Where Is LeBron James From

LeBron James is from Akron, a city in Ohio.  Akron is the fifth largest city in the United States.

James has always been Akron’s representative, has remained an active member of the Akron community, his kids stayed and studied there before being transferred to Miami.

LeBron has never turned his back on Akron , the community  still love him. James had started Wheels for Education in the city. Providing third graders with educational and fitness support through high school. With 92 % graduation rate on it's first year, it was a huge success.

In response, Akron mayor posted a blue and white sign at Akron’s nine Major entrances in honor to it's most famous resident [LeBron James] saying: “Home of LeBron James"

An excerpt from LeBron James thanksgiving to his home town:

"For all my life, I have lived in Akron - and for that, I am a truly lucky man,"

"Akron is my home, and the central focus of my life," James says. "It's where I started, and it's where I will always come back to."

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Where Is LeBron James From