10Triple Threat Tag Team #1 Contenders 

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The match pitted the Briscoes against The Young Bucks against the All Night Express. The crowd was behind both The Young Bucks and

The Briscoes, but not so much behind the ANX. The fact that they were in Philadelphia may have been a part of it. If fans will remember, Titus and King were hugely popular when they appeared at All-Star Extravaganza.

The action between all three teams took place both inside and outside the ring. What is great about all three teams is that they possess an uninhibited nature that pushes them to take risks to get the crowd on their feet. The match itself went about 10 minutes, but possessed spot after spot that the Philadelphia couldn't get enough of. In the end, the All Night Express came out on top with a super edition of their One Night Stand finisher. The crowd didn't appear pleased with the finish, but there is no denying how all teams stood out in this match.

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