10 Embarrassing Ways WWE Superstars Were Caught Cheating

WWE Superstars work more than arguably any other professional athlete. They routinely spend 300-plus days on the road with the company every year, which means that they are given very little time to go home and visit their families. As you can imagine, they are often left feeling alone and decide to seek comfort elsewhere.

It was once said that the wrestling business is one that is often better if you’re a single person and you don’t have any family commitments. It is easy to see why, when you consider the hectic travelling schedule. It is incredibly hard to maintain a relationship and it’s a reason why a lot of the couples who date outside of WWE rarely work out in the long term.

Dating inside the company is a better plan and there are some examples to look at. Everyone knows about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon as well as Tyson Kidd and Natalya, but some couples are not that lucky. Rather than explain to their spouse that they were feeling lonely and that they did indeed find solace elsewhere, these ones decided to let it remain a secret, at least until the beans finally spilled.

This list is compiled of the ten times when WWE superstars couldn’t tell their partners they were cheating, so instead they found out in the worst possible way. As you can imagine with their celebrity status, sometimes it waits till it hits social media before the whole truth finally comes out.


10 Christy Hemme and Vince McMahon

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Christy Hemme became a part of WWE programming after she won the first ever WWE Raw Diva Search. She was then added to the Divas Division but didn’t seem to be making the impact that WWE had hoped for due to her lack of in-ring training.

That being said, Christy was reportedly making sure that she was continuously booked on WWE TV by engaging in an affair with the chairman of WWE Vince McMahon. Things were going okay for them until Stephanie found out about the affair. Given that Vince was cheating on Stephanie's mother, you can imagine she didn't take it so well. The whole saga ended with Christy being released from the company. Christy eventually signed with TNA.

9 John Cena and Victoria 


John Cena was said to have had relations with many superstars while he has been a part of WWE. After cheating on his wife with another WWE Diva (read below to find out who), John Cena was in a short-term relationship with another WWE Diva, Maria. Apparently that was not enough for Cena, who was also sleeping with Victoria. It is thought that he was cheating with Victoria while he was still together with his wife, who read about it online.

With all the evidence of John Cena as a cheater, it should be no surprise that his wife wanted a divorce.

8 Sunny and Bret Hart

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This one was purely speculation, but it seems that Shawn Michaels and Sunny were in a relationship for around eight months back in the late 1990s. Sunny was cheating on her boyfriend at the time and didn’t reveal that she and Shawn Michaels had dated until long after the relationship was over.

Shawn did go on national TV and accuse Bret Hart of having an affair with Sunny . Shawn's comments were unfounded, and were clearly unplanned. This (as you can imagine) left Hart’s wife being less than impressed.  As for why Michaels would lie? Many speculate that this was Michaels' jealousy and bitterness that clouded his vision.

7 Sunny and The British Bulldog

Sunny made a reputation for herself while she was a part of WWE programming and she has continued to live by the same reputation since. Unfortunately this means she is not afraid of dragging other people down with her.

She stated in an interview back in 2012 that while both she and David Boy Smith were a part of WWE the two had engaged in some "extracurricular activities". They were clearly good at keeping it a secret, because Sunny admitted that she hadn't told anyone about it until that interview.

Smith married in 1984 and was still married when he was a part of WWE with Sunny. Reportedly his former wife didn’t know anything about this adultery until Sunny released the details in the interview.

6 Triple H and Stephanie

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Triple H and Stephanie are currently the power couple of WWE, playing the characters of The Authority, while also being in a relationship in real life.

But the couple began dating whilst Chyna and Triple H were still together! As you can imagine, Chyna was said to have been furious when she found out that Triple H had been cheating on her with the boss’ daughter. Unfortunately she felt a fate similar to Christy, and found her release from the company not long afterwards. The Game and Stephanie now have three daughters together, while Chyna has moved on to make a name for herself in the adult entertainment industry.

5 Melina and Batista

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Batista is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion so you think he would be great at confrontation.  Yet it seems when he wanted a divorce from his wife, he decided to write a tell-all book about his antics instead of confronting her about their relationship.

Batista admitted in his book that he had been sleeping with WWE Diva Melina. To further complicate things, Melina was dating WWE Superstar John Morrison. While Melina and John managed to patch their relationship up, it seems that Batista’s wife was furious that she had to read about the cheating in a book and granted him the divorce he required.

4 Kelly Kelly and Chris Jericho

Kelly Kelly was one of the most attractive Divas on the roster during her time with the company and in an off the cuff interview, Randy Orton revealed that Kelly Kelly had been sleeping with a lot of people in the locker room.

One of these people was Chris Jericho, who was married at the time.  Photos of the pair kissing at a party emerged online and apparently managed to find their way to Jericho’s wife, who wanted to put him into the Walls of Jericho! Luckily the pair has since managed to patch things up, but hopefully Jericho has learnt his lesson.


3 Edge and Lita

It is one of the best known love triangles in WWE and the fact that it was made public knowledge made dealing with the bitter situation even harder for the people involved.

It seems that when Matt Hardy was out injured, and Lita was aligned with Edge on WWE TV, the two decided it was a good idea to enter into a relationship off the screen. Apparently the fact that Edge knew that Lita was already in a relationship with Matt didn't seem to stop either of them. When Hardy found out, he did not take kindly to it and began attacking Edge at events. This was one of the more prominent examples of a real-life incident turning into a scripted storyline on the show.

2 John Cena and Mickie James

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As stated above, John Cena must have become lonely on the road after a while because it seems he managed to have a few affairs with different Divas over a short space of time.

Mickie James was the main one that got Cena caught. It didn't help that James was engaged to fellow WWE Superstar Kenny Dykstra at the time. When Kenny found out that his fiancé was cheating, instead of confronting her, he wrote about it on Twitter for the whole world to see. Cena’s wife found out and filed for a what ended up being a messy divorce.

1 Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber

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Seth Rollins is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and back in February 2015, he was Mr. Money in the Bank heading into what would be a record-breaking WrestleMania.

That was until he accidentally leaked a photo of the NXT Diva he was cheating with on his Twitter account and his fiancé saw it. She in turn then leaked nude photos of Rollins on Social Media and they then went viral.

It was a messy affair that many people thought Rollins would not recover from, but WWE gave him the benefit of the doubt and Rollins has had a championship run despite the incident.



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