10 Bizarre WWE Story-Lines That Were Never Solved

WWE is a privately owned entertainment company about professional wrestling. Many people consider WWE to be a real sport, while others don’t, but what both sides can’t deny is that WWE is entertainment based in the sense that it is driven by story-lines and scripts. The overwhelming majority of the matches are predetermined before they are carried out, even though the wrestlers have control of what goes on during the bout before one loses and the other wins. As a result, wrestlers have to fight to their own discretion, and they may perform moves that result in serious injury to one or both of the wrestlers.

WWE is one of the largest wrestling promotions in the entire world, broadcasting to tens of millions of people throughout most of the countries and holding hundreds of events each year. They gain millions of dollars in annual revenue through movies, music, products and ticket sales. But the truth is that through all of these matches each year, there are some WWE story-lines that just didn't get made right. No matter how brutal or entertaining a wrestling match is, it is driven at its heart and soul by the story-lines. Many of the infamous WWE rivalries were scripted from the start!

Without a decent story-line to be the backbone of the matches, WWE would definitely not be where it is today. The small matches are made much more interesting, and the big matches with the wrestling superstars led to myths, legends and controversies. This is how WWE gives the greatest amount of entertainment it can to the audience, but as we shall see, many of these story-lines remained unresolved to this very day. Many others weren't even solved at all! Let’s take a look at the top ten WWE story-lines that were never solved.

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10 Perry Saturn

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Perry Saturn came to WWE with a group of four men called, The Radicalz, from WCW.  Saturn did very well in the ring, but he still received the least amount of attention out of the group. Eventually, he received worldwide attention when he carried around his mop as his manager. Since Saturn suffered many head injuries throughout his career, he eventually actually mistook his actual manager for his mop, and called him “Moppy.” But the real reasons why Saturn did so, remained unresolved to this day.

9 Hornswoggle

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When Hornswoggle won several matches against every cruiser-weight, and became the Cruiser-weight Champion of WWE, it angered many fans and became one of the most infamous WWE events in history. But even today, this particular story-line of Hornswoggle remains unresolved.

8 Just Joe

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Just Joe was a very unmemorable WWE character who performed most of his skits behind the stage, but rumors started to spread that the writers of WWE wanted to turn Just Joe into a bigger character beyond backstage skits. But once fans started to suspect that, Just Joe was dropped from the roster at WWE, and became an independent wrestler afterward. The reasons why that decision was made remain a mystery to this day.

7 Tim White


Tim White was a referee at WWE who received a bad injury to his shoulder during a match. White then returned to his referee duties, only to have his shoulder be badly injured again, and subsequently he was forced to retire. White opened up a bar, and in some WWE segments, claimed that he was suicidal since the shoulder injury ruined both his career and his life. However, the story-line ended with White ‘shooting’ the interviewer, named Josh Mathews. Why did White shoot Mathews? We still don’t know this day.

6 Million Dollar Mania

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5 Zach Gowen


Zach Gowen is famous in the WWE world, for being a wrestler with only one leg (his leg was amputated when he was eight years old), but he proved himself in the ring. He eventually became a part of a Hulk Hogan story-line, where Hogan was fired and denied that he was who he was. The next part of the story-line had Gowen become engaged in a feud with McMahon, who had Brock Lesnar push Gowen (who was in a wheelchair) down a staircase, and the story-line abruptly ended there. The reasons why remain unsolved today.

4 Hade Vansen Vs. The Undertaker

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Hade Vansen was a British wrestler on the WWE roster, and for his debut, he was to appear in promos and publicly insult The Undertaker. This would eventually lead to where The Undertaker defeated all of Vansen’s allies, before meeting Vansen himself in a bout. This could have turned into one of the best feuds in WWE history, but at the last second, Vince McMahon pulled Hade off of the roster, right after the promo had aired. The reasons why this occurred remain unexplained.

3 Kane Vs. Kane

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In one match, WWE wrestler, Kane found himself confronted by someone else dressed in his own uniform, who also acted exactly as Kane acted. This led to a bout in which the original Kane won and took his uniform back, but the story-line suddenly ended right then and there. What happened to the Kane imposer remains an unsolved WWE story-line.

2 The Nexus


This story-line featured a group of wrestlers, led by Wade Barrett, who became fed up with WWE and joined forces to destroy it. The aim was for these wrestlers to become superstars as a result. They called themselves the Nexus, and the story-line went fine at first, as the group of wrestlers engaged in multiple fights with other wrestlers who stood with WWE, until Barrett met John Cena in the arena, and was promptly defeated. The group renamed themselves 'The New Nexus' when CM Punk became the new leader, who went on to defeat Cena and leave the company. Mere weeks later, Punk returned to WWE, but the story-line did not, having unexpectedly ended when Punk had left the first time.

1 The Briefcase

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In 1999, this story-line featured Steve Austin going into a ladder match against Vince and Shane McMahon, for the CEO position of WWE. The first side to claim the briefcase held over the ring (and reachable only by climbing the ladder), would win the match and the CEO position. Despite it being two against one, Austin gained the upper hand and appeared to defeat both Vince and Shane, allowing him to climb the latter and attempt to grab the briefcase, but each time he tried to do so, it lifted just out of his reach. By this time, Vince and Shane recovered, attacked Austin, and defeated him. They then climbed the ladder and recovered the briefcase. The controversy around this story-line was why the briefcase was constantly pulled just out of Austin’s reach, but not the McMahon’s, and who did it too? Even today, we still don’t know who lifted the briefcase just beyond Austin’s reach, and the story-line abruptly ended there. As the years passed, the story-line faded from public memory, as other story-lines and more superstars took hold of the audience’s interest. Still though, some of WWE’s most dedicated fans are still waiting for an answer.

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