6 Former WWE Superstar ‘Where Are They Now’ Stories

If you’re into WWE, you probably already know where many of your favorite professional wrestling superstars have ended up. But then again, you also might not know the full stories. Many of the WWE superstars of the 1990s and early 2000s have since moved on, some to greener pastures, and others not so much. For instance, pretty much everyone knows that Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson has gone on to become a major Hollywood actor who co-starred in multiple big budget Hollywood productions, before landing starring roles in major movies himself. Not only that, but Johnson has displayed intense dedication and effort into these roles as well. Before that, he was simply another fighter getting beaten up and beating up others in the ring. But a lot of the other wrestlers, most of who are definitely not as well known as The Rock, have not quite found that level of success. Nonetheless, they still have their own stories to tell.

When we watched these fighters previously, we saw them climbing ladders and trying to knock each other off, fighting brutally in the ring, or even picking the other up and throwing them over the ladder. That’s basically what we remember them for. Many people may roll their eyes at the thought of this, since many don’t consider WWE to even be a real sport (after all, WWE is considered to be an entertainment business, and the shows are all scripted). But many others not only consider WWE wrestling to be a valid sport, but they consider watching it to be the funnest thing to do during their free time. And it’s for those people that this article is about, to see where some of their favorite WWE stars ended up. Here are ten incredible former WWE superstars' ‘where they are now’ stories.

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6 Steve Blackman


Steve Blackman was a champion fighter many times in WWE, most noted for his special martial arts moves that won the crowd from fans. However, in 2002, Blackman suffered a major injury that forced him out of the WWE. But that hasn't kept Blackman from doing what he loves. He has opened up a martial arts school in Pennsylvania, where he has trained many people who have gone on to become professional fighters themselves. In 2007, Blackman married and had a daughter.

5 Sid Eudy  


Sid Eudy was in the WWE from 1991 to 1997, but since being released from his wrestling career, he has gone on to participate in bodybuilding contests, well into his fifties. Unfortunately for Eudy, the main reason for his departure from the WWE was a catastrophic leg injury during a match. However, he has since suffered some major heart problems, as reported by his family that landed him in the hospital.

4 Matt Bloom

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Matt Bloom never seemed to fit in at WWE. He never won any championships and never seemed to sway over very many fans, either. But after being released from WWE in 2004, Bloom tried his hand at Japanese wrestling, with his wrestling name being, the ‘Giant Bernard,’ where he has found considerable success. He also got married in 2005, and it appears that Bloom’s career may be resurrecting after all.

3 Trevor Murdoch


Trevor Murdoch fought in the WWE ring for many years, but when he was released, it seemed that Murdoch’s career was over. Although, that proved to be far from true; Murdoch went overseas to Japan, where he fought at the Pro Wrestling NOAH dojo, which is infamous for requiring some of the most brutal training of any wrestling facility on the planet. Murdoch eventually left the NOAH dojo, and today works installing fiber optic cables.

2 Jeff Hardy


Since leaving WWE, Jeff Hardy went on to wrestle for TNA. In 2008, his house was burned down to the ground because of bad wiring, and his dog was killed in the ensuring fire. Then unfortunately in 2012, Hardy was forced to spend ten days in jail, after being convicted of selling drugs and steroids. He also released an album while playing the guitar with his own band named, “Peroxwhy?gen.”

1 Shawn Michaels

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Following his career at WWE, Shawn Michaels went on to become a born again Christian.  He became a Bible teacher in San Antonio, Texas, and home-schools his two children with his wife. He is also an avid outdoorsman, who has appeared on numerous TV shows and now has his own hunting show called, Shawn Michaels MacMillin River Adventures which airs weekly on the Outdoor Channel. In the wake of many people who believe that all WWE superstars go on a downward spiral following their career in professional wrestling, Shawn Michaels effortlessly proves otherwise. Additionally, the Superstar is still under contract with the WWE to make guest appearances.

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