10 Crazy WrestleMania Rumors We Wish Were True

Never has there been so much confusion and doubt going into a WrestleMania as there is going into this year’s show. Massive rewrites to the show began way back in November when Seth Rollins went down with an injury. Rumors indicated that Rollins was penciled in to take on the COO of the company, Triple H.

Since then, injuries are still pilling up and this year’s card is still up in the air, believe it or not. To add to this scenario, this year’s WrestleMania is taking place in the AT&T Stadium which holds about 80,000 plus seats.

As you can imagine the WWE's creative team is working night and day to find drawable scenarios for this year’s big event. Names like Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, The Hardy Boyz, Sting and Shawn Michaels are all being rumored as high profile replacements for this year’s show. Without further ado, here are 10 of the top WrestleMania rumors we wish were true. Enjoy!

10 Daniel Bryan Returns and Competes For The Championship

9 The Hardys Return To Take On The Dudleys in a TLC Match

8 The Bullet Club Makes Its Debut

7 NXT Gets Its Opportunity To Shine

6 The Divas Division Gets Their Time To Shine

WrestleMania and classic Divas matches haven’t necessarily went hand in hand over the last couple of years. It seems like the divas are either thrown into a Battle Royal or compete in a tag team match year after year. This year should finally be the year the Divas get a proper opportunity to steal the show, since we’ve seen numerous examples this year of the women doing exactly that on multiple occasions.

5 Kurt Angle Returns

4 The Undertaker Faces Off Against Sting

3 Shawn Michaels Returns To Steal The Show One More Time

WrestleMania is taking place in Texas this year, and rumors quickly started to surface concerning a return from Shawn Michaels. It would certainly make sense to have Mr. WrestleMania himself show up to an event in his home state, not to mention the massive venue it’s set to take place in at AT&T stadium. Despite the rumors though, HBK has quickly turned down these speculations, saying that he will not be coming out of retirement for one more match. With injuries pilling up, can Mr. WrestleMania possibly change his mind? If he does, think of the possibilities. Opponents such as The Rock, or a rematch with his long time buddy Triple H, would truly be a dream come true for WWE fans. The WrestleMania 32 card would certainly get a huge jolt with the Showstopper returning to action.

2 Austin Returns: Headlines The Event Against Brock Lesnar

With injuries mounting all over the place at the moment, this match certainly seems to be the option to salvage this year’s WrestleMania. Having this kind of a match this year makes more sense than ever before. Here are a couple of reasons as to why. First off, WrestleMania’s in Texas, Austin’s home state. With a massive arena holding the event, the WWE hopes to sell as many seats as possible. With all these injuries pilling up, bringing a name like Stone Cold Steve Austin into the mix can certainly help fill up a building in a hurry. As far as Lesnar goes, there aren’t many suitable challengers for him at the moment. Rumors speculated that Kevin Owens may be a contender this year. No disrespect to Kevin Owens, but it’s still early for him to take on such a high profile match. Also keep in mind Owens has never fought at a WrestleMania before. Daniel Bryan was a possibility for Brock, but with still no medical clearance, this match is highly unlikely to take place. It just seems like these two are perfect for one another this year.

1 John Cena Turns Heel

Can you imagine, on the biggest stage of them all, John Cena turns heel, breaking the hearts of millions around the globe? Now obviously, with Cena’s recent injury this is unlikely to go down this year. However, it remains a strong possibility for the future. With such a big character change must come a big stage and there is none bigger than WrestleMania. I can already hear the roar of the crowd seeing Cena turn heel, it would truly make for must see TV. Imagine Cena joining the Bullet Club and becoming their leader? Yeah, I guess I took it a little too far there but the prospect of Cena turning heel at WrestleMania down the line is very real. Unfortunately we'll have to wait for next year to potential see this go down.


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10 Crazy WrestleMania Rumors We Wish Were True