10 Incredible Former WWE Stars "Where Are They Now?" Stories

A question I frequently get asked by old wrestling fans always seems to be, “what on earth ever happened to_______!?” With so many past superstars gone from the business, the main curiosity from wrestling fans is finding out exactly what they are up to today. Many have found, not only ways to stay busy, but also ways to stay successful in life. While some obvious examples consist of past wrestlers making it big in Hollywood or on television, this is not always the case. Today we will take a deeper look at some other previous WWE superstars and find out what they are up to now, starting with at number 10, former TOO COOL member and master of the worm, Scotty 2 Hotty.

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10 Scotty 2 Hotty: Firefighter

You've got to admire Scotty 2 Hotty, aka Scott Garland. Despite his massive success during the WWE’s attitude era, Scott began his training to become a full time firefighter. Scott returned to the WWE briefly for a cameo on NXT, where he imparted some of his 20 plus years of wrestling experience, to the young wrestlers in NXT. Garland will never forget his time spent in WWE, but now looks forward to his new venture in doing some good in the industry of firefighting.

9 Rick Steiner: Runs Real Estate Firm & Member Of The Cherokee County Board of Education


When thinking of Rick's career in the ring, would anyone ever imagine that following his days in WWE, he would end up working in improving school systems? Well, that's exactly what happened to Steiner. From his early days in the University of Michigan, Steiner always had a strong interest for learning in the educational system, and today, he is putting wrestling aside and focusing on his new goal: improving the educational system in his town, by being a member of his town's educational board. Rick’s decision to leave the wrestling business was inspired because of family motives. He wanted to spend more time with his children, and watching them grow up was essential for the former wrestling star.

8 Billy Kidman: WWE Television Production Collaborator


Crazy for Billy Kidman, who was always told he was too small and would never make it in the business, that 15 years later, he is still involved in the wrestling business. In his post wrestling career, Billy worked as talent director for the WWE, training with numerous wrestlers such as Sheamus and Kofi Kingston. Later on, Kidman began to gain a growing interest in television production, and ended up replacing Jerry Brisco in his position as a director and producer for both shows, considering each event fits into their proper time slots. Kidman is thrilled to still be a part of a company he loves dearly.

7 Jonathan Coachman: ESPN Broadcaster for SportsCenter & Host of His Own Radio Show


Besides a few past wrestlers, it’s been rare for a wrestler to move on from wrestling and onto bigger and better things, but it seemed like a normal thing for “The Coach." The Coach took an offer he could definitely not refuse from ESPN, and left the WWE. Reportedly, the WWE did not try to stop the former commentator, knowing he had a child on the way; so he was given the green light to leave and pursue ESPN. Since joining ESPN, Coachman has never looked back. He now hosts his own NFL radio show, he covers college basketball and co-hosts SportsCenter frequently. Jonathan Coachman is blessed to be where he is today, and undoubtedly thanks the WWE for his recent successes.

6 Lita: Musician

5 Bill Goldberg: Hosts His Own Podcast


After a short stay with the WWE, Bill Goldberg left in 2004 and began to work as a color commentator in 2006, for the MMA promotion WFA. Goldberg worked as a color commentary personality for different MMA promotions till 2007, and in 2010, Goldberg rose back to stardom by being cast on the hit reality TV series, The Celebrity Apprentice. Today, Goldberg is working on his own podcast entitled, Who’s Next With Goldberg. The show can be found for free on Itunes, and deals with a variety of guests and topics form sports to movies to television. Although we are not certain about his thoughts on returning to the WWE, Goldberg has still not ruled out a return to the ring; stay tuned wrestling fans.

4 Trish Stratus: Founder of Stratusphere Yoga


3 Joey Mercury: WWE Producer


Yes folks, Joey Mercury might be a random entry on this list, but his post "ring life" has been quite impressive working in the WWE. Joey Mercury has been regarded as the best talent manager out there today, aiding the new generation of superstars immensely. Still only 34, Joey is maximizing his role in the business as a top coach and producer. Mercury started off as a road agent in the FCW, and then onto NXT, and later on to working full time for WWE. Joey Mercury is responsible for creating and developing WWE’s latest masterful creation, The Shield. Mercury potentially created the WWE’s 3 biggest superstars for years to come. The members of The Shield will forever be grateful for all Mercury has done to their careers, and the group is said to see him as the silent 4th member. Mercury’s role in the WWE is certainly impressive.

2 DDP: Founder of DDP Yoga


From a bad-boy wrestler in the ring, to a motivating and inspirational yoga coach outside the ring, this is the story of DDP. After a lengthy career in the wrestling business, DDP began his next project, yoga. Page praised yoga after recovering from injured discs in his back, and discovered the health benefits from partaking in yoga. Page later went on to write, Yoga For Regular Guys workout and later transformed the book into workout videos called, DDP Yoga. The video caught some serious heat and went mainstream, being featured on shows such as Good Morning America. DDP sold his story to Arthur Boorman, a disabled war vet who was told he would never walk again. After joing DDP’s yoga, Boorman lost an incredible 140 pounds in 10 months and was able to walk on his own. This story was an incredibly motivating tale that went viral all over the media. Page also appeared on the ABC series, Shark Tank, in an attempt to further expand his company.

1 Edge: TV Actor

After announcing his retirement due to injury, following his retirement speech, Adam Copeland, known to us wrestling fans as Edge, got a phone call literally two days later, being asked to appear as a guest star on the Syfy TV show, Haven. The producers told Adam that they liked what they saw during his retirement speech. A one scene appearance on the show built up gradually, all the way to a full time spot as the sheriff on the show. Having a full time role on a television series, still to this day, shocks the former WWE superstar, who went from a retired wrestler to a TV actor, in a mere 48 hours. This is a truly remarkable story for Adam.

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