10 Eerie Similarities Between Wrestling And The 2016 Presidential Election

Trash talking, skull-duggery and media manipulation … just another Monday night of prime time professional wrestling? Think again. The gloves have come off in both the Republican and Democratic parties and the result has been an all-out war that would make even Vince McMahon blush.

Professional wrestling and American politics may often have been considered at opposite ends of the societal spectrum with wrestling representing the fodder for the lower ilk of society. However, the behavior of the candidates in this 2016 Presidential Campaign have changed the image of American politics, and while political history may reveal that these tactics aren’t new, it is perhaps the most public exposure of the truth in politics since professional wrestling came out as sports entertainment.

The 2016 Presidential Campaign has attracted attention from around the globe, with the world gawking with keen interest at the spectacle that has emerged in this no holds barred, winner take all affair. Yes, the onlookers know that they can’t vote and that their lives may be minimally impacted by the final outcome – but in the short term, the over the top bedlam reminds us of the chaos and confusion that we are more familiar seeing between the ropes.

Do you need convincing? Check out these ten eerie parallels between professional wrestling and the Presidential race:

10 Trump Pushes the Envelope

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9 Trending Now Worldwide

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8 She Was Mine Before She Was Yours

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7 The Media Circus

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6 When You Believe, No Explanation Is Necessary…

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Devoted wrestling fans have always found themselves defending the sport, fervently. Firmly holding on to their passionate love of the game, they ignore all evidence to the contrary which suggests that the sport may be less than legitimate. Wrestler Jeff Jarrett’s response to wrestling naysayers has been “If you believe, no explanation is necessary. If you don’t believe, no explanation will do.” That philosophy could not be more true for the Trump campaign.

5 No Defined Good Guys or Bad Guys

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4 Whichever Way The Wind Blows …

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3 The Outcome May Be Pre-Determined

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2 It’s a Family Feud

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1 “Feel the Bern”

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Despite years of paying dues and plying his trade around the world, Daniel Bryan was never expected to succeed in the WWE. Yes, his dedication and talent were without question, but he was considered too small and TV commentators represented him as a socially awkward nerd to be the face of the organization. However, despite what the WWE corporate offices had in mind, the public ultimately got behind Bryan with the “Yes” Movement, which led to his ascent to the top of the company and the industry.

Similarly, Bernie Sanders, dismissed by the media and represented as a radical socialist that can’t be taken seriously, despite more than three decades in the political arena. However, as he gains momentum and has won six of the last seven primaries, the Clinton campaign has been caught trying to gain unfair advantage. As the campaign trudges on, the support behind Sanders has developed its own branding #feelthebern that feels as organic and visceral as Daniel Bryan’s rise. Could Sanders be the underdog story that creates an unexpected triumph in the 2016 election? His supporters might suggest … "Yes! Yes! Yes!”

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10 Eerie Similarities Between Wrestling And The 2016 Presidential Election