing it to Paul E. Dangerly. His character was an extension of himself: a brash New Yorker with a hothead. Further into his career Heyman returned to his God-given name, and those who encountered him ringside would simply refer to him as Paul Heyman.

9 He’s Managed Five Total Champions


Heyman’s prowess as a manager is unmatched, and it shows in this particular statistic. Heyman has managed an unheard of five various WWE champions throughout his career. Oftentimes throughout their title matches, fans would see Heyman strutting alongside the ring, or witness a close up of Heyman making a screwed up face. It was obvious the WWE recognized his impact on the wrestlers he managed, and it resulted in air-time.

Heyman’s champions include: Brock Lesnar, the Big Show, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, and CM Punk. Some of these wrestlers have even taken the belt from each other. Notably, Heyman helped Lesnar take the championship, only to flip on him to help the Big Show steal the glory. Right afterwards, Heyman helped the following challenger, Kurt Angle, defeat Big Show. While certainly a great manager, it seems Heyman values winning above loyalty.

8 He’s Managed 40 Wrestlers


It seems his managing skills have not gone unnoticed on the swath of wrestlers found within the professional leagues. Heyman has gone on to manage forty separate wrestlers, an impressive feat few can match. Affectionately referring to them as his “guys”, Heyman has cultivated a mass following within the wrestling community.

Some of his more famous “guys” include the aforementioned champions CM Punk, Lesnar, The Big Show, Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle. The list goes on, though, with notable wrestlers such as The Undertaker, Curtis Axel, Cesaro, and Rick Rude. The majority of these personas experienced widespread success, though there are some stinkers in the list as well. Wrestlers like Heidenreich never could quite live up to their potential, infamously being unable to conduct exciting in-ring matches.

7 He’s 5’ 11” Tall


Just under six feet tall, Heyman boasts a rather average stature, instead relying on his boisterous personality to get the wrestling juices flowing. He’s no stranger to being dwarfed by others, as the WWE famously hires some rather large individuals. In fact, when Heyman worked alongside the Big Show, there was just over an entire foot in height difference!

Heyman’s body type has caused him some issues inside the ring. Heyman actually participates in wrestling matches from time to time. Usually, this spells bad news for the manager. The WWE has successfully billed him as a bad guy, and whenever he takes to the ring it’s usually so that proper justice can be dealt. In fact, out of the 31 matches the Internet Wrestling Database credits Heyman with, only five have been victories.

6 He Had 2 Close Relatives Survive World War Two


Heyman’s family was particularly up close and personal to the Second World War, which began in 1939. In fact, both of Heyman’s parents were involved in the war in varying fashions. Richard Heyman, Paul’s father, served in the U.S. Navy in the Third Fleet. Nicknamed “Papu” by his family, Richard unfortunately passed away in June, 2013.

Heyman’s mother, Sulamita Heyman, also experienced the horrors of war. She was a holocaust survivor, having been sent to both Auschwitz and Bergen Belsin Nazi death camps. Her story is one of incredible withstanding and persistence, as she survived some of the more deadly camps in all of Europe. British soldiers eventually liberated her and the rest of the Bergen Belsen camp on April 15, 1945.

5 His Estimated Net Worth is in the Millions


Heyman’s business acumen is well noted by many in the wrestling realm. He single-handedly built the Extreme Championship Wrestling league into prominence, establishing a new brand of wrestling that has had lasting influences up to this day. Over the course of his career, Heyman has earned piles of cash. estimates his total net worth at $10 million dollars, a rather hefty sum. As one of the prominent faces of the WWE, Heyman has certainly earned it. Heyman has grown to be the person we think of first when discussing behind-the-scenes wrestling, and has had his share of momentous on screen performances as well. He is a surefire Hall-of-Famer whenever he decides to call it a career, and deserves to be paid as such.

4 He Has Earned 5 Different Wrestling Awards


If you’ve gathered anything from this article, it’s most likely that Heyman has experienced his share of professional wrestling success. While money in the bank is one recognition of such a fact, the various awards that leagues and magazines dish out for those involved in the wrestling business are as well. Heyman has built himself quite the trophy case.

Heyman’s awards span over a few decades, with his first being the PWI Manager of the Year, which he earned from Pro Wrestling Illustrated back in 1992 when his career was just beginning. Since then, Heyman has been a star. Most notably, he’s accumulated four awards from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, including: Best Booker, Best on Interviews, and Best Non Wrestler. Heyman capped off his run of awards with an induction to the Wrestling Observer Hall-of-Fame in 2005.


3 He’s Used 9 Different Entrance Themes


Heyman is not shy of the limelight. In fact, he thrives in it, and one way of ensuring all eyes are on you is to blare some mighty tunes whenever you enter a stadium. Many wrestlers stick to one song, a sort of trademark of their brand they are pushing. Heyman, though, has dabbled in a variety of entrance music over the years.

Because Heyman is a manager, as well as a character, his music seems to focus on the wrestler he is representing at the time. For example, when representing Brock Lesnar, Heyman used the song “Next Big Thing” by Jim Johnston. Heyman then went on a stint as the GM of Smackdown, and subsequently changed his song to “Mental” by Bryan New. Upon returning as Lesnar’s manager in January 2013, Heyman also returned to his corresponding entrance song, this time a remixed version of “The Next Big Thing”. In total, Heyman has used nine different entrance tunes throughout his career, and doesn’t seem keen on settling on just one anytime soon.

2 He Acted in a Movie That Received a Paltry 3% Rating

Paul Heyman plays a character nearly every day for the WWE, so it was only natural he would go on to test his acting mettle in an actual movie at some point or another. Unfortunately for him, the movie was just a flat out flub. Playing an over the top announcer (anyone surprised?), Heyman had a minor role in the 2002 remake of Rollerball.

The original movie had been quite the success, but apparently this remake failed to do its inspiration much justice. Critics bashed the movie for being too action oriented, and going in a different direction than the original. The acclaimed movie review website Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an astoundingly poor rating of 3%. Heyman was the lone saving grace of the film, though, and many praised his portrayal of a character that we’re sure he already had plenty of practice with.

1 He has 943,000 Twitter Followers


In this day and age, the popularity of many celebrities is somewhat judged by the amount of followers they have garnered. Heyman has kept up with the times, amassing a substantial fan base through social media outlets such at Twitter. In fact, Heyman pulls in just under one million followers on his Twitter account, an impressive number a non-athlete.

It goes to show how versatile Heyman is at advertising a brand. His website and twitter both push the logo “Heyman Hustle”, a motto in line with his wrestling persona, and he has seized on the chance to spread his image to fans through the internet. Heyman frequently posts related videos and articles in order to further establish his image. Today’s world is about the fast paced realm of internet advertising, and Heyman continues to showcase his managing expertise, even when it comes to himself.



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