10 Excruciatingly Embarrassing Moments From Live WWE Matches

Along with the addictive matches WWE gives its fans, there are also a myriad of mishaps and embarrassing moments that usually make our days. Like that one time that Chris Jericho slid while trying to kick the WWE Champion CM Punk in the face or that time when Randy Orton’s intended RKO for Chris Jericho was totally botched.

When these moments happen, the team at WWE tries their best to cover them up. And it starts with their boss. For example, during the 2005 Royal Rumble, Batista was supposed to win, but him and his opponent were forced over the top rope, and that meant there was no winner. However, since it was Batista who was supposed to win, Vince McMahon came out, dramatically sat in the middle of the ring and ordered the match to be restarted.

At other times, the camera is cut from the embarrassing person or issue such as was the case when John Cena drooled after saying The Rock’s name. Sometimes, ridiculous and embarrassing storylines are written which make certain wrestlers look like fools in front of millions. Whatever the case, here are 10 of the most excruciatingly embarrassing moments that happened during live WWE matches:


10 The Day Cena Crapped Himself

John Cena is a polarizing character among pro wrestling fans, but one of the most embarrassing moments for these fans happened the day he pooped on himself. On November 11, 2013, he admitted to pooping himself during a Total Divas show. During that fateful day in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, he had food poisoning but went on ahead to wrestle anyway. As he wrestled Scott Steiner, he felt like puking. So, he asked the referee where to puke and the referee gladly told him “under the ring.” As he was puking, he crapped on himself. Afterwards, he said, “Everybody knew—I was embarrassed.”

9 The “Poopy” Saga


In 2008, the Doctor of Thuganomics John Cena stole John Bradshaw Layfield’s famous white limousine owing to the renewed feud between the two. Before he, together with Cryme Tyme members JTG and Shad Gaspard, went on to vandalize his car, he explained to him satirically that it was for his own good since the State of Louisiana doesn’t allow limos on its roads. They smashed his side mirrors, his windshield, and his windows. However, what they did after was one of the most embarrassing moments in the history of WWE. They proceeded to write ‘JBL is Poopy’ on the front fender of the car. Poopy! Really, Cena.

8 The Naked Wedding

In 2003, SmackDown played host to a very hot feud between Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson. It was so bad that Dawn Marie initiated a romantic relationship with Torrie Wilson’s real dad, Al Wilson. She even decided to wed the fortunate chap at a live ceremony at SmackDown. What’s embarrassing about this weird wedding is that Dawn Marie made it clear that she was going to be naked during the ceremony. So she stripped down to her underpants and then did so to her soon-to-be husband Al. The wedding went on smoothly and ended with the couple smooching hard on the floor.

7 Ultimate Warrior’s Vomiting


In 1992, Papa Shango was putting voodoo curses on everyone who crossed his line. On May 19 of that year, he faced the Ultimate Warrior, but it never ended well for the warrior. Just as Papa Shango cursed Gene Okerlund to sweat blue liquid, he also placed a curse on Ultimate Warrior and made him vomit his insides out. During the match, he contracted severe abdominal pain. He was taken to a holding room where he vomited all over his attending doctor as well as some of his colleagues. Thank goodness their feud didn't go on for long.

6 Kharma Crying

Kharma always cut a tough, no nonsense kind of look, so when she decided to cry like a baby in the middle of the ring on the May 23, 2011 RAW, fans were left with their jaws on the ground. This gargantuan woman stood at 5’11” and weighed in at 273 pounds. She was also known as Awesome Kong due to her enormous dimensions. During that fateful day, she arrived with a bang, interrupting a tag team match. She walked down with absolutely no fear, carefully scrutinizing each of the eight divas in the ring. Then, embarrassingly, she broke down and cried. A week later, she explained that she cried because she was pregnant.

5 Cena’s Boos


Nobody takes on boos like John Cena. At the start, WWE didn’t expect it but it just grew among pro wrestling fans. This is largely due to Cena competing against more liked superstars and the fans disliking him because of his great winning chances. This has largely become a habit among many fans of the WWE and the hate keeps on growing with each day that passes. The WWE has gotten over the embarrassing situation by ingeniously dubbing him “the most divisive WWE superstar ever.” The boos were pretty evident during the night after WrestleMania XXVIII.

4 Vince Tears his Quads at Royal Rumble

Back in 2005, Batista was scripted to win the Royal Rumble. Moments to the finish, Batista lifted John Cena for the Batista bomb but his momentum was so strong that it sent both over the top rope. The next moments were too embarrassing to watch. Four referees and officials were involved in a brawl of about a minute of declaring each the winner but the biggest embarrassment didn’t happen until their boss, Vince McMahon, came out furious. Shockingly, McMahon tore both his quads entering the ring. He stumbled, fell and then sat at the edge of the ring and instructed the match to restart. It was restarted, and Batista won. To this day opinions are mixed on whether this was great improvisation in the face of the unexpected, or a disaster that should never have happened.


3 The Hate Cena’s T-shirt Got at ECW


John Cena’s entrance routine involves him removing his t-shirt and throwing it to the fans. However, during his 2006 ECW One Night Stand match against Rob Van Dam, he was in for a rude shock. He did his routine performance, but his t-shirt was immediately thrown back at him. Stunned, he threw the t-shirt back to the crowd again, but like a boomerang, it kept on coming back. His last attempt was the most embarrassing. Fans tore and spat on the t-shirt before tossing it back at him. As if this wasn’t enough, toilet rolls and chants such as "You can’t wrestle" and "F*** you Cena!" were thrown at him throughout the whole match. Take a look at the video!

2 Natalya’s Farts

Natalya, a member of the Hart Family, is the first third-generation female wrestler in the world. She made her debut on WWE in 2007, but one of the most embarrassing moments WWE has ever experienced with this female wrestler wasn’t to come until 2012. During a short period of time that year, she contracted a condition that made her fart whenever she was nervous. She just couldn’t hold it in and the farts were so bad that referees, other wrestlers and Hornswoggle collapsed from the lethal fumes. Well, just a turd whistling for the right of way.

1 Cena Drooling Over the Rock


Recently, John Cena embarrassingly drooled all over himself and the microphone as he cut a promo. He was ardently saying the words “The Rock” when suddenly out of nowhere a dribble of spit spewed out of his mouth. On realizing the awkward moment, WWE focused all cameras elsewhere, but it was too late. Memes making fun of Cena saturated the web in minutes. When the cameras focused back on him, the drool was gone and he played it as cool as he could.


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