10 Forgotten Tag Teams That Featured Wrestling Stars In The Making

Tag teams have long been a huge part of professional wrestling, despite WWE’s recent attempts to all but phase out the concept entirely. Still, teams like The New Day shine as a unit in a time when even solo wrestlers aren’t quite the draws they used to be. Clearly, tag team wrestling will never quite go away, and will always remain a huge part of the wrestling industry. The reason tag teams tend to take a backseat to the solo stars is inevitable: nearly every successful tag team eventually has a standout star who far transcends what the team once was.

Occasionally, even after a tag team discovers its breakout star, the team itself was already so big it is remembered as well as the solo star it produced. In these 10 instances, the success of one or both of the stars diverged in such wild manners the tag teams they formed during the start of the careers is all but forgotten today. Some of these teams were actually pretty successful in their time, especially when put into the perspective of the time and place the team existed. Regardless, they are all but forgotten today, despite the fact at least one of the members of each team was a born candidate for the Hall of Fame.

10 Sting and the Ultimate Warrior were The Blade Runners


9 Eddie Guerrero and Art Barr were Los Gringos Locos

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8 John Cena and Rico Constantino were Bolin Services

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7 Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin were the Minnesota Stretching Crew

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6 Kevin Nash and Al Green were The Master Blasters

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5 AJ Styles and Air Paris were Air Raid

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4 Ric Flair and Greg Valentine

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3 The Undertaker and Dan Spivey were The Skyscrapers

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2 Kane and Al Snow were The Dynamic Duo

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1 Triple H and Perry Saturn

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Most of the other teams on this list have some level of publicly available information, but all we have for this team is a few pictures and vague stories. Those few pictures and vague stories are certainly enough to guarantee it happened, though, since they prove at one point early in their careers, Triple H and Perry Saturn were the IWF Tag Team champions. The two trained together under Killer Kowalski and formed a short-lived team early in their careers. Triple H of course is the head of the Authority, a 14-time WWE World Champion, and could one day be in charge of WWE. Perry Saturn is a career midcarder who’s biggest claim to fame in recent years was becoming addicted to meth and ending up homeless. Though Saturn has since cleaned up, Triple H hasn’t exactly extended the olive branch out to his old partner. We suspect he probably won’t be doing so any time in the near future.

Sources: WWE, Cage Match

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10 Forgotten Tag Teams That Featured Wrestling Stars In The Making