10 Hottest WWE Wrestler WAGs Outside Of The Wrestling World

Having a wife or girlfriend that is outside of their area of work is actually very rare for a professional wrestler, let alone a WWE superstar. Travelling all over the world and constantly working means that a social life will be extremely limited and the changes of meeting your future partner at work is far more likely. For some though, they have managed to find love outside of the ring, despite the many challenges. Unfortunately for others, they may have tried but the crazy lifestyle would eventually end their marriage; Randy Orton is an example of this. Randy recently divorced his high school sweetheart who he also shares a daughter with. Despite it being difficult and sometimes bumpy, for these 10 superstars, it's managed to work well in more ways than one. Let’s check out this list of 10 of the hottest wrestler wives/girlfriends outside of the entertaining wrestling world. Enjoy.

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10 Galina Becker - Married To Roman Reigns


During his days playing football for Georgia Tech, Roman Reigns met his future wife, Galina Becker. In February of 2012 the two got engaged, and they would later get married while Reigns was out of the ring with an injury in early December of 2014. The couple also has a 4 year old daughter who was exposed to the public during WWE’s campaign “Take time to be a dad today”. The video went absolutely viral, and generated an overwhelming amount of buzz.

9 Jessica Lockhart - Married To Chris Jericho


The two have been together for quite some time now, meeting for this first time in high school. After dating for several years the couple got married June 30th, 2000. The couple have 3 children; Ash Edward Irwin and twin girls Cheyenne Lee Irvine and Sierra Loretta Irvine. Chris Jericho has the name of his wife tattooed on his ring finger. The couple are set to celebrate their 15 year anniversary together. Truly remarkable for the two to have stuck together for all these years, especially with someone like Chris who has had such a demanding schedule in the last 15 years.

8 Kim Marie Kessler - Dating Randy Orton


Last April, Randy Orton finally decided to go public about his new girlfriend, Kim Marie Kessler. Randy decided to go public on his 34th birthday. Orton, who got married to Samantha Speno in 2005, filed for divorce after 8 years of marriage in June of 2013. It is said that the couple was separated in late 2012. The former couple had a daughter together, Alanna Marie. Orton has a tattoo of his daughter's name on his left forearm and her birthday initialed in roman numerals. It has been more than a year now that Orton is dating his current girlfriend Kim Marie, who is from New York and has three boys of her own.

7 Lauryn Laine McBride - Dating Jerry Lawler


Let’s just say that the long time color commentator for the WWE has been through his fair share of failed marriages. Jerry Lawler has been through three failed marriages in the past with Kay Lawler, Paula Lawler and Stacy Carter. These three marriages spanned 32 years, between 1971 with his first wife Kay Lawler, all the way to his final marriage with former WWE Diva Stacy “the kat” Carter, in 2003. At the age of 65, Lawler is currently dating a much younger gal by the name of Lauryn McBride. Lauryn was very influential on filling in the WWE universe on Lawler’s status when he was hospitalized during a live telecast of Monday Night Raw in Montreal.

6 Denise Hartmann - Married To Christian


Canadian native wrestler, Christian, who was born William Jason "Jay" Reso, certainly didn’t fair too badly marrying his beautiful wife, a German model by the name of Denise Hartmann. The two met while Christian was touring in England. On May 25th, 2001, the couple decided to get hitched. While Christian was out of action for some time (recovering from some concussion symptoms), the couple welcomed their first child; a baby girl.

5 Jennifer McDaniel - Married To Hulk Hogan


After a rough ending to his marriage with Linda Claridge in 2007, Hulk Hogan quickly rebounded, tying the knot once again with his current wife Jennifer McDaniel. Despite being 21 years older than his wife, the two hit it off very well dating for 3 years before finally getting married. The couple's wedding day was certainly one to remember; a disruption occurred when a photographer tried to crash the wedding. The incident was dealt with by a family friend Ron Howard, which later escalated into a fight. The cops were even called to break up the disruption at the reception. Never a dull moment with 'The Hulk', it seems.

4 Rebecca Curci Michaels - Married To Shawn Michaels


Despite her brief time as “Nitro Girl” Whisper, Rebecca Curci spent most of her life outside of the wrestling business. Though through her gig as a Nitro Girl, she was spotted by WWE superstar Shawn Michaels. On March 31st, 1999, the two got married at the “Graceland Wedding Chapel” in Las Vegas, Nevada. Only the couple and an Elvis impersonator were present during the impromptu ceremony. The couple went on to have two children; Cameron Kade Hickenbottom and Cheyenne Hickenbottom.

3 Lauren Hashian - Dating The Rock


After divorcing his ex wife Dany Garcia, the “People’s Champ” reportedly fell into a depression. Experiencing a failed marriage was something he never expected and put a big part of the blame on himself. The Rock fortunately recovered from this, and began making a massive impact in the entertainment world. He scored blockbuster after blockbuster film, and later he would go on to find love again and began to date singer/songwriter Lauren Hashian. It is believed that two had already been together for several years. The Rock officially showed off his new girlfriend at the premier of Hercules. The Rock also recently showed Lauren off at the ceremony of his hand and footprint engraving, while promoting his new film San Andreas.

2 Jennifer Hudson - Fiance Of David Otunga


Seven months after meeting the actress/singer and spokesperson for Weight Watchers, David Otunga proposed to Jennifer Hudson on her 27th birthday. In 2009, Hudson gave birth to the couple’s first child, Daniel David Otunga. Despite their engagement and birthing a child, the couple is still not married years later. Hudson claims that it’s all about proper timing and wants their marriage to last, as she does not believe in divorce. It's nice to see two famous faces from different forms of entertainment, both making the time to be happy together.

1 Catalina Hager - Married To Jack Swagger


Catalina Hager is known for her appearances in magazines such as FHM and Maxim. The couple married in December of 2010, and they later had their first son Knox Sterling, followed by their first daughter Presley Pearl. 2010 was a massive year for Jack Swagger, as not only did he marry a beautiful women, but he also got to cash in his 'Money in the Bank' contract by defeating Chris Jericho and capturing his first ever World Heavyweight Championship. Swagger later lost the title to Rey Mysterio in a Fatal-4-Way Match. Despite the loss though, 2010 was a very good year for Swagger, I’d say.

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