10 Former Wrestlers Who Did P*rn

For many wrestlers, whether it is before their successful wrestling run or their post wrestling run, job options can sometimes be limited and ultimately, they are forced to take whatever is presented to them at that particular time. This isn't always necessarily a negative thing. For some former wrestling stars, working in the adult entertainment industry was their option. Other reasons for these former wrestling superstars to get involved in the industry arise from various causes such as exposure, heavy pay day or a mistake they made simply made at the time. Drugs also played a crucial factor in poor decision making for some of these former wrestlers. With that said, let’s now see exactly who these 10 former wrestling superstars are, and what parts they played in the industry. Enjoy this list of former pro wrestlers that once did porn.


10 Chyna

After leaving the WWE, Chyna spent a couple of months working for “New Japan Pro Wrestling”, in 2002. After her stint in Japan Chyna left the world of wrestling for the adult industry, and in 2004, Chyna released her debut video, 1 Night in China. She has worked on six films thus far, and her most recent was a parody of the Hulk, She Hulk XXX: A P*rn Parody. Chyna played the role of the “She-Hulk”. The former WWE superstar also took home some awards for her work in the adult business. In 2006 Chyna won the AVN Award for “Best Selling Title Of The Year” which was 1 Night in China. In 2012 she also took home the award for “Best Celebrity Sex Tape” for her work in Backdoor to Chyna. Despite her tremendous popularity and career during her time in the WWE, Chyna’s career in the adult industry has left her future as a candidate in the Hall of Fame in serious doubt.

9 Tylene Buck (aka Major Gunns)

Major Gunns (aka Tylene Buck) had her rise to fame during her stint with WCW, when she managed the stable “Misfits in Action”. When the WWE purchased WCW, Tylene was released by the company. She joined “Xtreme Pro Wrestling” for a little bit and managed the Sandman. In 2005, Tylene left the wrestling business for good and joined the adult entertainment industry. Buck signed a deal with “Seymore Butts’ Talent Agency”. She worked numerous adult films and is also a cam girl for an adult website. In 2005, Buck was featured on the controversial documentary 101 Reasons not to become a Pro-Wrestler. She is still currently working in the adult entertainment business.

8 Candice Michelle

Before auditioning to be a contestant for the WWE’s “Diva Search”, Candice Michelle was very active in the world of entertainment. Candice appeared on several television shows such as Party of Five and 7th Heaven. Additionally, she also appeared in films such as Tomcats, Anger Management, DodgeBall and A Man Apart. While working these shows, Candice took part in a soft-core adult television show, titled Hotel Erotica. In April of 2006, Candice also posed nude for the famous Playboy magazine.

7 Sunny

Although she has not done an adult film just yet, she is currently in negotiations with Vivid Entertainment on beginning to do so. It looks as though both sides have agreed, and it is now just a matter of working out the contract and payment. It is said that Sunny (also known as Tammy Sytch) will be a very rich lady after she signs this deal with Vivid. Sunny has also worked private Skype sessions in the past, and photos were leaked from her previous sessions. It looks like “Sunny days” are ahead for long time fans of the former WWE Diva.

6 Beulah McGillicutty

Beulah McGillicutty rose to fame during her days in ECW, where she also met her current husband, ECW legend Tommy Dreamer. Before her rise with the wrestling company, Beulah filmed a “solo session” which ended up going viral on the internet. Despite this video though, Beulah did a complete 360. She had 2 girls with her husband Tommy Dreamer, and later went back to school and eventually wrote a children’s book entitled Gertrude the Great. This was certainly a very admirable turn of events for these former ECW alumni.

5 Sean Waltman (aka X-Pac)

The former member of 'the Kliq' had quite the impressive resume back in his WWE days. But something else Sean can add to his resume is an appearance in an adult film. The man known to wrestling fans across the globe as X-Pac, was featured in the adult film 1 Night in China, starring (you guessed it) himself and Chyna. The film contains footage of the couple walking around the streets of China and having intercourse in between. Waltman cashed in quite nicely with the film, selling over 100,000 copies. The film also won the award for “Top selling release of the year”, in 2006.

4 Amy Weber

Amy Weber certainly had a variety of talents in her early days. She made appearances in films, TV shows, publishing music and even did some modelling. Oh, and not to mention, she had a brief career in the WWE, as well. Something Amy Weber also did was appear in soft-core adult films. Although she was seen in a variety of things, today she is still keeping busy working on her music career and recently released an album titled, Let it Rain.


3 Buff Bagwell

Although he is not working as an adult screen star, Buff Bagwell (born Marcus Alexander Bagwell) is working within the adult business as a Gigolo, something Bagwell is apparently making a lot of money doing. After getting some exposure on the Showtime reality series Gigolos, Bagwell’s requests reportedly blew up. For those of you ladies interested, be aware, as this jacked up former WCW star is actually quite pricey. Bagwell’s rates range from $800 for two hours, all the way up to $25,000 for one whole week.

2 Gangrel

David William Heath, who is known to wrestling fans as Gangrel, took a strange twist in his career path. Although, this is not too surprising when you think of the former leader of “The Brood”. He still wrestles independently, but signed a deal in 2007 to direct twelve adult entertainment films for “New P*rn Order”. His debut film is set to release soon, and is entitled Miami Rump Shakerz 2. For those of you wondering; no, Gangrel is no longer with Luna Vachon, the two are divorced. Gangrel got remarried in 2008 to his current wife, Kiara Dillon.

1 Hulk Hogan

This particular sex tape was released without Hulk Hogan's consent. In fact, the video was 6 years old at the time of its release, and featured Hogan with Heather Clem, the ex wife of Bubba The Love Sponge. Hogan was reportedly extremely upset about the taping and promised legal action. Hogan was devastated and embarrassed when the clip came out. Despite his feelings towards the tape though, many adult websites are apparently offering Hogan huge sums of money to publish it. As it still stands, Hogan wants nothing but to bury the tape.


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